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Although aviation is a relatively small industry, it has a disproportionately large impact on the climate system.
Compared to other modes of transport, such as driving or taking the train, travelling by air has a greater climate impact per passenger kilometre, even over longer distances.
Because the climate impacts of air transportation are at present not adequately regulated under national or international laws, the onus is on individuals and businesses to limit their flying unless absolutely necessary.
Consider taking a vacation closer to home — or even being a tourist in your own town.
Contact your political representatives, tell them you're concerned about the contribution of aviation to global climate change, and ask them to take action to regulate and limit greenhouse gas emissions from this sector. Fly during the daytime, because studies have shown that flights taken at night have a greater impact on the climate. In 2010, the David Suzuki Foundation installed videoconferencing equipment in all of its offices. Several of the studies reviewed by the Trottier Project included scenarios relying on nuclear power. The Trottier Energy Futures Project (TEFP) found a lot of similarities, a few differences and one almost universal gap in its study of eight national scenarios of a low-carbon energy future. The research gap we found was in the opportunity to get the amenities we need and want, while making less intensive use of energy services to deliver them. Fuel and electricity consumption is driven by demand for energy services like heat, mobility, goods movement and information processing.
Several of the low-carbon scenarios included some degree of "what if" analysis to determine how changes in the level and pattern of energy services demand could affect GHG emissions. In the transition to renewable electricity, most of the studies relied primarily on hydroelectric power and wind. Of the eight countries in the study, Canada has the largest geography, one of the smallest populations and among the coldest climates. Click here to download a copy of Low-Carbon Energy Futures: A Review of National Scenarios. There is no mention of alternative construction materials and design for homes and buildings here.
The David Suzuki Foundation does not necessarily endorse the comments or views posted within this forum.
Did you know that milk can be consumed 7 days after the "best before" date, opened or unopened?
Yogurt with a best before date of today is still good (and safe) to eat for seven to 10 days (open or unopened)! You'll avoid sending food waste to the landfill, which contributes to increasing methane emissions and significantly adds to our climate change woes. After the best before date has passed, food may lose some freshness and flavour and texture may change. With so many people walking around fixated on a mobile encyclopaedia and not bothering to find out? Bottled water has an expiry date because the plastic bottle starts to break down over time. What about Cannes goods ?there are many expired cans of food on my shelf that I considered donating but didn’t want to waste my gas if its will be wasted! What are your thoughts on “expiry” date on drugs or over the counter medications? Students will see an example of a wanted poster for a desert animal that was done by a former student. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I asked you: If "hangry" is the anger you feel when you're hungry, what's the term for the irritability you feel when you're due for time in nature? Thanks to everyone who took the time to think about how important nature is to our well-being.
Many great ideas, but for me, malnatured feels like the best fit with the most easily comprehended meaning. Russia might deliver a long-overdue S-300 air defense missile system to Iran, honoring a contract that was cancelled in 2010 following strong pressure from the West, Iranian and Russian media said on Tuesday. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is visiting Tehran and signed an agreement with Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan to boost cooperation, Iran's Fars semi-official news agency said.
Fars said the two countries would resolve problems with the delivery of the advanced missile system, while Russia's RIA state news confirmed the issue was once again under discussion.
Ivashov is the former head of the defense minister's department of international cooperation. Dmitry Medvedev, then the Russian president, cancelled a contract to supply Tehran with the advanced missile system in 2010 in the wake of U.N.
The United States and Israel heavily lobbied Russia to block the missile sale, saying it could be used to shield Iran's nuclear facilities from possible future air strikes.

Ivashov said that Russia's ties with Iran had strengthened recently due to Western sanctions that they are both now facing and added that the two countries were looking to expand their cooperation in other areas.
The S-300 advanced missiles have a 125-mile (200-km) range and Russia has stoked tensions with the West by trying to sell the system to other Middle Eastern countries, including Syria. Russia's ties with the West are at Cold War lows over the conflict in Ukraine where Kiev says Moscow has sent troops and arms to support pro-Russian rebels in the country's east. A tiny insect about the size of a grain of rice, the mountain pine beetle, has devastated British Columbia's interior pine forests, threatening enormous social, economic, and ecological upheaval (Credit: Boston's NPR News Station via Flickr).
Under normal conditions, with fewer beetles, many trees could successfully defend themselves.
The devastation caused by the beetles could exacerbate the unnatural warming that is already occurring. The mountain pine beetle outbreak is a clear example of how our actions can create ripple effects throughout the environment.
You can help power our work by joining the growing community of passionate Canadians who support us with monthly donations. Natural gas-fired power plants do emit lower levels of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides than coal-fired plants, but these emissions still contribute to acid rain and ground-level ozone, both of which can damage forests and agricultural crops. Ground-level ozone (commonly called smog) has also been linked to a range of respiratory illnesses.
Possibly more troubling are the emissions of fine particulates from gas-fired power plants.
Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", is the act of injecting pressurized water, sand and chemicals into a rock formation, resulting in a fracture where natural gas can be extracted.
It's a simple and fun way to keep textile waste out of the landfill and embrace reduce, reuse and recycle fashionably! It presently accounts for four to nine per cent of the total climate change impact of human activity.
You'll save money and avoid the stress of airport security, travelling to and from the airport, and sitting in those tiny seats. Trains and buses, for example, are much more energy efficient than airplanes, and for regional trips can even be faster when airports are factored in. The David Suzuki Foundation is doing it, and so are companies like Swiss Re and IKEA who use video-conferencing to reduce business air travel. For example, book more than one meeting in your destination city, so you don't need to fly there several times.
We also rely on teleconferencing for many of our meetings, and look for ways to minimize travel to conferences, training sessions and other functions where possible. That demand, in turn, is an expression of the more fundamental need for comfort, good health, security and happiness. But most of the work assumed that past levels and patterns of energy service demand would continue into the future, even though the underlying drivers of energy services demand could give us our best chance of cutting Canada's GHG emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.
There are existing alternative building methods which can both increase efficiency of energy use and allow for local capture and storage of solar thermal energy.
All contributors acknowledge DSF's right to refuse publication of comments deemed to be offensive or that contravene our operating principles as a charitable organization. Liquids in plastic can taste bitter, oily, (and terrible) if stored in a bright or warm place (like a window display).
I was able to rustle up a few good examples of the type of wanted poster that was common during the latter part of the 19th century. An example of a wanted poster that was created for the scavenger hunt from Altimit Corp Version 1. The mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) is a naturally occurring insect that starts its attack when a female uses its senses to find a pine tree (usually lodgepole) that is at least 80 years old. The beetles lay eggs under the tree's bark, and when the larvae hatch, they feed on the blue fungus until they are mature enough to leave the now dead tree, carrying the fungus in their mouths.
But industrial forest-management practices and global warming have helped the beetles thrive. Normally, forests are carbon sinks; that is, they absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store it in plant biomass and soils belowground. Clear-cutting kills immature trees and species such as spruce that aren't attractive to the beetle. Other insects, such as the spruce budworm, are threatening forests in Eastern Canada, and the pine beetle itself has already leapt over the barrier of the Rocky Mountains to threaten the boreal forest that covers most of Northern Canada. More recently, ground-level ozone has been linked to the development of childhood asthma, the "most common chronic disease" among children. Though particulate emissions are about ten per cent of those produced by coal power, the U.S.
Burning natural gas produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions (25 to 40 per cent lower per unit of generated electricity) than coal or oil, but there will be no real climate change benefit until gas-fired power plants actually displace coal-fired generation. That's because pipelines required to transport natural gas from its source to the power plant are expensive.

This method has become increasingly common and its rapid deployment raises serious concerns about the impact on freshwater resources.
My favorite kind of shopping is in other people's closets anyway, so doing a clothing swap is perfect. Most of us live in places that tourists from elsewhere visit, so take a holiday in your hometown or region and find out what it has to offer.
Even cars can be more efficient than planes — especially with more than one passenger. If the airline or travel agent you are using doesn't currently offer its customers the option of offsetting their flights, ask them to consider it. Changes in these factors have a huge impact on energy demand and GHG emissions, and will receive careful attention as the Trottier Project develops its own scenarios for Canada's low-carbon energy future. In the end, the structure of our economy may be a more formidable low-carbon challenge than our location or outdoor temperature. Good luck everyone, happy to see I’m not the only one who gets this feeling to begin with! A physiological and psychoemotional Affect from suffering from a withdrawal related to deprived of nature.
On finding a mature tree, she bores into it while releasing a pheromone that attracts male beetles. Forest-fire suppression created a huge supply of the mature lodgepole that the beetles find so appetizing.
When the trees die, they stop absorbing carbon dioxide, and as they decompose, they release some of the stored carbon back into the atmosphere. Trees take a long time to mature to an age at which they become marketable, so if we cut down all the pine now, many areas of B.C. Non-pine species shouldn't be killed, and large areas need to be set aside to protect the habitat of species that are vulnerable to logging, and to preserve sensitive sites such as wetlands, lakes, and rivers. We must also see this as a wake-up call about the dangers of climate change and the need for industry, citizens, and governments at all levels to do everything possible to address the problem.
Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 77 per cent of particulates from natural gas plants are dangerously small.
Across North America, gas-fired plants continue to be built in addition to coal-fired power.
High pipeline costs have to be spread out by building several gas-fired power plants that last a generation. Fracking requires large volumes of water (8-15 million litres to drill each well) and is of particular concern to drier regions.
This may not be the most practical idea, but if you have friends who wear the same size, buy clothes together. They generally suggested a choice between reliance on nuclear and a shift toward energy efficiency and renewable energy, with some authors expressing a clear preference for efficiency and renewables.
A tiny insect about the size of a grain of rice, the mountain pine beetle, has devastated British Columbia's interior pine forests, threatening enormous social, economic, and ecological upheaval. When the sex-crazed males arrive, they in turn secrete pheromones that attract more females. And while the spread of beetles was once held back by cold winters that kill them, warmer temperatures due to global warming have allowed the insects to survive and proliferate, and to spread to areas that were once too cold for them.
Just because the beetles are small doesn't mean they are insignificant; it's not a matter of size. These fine particulates have the greatest impact on human health because they by-pass our bodies' natural respiratory filters and end up deep in the lungs. Other environmental concerns include the composition of the fracking fluids, storage and disposal of wastewater, and the possible migration of gas into water supplies.
Hydrogen was crowded out of the short- and medium-term scenarios by electrification, decarbonization and biofuels, but took on a significant role in some of the studies as they approached 2050.
Several of the national scenarios included carbon capture and storage, but due to uncertainties about costs and performance, CCS was generally seen as a hedge in the event that fossil fuels can't be phased out through efficiency and carbon-free alternatives. Obviously became bad before I purchased it, sitting in the stock room, waiting to be put in the refrigerated display case at the store? Some companies canned tomatoes may get dark spots near the crimp or solder of the can, so make sure you use them in date order for better flavour. However, the hyper pace, scale, and intensity of this logging threatens to increase greenhouse gas emissions, as CO2 is released when trees are cut down and carbon-rich forest soils are mechanically disturbed.

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