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By admin When you are having trouble managing your credit because the monthly payments have gotten too high, you still have options. Among these options are debt consolidation, debt management, or bankruptcy. Debt management is the process of working through a debt relief firm or credit counselor to lower your monthly payments. The way this is done is that the credit counselor acts as a negotiator on your behalf. Debt consolidation, unlike debt management and bankruptcy, can correct your problems with barely a mark on your credit score. Under debt consolidation, you will combine your monthly credit debts under one lender, with a simple, single payment. Since debt consolidation, in itself, is simply the granting of another loan, it has no individual effect upon your credit score. However, since a very small part of your credit score is based upon the history or length of your accounts, debt consolidation can reduce your score slightly.
FICO credit scores generally range between a low of 300 and 850 as the highest possible score. Learn more about FICO 9 Credit Repair and Settlement Programs - launching November 2014, and how recent changes brought on by the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Fair Issac Credit Reporting (FICO) are removing Medical Debt and Debt Settlement from negative reporting – and improving credit scores for thousands-millions of Americans in debt.
When you apply for credit for a “credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage”; lenders require to know what risks they take by loaning money to you. Taking steps to get your FICO scores in the higher ranges can help you qualify for better rates from lenders. You can see how essential it is to get your scores in the higher ranges if they are low, and also how important it is to keep them high if they are good. You could save much more than credit counseling or debt management and be debt free sooner.
Everyone ought to maintain a Home Inventory List to document their home assets for insurance purposes.
The Inventory Spreadsheet includes some of the common locations and items that you might want to consider when creating your own inventory list. Taking photos of your property for your home inventory will make working with your insurance company go a lot smoother.

Download our simple inventory spreadsheet, made specifically for listing the contents of your home for insurance purposes. Keep track of warranty information, purchase price, condition, serial numbers, and model numbers. Home Inventory Worksheet (pdf) - Use this printable PDF worksheet to give you ideas about what you may want to inventory. Search for inventory management software, inventory control, inventory system, and inventory spreadsheet on Google. Asset Tracking Template - Track office equipment, repair equipment, and other valuable assets. Software Inventory Tracking Template - Track hardware, software, licenses, expirations, etc. Excel can be used as a database in the sense of storing and working with tables of information, but inventory control can quickly get too complicated for Excel. We all know that bankruptcy destroys your credit score and should be considered a means of last resort for anyone in tough financial straits. First of all, this makes payment easier because you are only sending your money to one place. Putting your debt into consolidation will lower your interest rates and extend your term in order to greatly reduce your monthly payments. Paying this account on time over an extended period will improve your credit, and most likely restore the couple of points that the consolidation cost you. Each individual has nearly 50 different credit scores comprised for the Fair Isaac FICO scoring model as each of three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, has its own database. FICO credit scores are the defacto industry-standard for credit scoring – which is used by almost all lenders use to determine your credit worthiness and the level of risk you present in borrowing. Some of the descriptions in the inventory list, like "Electronics", are just placeholders to remind you to include your electronics.

A safety deposit box or even a locked drawer in your office would probably work for an off-site location.
You may want to consider using Microsoft Access (a database program) or other specialized inventory management software. Next, they will seek out creditors who will be willing to offer debt forgiveness. Under debt forgiveness, your creditor will erase part of what you owe in return for payment of the rest of your balance. Your consolidation loan will pay off all of your credit debts in order to package them under a single loan. Since you will be closing these accounts, your history with them will end. A simple inventory spreadsheet should suffice, so go ahead and download the free Home Inventory template below. For insurance purposes, it would be better to list each item separately so that you can include the price, serial #, and model # for each item. Now-a-days, most digital cameras have video capture ability, so you could record a quick video clip of each room in your home, and store the video clips and digital photos on a flash drive with your inventory.
If you need more sophisticated inventory management software for your home or small business, try searching the Microsoft Office template gallery or check out our sponsors. Required fields are marked * Join Us on Facebook Tags3D Baby Shower Birthday Cakes cards Celebrity Christmas Coloring Coloring pages Designs Earth Day Easter Fathers day Funny Halloween Inspiration inspirational quotes inspiring love Mothers Day New Year Phone wallpapers Photography Pictures poems quotes Sayings tattoos Valentine Wallpapers Wedding Wedding Anniversary Wishes Women hairstyles PagesABOUT USCONTACT USPRIVACY POLICYCOPYRIGHTS POLICY Fun Chap© 2016.

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