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The sporty looking Seat Leon FR comes with lots of standard equipment and has been one of our most popular lease cars over the last month. As the Leon FR has been so popular in the last month, we thought we’d knock up a quick guide to the available colours to help you pick the right shade. Metallic colours: The Leon really suits metallic paint, so there are plenty of options available.
This is one of the two choices available if you fancy a red Leon, and if you’re looking for a bright red shade, this is the one for you. Its name may sound dramatic, but Ice Silver is very much just an industry standard light silver shade available with most cars. The only black on offer in the Leon range, Midnight Black would be a good choice for anyone using the car for business use.

This is the second of two choices available if you fancy a red Leon, and this darker red is our pick of the two red shades available. The canon image RUNNER 2030 benefits from 30 ppm output, digital copying, built in scanner, network capability and professional image quality. The Canon iR 2030 Copier is a multifunction machine that can Copy, Print, Scan with the option of Fax. With the Canon 2030, Networking, Duplex (Double sided copy) and ADF (Automatic Document feeder) come as standard. The Leon doesn’t just look sporty though, its 2 litre diesel engine has 181bhp and 280lb of torque, so as you can imagine, it’s rather nifty! Metallic looks more distinctive due to the tiny flakes of metal in the paint so that it sparkles in the sunshine.

The basic white (that SEAT didn’t bother to give a name) is the duller of the two white shades. Add to this a whole range of finishing options and this copier has the flexibility to suit all your office needs. For only ?149 a month (ex vat) on a 2 year contract you could soon be driving this nifty hot hatch (price correct as of 19th March 2015).

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