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THE Democratic Party DIKO has tabled a bill to parliament that provides for the replacement of road tax with an additional charge of nine cents per litre on fuel consumption tax. According to the proposed bill, road tax will be enforced through the taxation of motor fuel; a multiplication of fuel consumption with nine cents per litre, plus VAT.
DIKO MP Antonis Antoniou said that their suggestion is based on EU proposals for calculating road tax based on the emission of pollutants, as well as the gradual abolition of road tax.
As regards to the advantages of the proposed system, DIKO argues, the existing complex calculation system of road tax will be repealed while introducing a more simplified and fairer progressive payment system of road tax on vehicles, which will reflect the damage caused to the environment from the use of vehicles, and is based on ‘the polluter pays’ principle. In addition, with the new system, vehicle use is taxed accordingly, while users will pay the amount allocated to them based on the actual fuel consumption of their vehicles. CAR owners who haven’t paid their road tax will get a chance to do so at a possible 30 per cent discount, according to a bill introduced at the House on Thursday.
The bill was requested by the Road Transport Department (RTD), whose officials said they had received a large number of requests from people who wanted to settle their road tax debt but couldnot afford the full amount. According to the bill, people who are behind in their road tax payments can either pay the full amount right away and get a 30 per cent discount or agree on 12 monthly payments, in which case they will get a 15 per cent discount.
A car is automatically stricken off the registry if the road tax is not paid for three consecutive years. Parliament is expected on Thursday to extend the deadline for renewing road tax and make March 9 the final payment date from now on. The current law calls for road tax to be paid within 40 days from the expiry date, Chairman of the House Transport Committee Antonis Antoniou said.

The deadline for payment is usually the beginning of February but parliament traditionally extends it for a month. An extension will also be given to those who have not paid arrears that were due in July 2014. LEGAL arguments have delayed the beginning of the trial of a person accused of murdering his spouse.
A former mayor has died after she was run over by her personal automotive as she unloaded her purchasing. A month-lengthy canine fouling survey might happen across the Townshend Road play space in Lostock Gralam within the run-as much as subsequent month's deliberate reopening of the revamped play space. For those that aren’t conscious, Andorra is a small tax haven principality situated within the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. Cyprus as Israel's gateway to EU funding Within this framework, Cyprus has an necessary position to play in bringing the EU nearer to Israel.
The Cyprus drawback EUROPEAN UNION nations loudly criticise Russia for creating frozen conflicts in Georgia, Moldova and, now, Ukraine. The United States' Program for Selling Citizenship Is a Scam Numerous nations—all of them small, most of them poor—supply citizenship to foreigners who donate to or spend money on them.
Last minute modifications could possibly be made to new street tax invoice They additionally need their inventory to be exempted from the brand new street tax and new registration charges. Decree on store opening hours prolonged Under the earlier system, the minister would issued decrees on an advert hoc foundation.

Moreover, more favourable conditions are created for the registration and circulation of vehicles with lesser fuel consumption and consequently, reduced emissions,” the proposal stipulates.
There are no courts involved and we don’t have to go around knocking on people’s doors asking them to pay their road tax,” acting head of RTD Petros Xenofontos told the Cyprus Mail, in defence of his department decision. Opposition AKEL said the proposal was essentially rewarding people for not adhering to the law. Late payments are also penalised with a surcharge of 10 per cent on the amount of the road tax. Andrew Munro, aged fifty one, of Chiltern Road, Culcheth, was anticipated to face trial on Wednesday morning at Liverpool Crown Court. Beryl Healey, seventy nine, turned trapped underneath the Renault Modus within the driveway of her house in Pococks Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, yesterday morning.
Yet they’re quieter about their very own case of Cyprus, an EU member with an unrecognised Turkish-Cypriot north. Pensioners stand in a queue outdoors a financial institution in Athens, Wednesday, July M, 2016.
We had to come up with a way to help these people and get some of the money owed to the state,” added Ksenofontos, saying that some people wanted to pay their 2013 road tax but couldn’t due to past non-payment.

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