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So what are the drivers behind the MINIPRENEURS trend, and what does the ecosystem sustaining it look like? Building on the above: human beings forever fantasize about control, independence and being in charge.
Gone are the days when 'entrepreneur' equaled running a small store, or conducting shady 'import and export' transactions.
For decades, consumers in mature consumer societies have been training to become experts in business, marketing and advertising (read: seeing right through it, and understanding the workings beneath it). MINIPRENEURS, including commerce-minded members of GENERATION C, are providing other consumers with more choice and variety (which is the holy grail in a NOUVEAU NICHE world).
Today's aspiring and established MINIPRENEURS truly have a highly-developed network of intermediaries, tools, resources, and processes at their disposal.
The same goes for information, knowledge and acquiring skills: there are more courses, classes, forums, sites, and informational blogs dedicated to the art of MINIPRENEURISM than you can shake a stick at.
Some MINIPRENEURS don't produce or create; they simply make money from assets or experience they already possess. UK-based Zopa, a place where creditworthy borrowers who'd like to borrow money can get together with other consumers who are happy to lend it to them. UK-based Scoopt, a 'civic media press agency' helps members of the public sell photographs and videos of newsworthy events to the press. In France, 'carvertiser' Liberty Drive offers a long-term rental service, offering Smart cars for EUR 150 per month.
There's money to be made by individuals who refer a qualified job candidate at job site YorZ, where many listings include a bounty for HR-savvy MINIPRENEURS.
Once products are ready to be traded, most MINIPRENEURS will of course head for eBay, which now boasts more than 64 million active users worldwide, and is hosting more than 260,000 stores  worldwide, of which about 158,000 on the US site.
Meanwhile, MINIPRENEURS are getting smarter and more professional about presenting and selling their wares. Other signs of the times are the Photoflex LiteRoom and the Ezcube: photographic light tents which make it easy for MINIPRENEURS to take appetizing photos of small and medium size objects for the web or for print.
In only a few years time, Google AdWords managed to sign up 150,000 advertisers, from Fortune 500 companies to MINIPRENEURS, introducing a fully automated, global and pretty sophisticated ad system at the disposal of even the smallest of small businesses.
No doubt you've already spotted other drivers and ecosystem categories to be added to our findings.
Do re-read the GENERATION C, CUSTOMER-MADE and NOUVEAU NICHE trend descriptions: they complete the overall picture of consumers becoming more enterprising and creative, resulting in an avalanche of new (and often inspiring, surprising) content, new ideas and new products. UK peer to peer lender Zopa is moving into auto loan refinancing targeting a ?12 billion used car loan market. The new service is based off an API that is currently in private beta with multiple other partners in the consumer finance sector.
Jaidev Janardana, Zopa CEO, said he was “thrilled to launch the Zopa Car Refi service.
This entry was posted in Crowdfunding Portals, Global and tagged jaidev janardana, marketplace, p2p, peer to peer, uk, united kingdom, zopa, zopa car refi. Zopa’s credit risk algorithms, combined with in-depth vehicle information, act together to provide customers with a free and instant personalised savings estimate, prior to those customers taking out the product.
Ownership of the vehicle remains with Zopa’s Lenders until the final payment, when it will be transferred to the borrower. Jaidev Janardana, Zopa CEO said, ‘We are thrilled to launch the UK’s first seamless car refinancing service, helping thousands of consumers drive down the cost of car ownership.
British p2p lending marketplace Unbolted has announced a partnership with car auctioneer H&H Classics. The two partners in the project are also developing a new financing solution for buyers to help them capitalise on new opportunities at auction. Latvian p2p lending marketplace Mintos today announced a buyback guarantee for all car loans issed by Mogo that are currently on the marketplace or will be listed on the platform until July 31st, 2015.
Today Latvian Mintos expanded by now offering loans to Estonian borrowers on the p2p lending marketplace. The option is limited to private listings in Ontario for cars with a sales price of up to 25,000 CAN$. This is a good partnership for Communitylend as it will profit from increased exposure to potential borrowers. While a car as collateral does in not provide fail-safe security (many things can happen), it will be probably perceived by lenders as one feature for higher security against defaults.
The Wiseclerk Auxmoney stats page will in future track the performance of p2p loans secured by cars. Zopa, the largest peer to peer lending platform in the UK, is reportedly working with JP Morgan to raise ?70 million giving the company a ?500 million valuation.

The report from Sky News, stated that Zopa may become the highest valued Fintech startup in the UK, topping the valuation of Funding Circle – another UK lending platform that is disrupting traditional financial firms.
Zopa shuffled its executive bench this past August as co-founder Giles Andrews relinquished the title of CEO to Jaidev Janardana. Andrews is now the acting Executive Chairman and is focusing on strategic items for the P2P firm.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged giles andrews, jaidev janardana, jp morgan, marketplace, p2p, peer to peer, uk, united kingdom, zopa. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Peer-to-peer lender Zopa is branching out with a new loan product offering car refinancing in a bid for a share of the £12bn a year market. Around 40 per cent of Zopa's loans are used for buying a car and Zopa Car ReFi will be a dedicated product aimed at those who already have a car loan but are looking for cheaper rates.
It claims to be the first online car refinancing product in the UK, offering quotes and taking care of the paperwork to switch over the loan, which is paid off by Zopa and a new deal agreed with the p2p firm.
Debt consolidation and home improvements are the other major reasons for taking out a loan on the platform. Zopa is exploring partnering with car dealerships in future to offer car financing directly to consumers at the point of sale.
It's already partnered with Uber to offer loans for it drivers when purchasing a car and energy company Flow to offer customers financing for boilers, however, the new partnership is expected to be a broader one.
In fact, the more we hear about GENERATION C making money from its creations, and the more we focus on the financial rewards consumers are reaping from participating in CUSTOMER MADE projects, the more the myriad of other entrepreneurial undertakings by ordinary consumers makes sense.
In addition to these professional eBay sellers, another 1.5 million individuals say they supplement their income by selling on eBay. A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) shows that the average household boosts its earnings by GBP 3,000 through online trading. Consumers are discovering that besides being the buyer in the capitalist equation, they can now also make a buck (or yen or pound or euro or dinar) by doing a bit of manufacturing, enterprising, venturing, selling, trading, or auctioning themselves.
Let's face it, being one's own boss, even if it's only for three hours a week, is just too tempting to forego, as is the extra income. They're offering something that's different, that's special, that's vintage, that's quirky, that's customized if not beyond personalized, that's fringe, or that's just not profitable enough to be developed by big corporations instead of well-meaning enthusiasts. They can then get a quote, order the product online and eMachineshop will forward the design to a 'real world' machine shop for manufacturing. Cutting out the middleman, lenders (read: MINIPRENEURS) set their own rate of return and choose which borrowers they want to lend to. Whether the model will eventually work or not (with so many citizen journalists now crowding major events, a lot of footage will be duplicated many times over. But they also have a program that rewards existing Smart car owners for participating in carvertising campaigns, paying these MINIPRENEURS up to EUR 100 per month if they turn their cars into driving billboards.
There's serious money to be made: through its AdSense programs, Google's partner sites generated USD 630 million in the second quarter of 2005.
Check out the many examples that illustrated our CUSTOMER-MADE trend: knowledgeable consumers and dialogue-minded corporations co-creating new strategies, goods, services, experiences or advertising campaigns. The sheer size of eBay has spawned so many small businesses and MINIPRENEURS catering in turn to fellow MINIPRENEURS, that we're not even going to try to list them here. In The Netherlands,, a classifieds site, lets MINIPRENEURS add videos of what they're selling.
Why do we suspect this is only the beginning of yet another cottage business supporting MINIPRENEURS to sell like the best of the best?
Bartering is thriving as well: Link Market for example, which lets webmasters exchange banners, has more than 25,000 members, with more than 1 million banners exchanged since it started in 2003. Zopa stated that users will be able to get an instant personalised savings estimate based on their car and financial situation that doesn’t impact their credit score. The Zopa API is expected to be the catalyst for addition partnerships going forward across diverse industries. This is a market worth ?12bn per year with plenty of space for customer-first innovation – something we have specialised in at Zopa for over 11 years. The finance deal will allow auction consignors to access a significant portion of the value of their car or motorcycle well in advance of sale. It means that similar to real estate backed loans, Mintos puts on the platform already funded loans (and most have had a number of successful payments) and investors can start earning interest from the moment they have invested in a loan.
Pictures of the car, the model and the mileage and the estimated price a car dealer would pay for car are displayed in the listing. The borrower continues to drive the car (obviously he is not allowed to sell it without the consent of Auxmoney), but needs to deposit the certificate of ownership (motor vehicle registration certificate) at Auxmoney. Zopa was the first P2P lender in the UK and pioneered the concept that has been embraced by the UK government and a growing legion of borrowers and investors.

Funding Circle, the next largest P2P lender in the UK, has expanded its platform to the US and other European countries.
Taxis and fleet vehicles are not eligible for the loan.A While Zopa won't charge you an early repayment charge if you decide to cut short your new loan, the car finance provider you switch away from might. To confirm the quote you have to upload your 'settlement figure' form your existing finance provider - this is a summary of your outstanding loan balance. Existing Zopa loan customers are ineligible, as are owners of cars over 10 years oldA decision will be made within two days and if successful, Zopa will ask for your bank details and make plans to pay off your existing loan and set up your new repayment plan.A As with its policy across the rest of its personal loans, you will be given a one month's grace period from repayments to give you time to cancel your existing car loan repayment and set up a new one with Zopa.A  CONFUSED BY CAR FINANCE? In particular fintech, blockchain, artifical intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality get me out of bed in the morning. It's also set to announce new partnerships in other sectors to offer direct to consumer loans at the time of purchase.
As we've discussed before, trends are often manifestations of something that unlocks existing needs and wants in a new way. The latter has a network of over 2 million members who have created more than 8 million designs on 70+ customizable products ranging from apparel and home and office accessories to music and data CDs and books to prints, posters and cards. Suddenly, MINIPRENEURS have injection molding, milling, turning, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, wired EDM, tapping, bending, blanking, punching, plastic extrusion, thermoforming, and casting at their fingertips. When you send Scoopt a photo, you automatically grant us an exclusive worldwide license to market that photo for a period of six months. The real money will likely come from snapping secretive scandals, sunbathing celebrities, and happenings in remote areas), it certainly is the kind of thinking that turns bystanders into MINIPRENEURS. With their input being rewarded with anything from an iPod Nano to cold hard cash, co-creating turns these consumers into yet another part of the MINIPRENEURIAL diaspora.
Suffice to say that everything from drop-off stores to eBay seminars to Trading Assistants is thriving. Here too, thousands of businesses now help fellow MINIPRENEURS to make the best of their (limited) advertising budgets, while in this Free Agent era, top creative talent from established advertising agencies can easily be found to help out with local mini-campaigns, bartering with clients instead of sending USD 50,000 invoices. How about millions of consumers-turned, tried and tested MINIPRENEURS having even less tolerance for mishaps and bad service from 'fellow' entrepreneurs (read: YOU)?
Ownership of the vehicle will remain with Zopa Lenders until the final payment, when it will be transferred to the borrower. Zopa stated this is a stepping stone for the possibility of partnering directly with auto dealerships to provide loans directly at the point of purchase by incorporating its technology. Buying a car is by far the most common reason for a customer to take a personal loan from Zopa, so we are proud to now also offer a product that can help customers that already have a car on a finance agreement. The supply agreement creates a sale advance facility providing up to 70% of the low-estimate valuation to the consignor where an agreement is struck. Under the agreement Mintos concluded with Mogo, Mogo will buy back any of those loans that are 60 or more days delinquent. Zopa has notably remained anchored in the UK, but a capital injection could help boost an expansion into Europe or other countries. The provider is obliged to provide you with a copy.Once you upload the document to Zopa, it will take up to two days for your quote to be confirmed.
MINIPRENEURIALISM can actually be chic, allowing one to think big while implementing small.
Added benefit: the risks they'll take as MINIPRENEURS are in no way comparable to the gut wrenching stress that comes with managing listed corporations. Who's going to set up local competitors to service MINIPRENEURS in Asia, Europe, South America? Regardless of the infinite number of bits and pixels now traversing the world, MINIPRENEURS will have to travel, and will want to travel. Ask yourself how you can help consumers become MINIPRENEURS; help them to make money by facilitating their admin, their production, their advertising, their insurance, their travel, their networking, their selling, their tech needs, their learning, their payments, their suggestions, their hosting, their new business ideas.
35 per cent of members are lenders, who between them have GBP 3 million in capital waiting to be handed out. Luckily, just like the virtual world, the offline world is now connected in ways previously unimaginable: a web of low cost airlines, low cost hotels, low cost rental cars, low cost *everything* has sprung up over the last few years. In general the car can cover any percentage of the loan amount – it does not need to cover the full amount. Average loans have been between GBP 2,000 and GBP 5,000, with lenders so far seeing average returns of 7.6 percent.
Meanwhile the platform has benefited from the explicit UK policy to provide better access to capital for small borrowers. Zopa predicted earlier this year it would loan its next billion pounds by 2016 indicating strong growth.

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