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Audi Lease offers you company car BiK calculator advice, as you may need free fuel explained, so you’re able to make an informed decision as to whether it makes sense on your company car to accept free fuel from your employer, with a free fuel business lease or fuel business package. Company fleet cars account for over 60% of all new car sales in the UK with around 1 million fleet or business registrations each year.
Next Green Car's company car tax microsite provides comprehensive information about UK company car tax including: its link with CO2 emissions, 'Benefit-in-Kind' (BIK), current and future BIK rates, and a calculator to check the company car tax for specific models. The microsite also provides information for companies and employers about the cost benefits of greener fleets including Class 1A NICs and Enhanced Capital Allowances for low carbon cars.
While company car tax is a key cost issue, other vehicle taxes such as Vehicle Excise Duty or 'car tax' continue to apply – see the car tax microsite for more information.

All you need to know about company car Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) – the tax payable on the use of a company car which is based on a car's official (P11D) value, its official CO2 emissions and fuel type. Follow Budget 2016 live on Wed 16th March with Next Green Car as the Chancellor announces future levels of fuel duty, vehicle excise duty and company car tax rates. By continuing to use this website you agree to their use in accordance with our Terms and Privacy Policy. Company cars therefore are an important way of acquiring a vehicle – both for the driver and for the company or organisation involved.
Like other Pandas, its interior design continues the 'squircle' theme of rounded squares, and like many other cars in our top 10, the petrol version offers lower tax liability than the diesel equivalent.

Kia doesn't think it will sell many Soul EVs (its purchase price is almost as high as the BMW i3), but a quality interior, quirky looks and a longer projected driving range than any other EV at this price means it's worth a look if EVs are suitable for your driving needs.
It's fun to drive and costs are low, making it a sensible company car choice in the right role.Read the Nissan Juke review here.

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