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Kenny GoldeIn 2005, indie film screenwriter Kenny Golde's finances were in nothing short of mint condition. Gabe pumped $560,000 into the project, but "it quickly became clear that we were under-financed," Golde writes. It was such a sudden and drastic lifestyle change that Golde says it was all he could do not to succumb to depression. His personal life in tattersa€“a€“Golde blames his financial funk on the demise of his love life at the timea€“a€“he took his family and friends' advice to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. He could have used his attorney to field bank inquiries, but when the banks wouldn't cooperate, Golde decided to take over negotiations himself.
With $45,000 to work with, Golde came up with a strategy: starting with his three largest cardsa€“a€“a combined $137,000 at two banksa€“a€“he set his mind on settling for no more than 33%. Both refused his offers initially, saying they wouldn't break for less than 85 or 92 percent. It was all part of a script, he says: "As the script moved to the next lower stage, their level of cordiality did also.
But after one false starta€“a€“one bank mailed him a settlement agreement two daysA afterA his supposed payment due datea€“a€“Golde finally had something to celebrate.

He hesitantly agreed to a wire transfer that daya€“a€“after they faxed him a settlement agreement. With the settlement letter on hand, they couldn't deny his debt had been cleared and settled. Fresh from his courtroom victory, Golde balked when another debt collector offered to settle a $39,000 account for $10,000. By the time he hung up, the collector had happily accepted Golde's lowered offer of $7,400. After shelling out $7,400 to settle the last account, Golde was forced to tap into his savings to keep negotiations rolling.
She was referring to cases in which banks go below their lowest settlement floor, something typically reserved for customers who can prove they're in real dire straights financially. The $16,000 quickly ran out, but Golde luckily hadn't been twiddling his thumbs while out of work. We spoke with him to see whether he's ever questioned his decision to settle his debts manually, rather than giving in to bankruptcy. The Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild were both in the thick of wage strikes at the time and the job market in film had tanked.

Banks typically give customers just days to pay up and Golde fielded phone calls for four months in order to buy himself time. Then the judge spoke, telling everyone in the room to leave and try to settle things one-on-one rather than leaving the final decision up to him.
He decided to take a different approach with the collector this time: He asked the man how his weekend was. His home was foreclosed on a week after settling his last debt and his credit score tanked, reaching sub-600 point territory.
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