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The frenzy is happening all over the United States at this very moment.Parents are poring over brochures showing pictures of students in front of lush trees. In addition, greater gender and racial acceptance over the last decades has meant colleges are more heavily recruiting diverse students. International students come to the United States seeking undergraduate degrees more, and that means American undergrads face more competition from home and abroad.
But even domestic students have more choices now than in the past, thanks to easier-to-access airline transportation and telecommunications which make parents more willing to send their kids across state lines. The increase in students and applications continue to push acceptance rates lower and lower. Met with an influx in applications, selective colleges have refined the way they look at students. But aside from the standardized testing, rigorous coursework and grades, students must develop their personalitya€™s unique dimensions, if they want to get into the elite schools.
They also need a fantastic application, which has pushed the age when a student needs to start thinking about college earlier and earlier. Where a student goes to college is a lot more important in American society than it was decades ago.
Some of the competition can likely be attributed to the growing options for college and the need to separate elite from average students now that a college degree isna€™t rare.
New research has shown not only college completion but also college prestige is now important in selecting mates. Another drive of the stress surrounding college admissions is no doubt the cost of college. In response to the rising cost of college, more students take out loans, and those taking out loans borrow more money.
The entire production run for 2011 is already sold out, and response from both dealers and customers has been positive. The Autoguide staff is currently taking bets on who the first celebrity driver of the Nissan Leaf will be, and when they will show it off to the paparazzi. Lance Armstrong, if you count the famous cyclist as a celebrity is getting the first North American LEAF, and he’s a spokesperson for it. Compared side by side, the two are quite similar on paper, but when driven, the two feel entirely different.
Surprisingly similar in some aspects, yet still completely different in others, these two hatches take different approaches to a common goal.
Despite how similar the Kia and Nissan may appear on paper, they are very different in execution. Watch our Short List video to learn about the top 10 most unreliable cars on sale right now, according to our friends at Consumer Reports.
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We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Honda fans, it’s time to get excited again, because the Civic Hatch has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, and it looks so good. Honda has promised that the hatch will be sold in North America this time around, something Honda fans have been asking for.
The focus on the new E-Class however is in its interior, boasting an impressive 12.3-inch widescreen display. The 2017 Aston Martin DB11 made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show sporting a swanky new look that brings the British automaker into a new era. The coupe’s new look is highlighted by a long clamshell hood, new LED headlights, and a new take on that signature Aston Martin grille and tail lights. Three drive modes will able available: GT, Sport and Sport Plus, which will change how responsive the car is. Inside, the DB11 gets a 12-inch display and some other technology developed with Daimler like an eight-inch TFT instrument cluster. In the C-Pillar, I see some Nissan-like treatment…hopefully will occur in the next Z Car.
Click HERE to be notified when a Cadillac ATS-V is added to the database by email or subscribe to our RSS feed Webmasters, click HERE for code to display the feed on your site!
Add this code to your signature on any car discussion forum, each time someone clicks on your link* you will receive an entry to win a GoPro HERO3 Action Camera. Download the DragTimes App to obtain Density Altitude and use other great DragTimes functions on your mobile device. If you would like to view more Cadillac ATS-V timeslips click on this link, Fast Cadillac ATS-V timeslips. The British automaker’s customization arm has released images of a black and red themed McLaren P1 on its Facebook page. The McLaren Special Operations division really focused on the details when creating this P1, with its subtle blends between red and black on the body of the hybrid exotic.
It appears that McLaren Special Operations drew inspiration from the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 race car that went with a subtle dark gray with red accents for its livery. The McLaren P1 originally debuted in production form at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, pairing a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a hybrid system to create 903 hp and a 218-mph top speed. Honda’s small pickup is returning to the market in 2016 after taking a short hiatus, with many of the essentials staying the same as the previous generation truck.
But Honda knew that its small truck needed a big makeover, and the first big change is immediately apparent; the Ridgeline now looks more like a traditional pickup.
That puts Honda’s pickup at the top of the midsize segment when it comes to gasoline-powered pickups, with only the Chevy Colorado diesel offering better mileage. A responsive and communicative steering rack also does wonders, allowing the truck to be both confident and comfortable while cruising down a rutted dirt road or interstate. An all-new interior in the Ridgeline offers style and substance, with clear layout and operation along with good looks from piano black accents and tan leather on some models.
Two more bed innovations have arrived for the Ridgeline, an in-bed audio system and a 400-watt plug in the bed. Towing is also in the Ridgline’s skillset, with the 5,000-lb maximum tow rating remaining for the truck. We also had the chance to take the Ridgeline into the dirt to test the truck’s off-road chops and its new off-road setting, which includes mud, sand and snow.
A base Ridgeline will set you back $29,475 (not including delivery), which nets you a front-wheel drive model.

Buyers searching for a pickup truck that will offer comfort and predicability from Monday to Friday, but can then haul their family and toys around the weekend, should certainly consider the new 2017 Honda Ridgeline. GM is bringing new life back into the withering midsize pickup truck segment, but will it work or prove once and for all that small pickups are dead?
Toyota is taking aim at the big three yet again in an attempt to get a bigger piece of the North American truck market. I quite like the styling; it no longer looks like the crate that boxed washing machines come in. Maybe some day Honda will put a frame and solid rear axle under the Ridgeline so it can compete with the real trucks. Although percentages of college enrollment have increased for all racial groups, Hispanic and blacks have seen the highest increases. At Emory University, international first-year enrollment has increased from 1 percent in 1997 to 15 percent currently, according to Scott Allen, senior associate dean of undergraduate admissions.
Students apply to more colleges now, because of this and because of the common application, which has made applying to multiple schools as simple as a few more clicks. In 1988, the acceptance rate for Columbia University in New York was 65 percent, according to U.S.
In the 1980s and before, colleges looked primarily at scores on standardized tests and grade point averages. They need to speak French, play the sitar, volunteer to clean up their local rivers, play on the schoola€™s soccer team and hold a position in the student government, on top of high grades and test scores.
At Columbus High school in Georgia, where Wingard taught, students begin projects on college in the ninth grade. Sevier says she sees more students with anxiety issues, depression and other significant mental health issues in her office.
Previously, a college degree was something to be proud of, and while that certainly is still the case, where a student got the degree is more important than ever -- to employers, strangers and potential spouses.
After discounting for grants, the cost of college has increased for families at all income levels. In 2011-2012, about 68 percent of young adult undergraduate students in their fourth year of college or above received loans, up from half in 1989-1990.
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Honda says this Civic Hatch is just a prototype, but we really hope the production model stays true to this concept because it looks legitimately sporty. With a low, long and wide stance, the proportions are just right and from all the Civics unveiled so far, this is the most aggressive looking one yet.
It has been at least 10 years since a Civic hatch was sold here, so this has been a long time coming.
There are also touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel and a simplified infotainment system with handwriting recognition.
The profile is arguably the coupe’s best angle, as the gorgeously sloping roofline and exaggerated rear haunches easily makes this the best-looking car in the lineup.
The setup will be controlled by a dial and an optional touchpad that understands smartphone gestures.
The new Formula 1 livery marked the first time in a decade that the team didn’t race with a chrome finish on its race cars. In fact, from behind the wheel, modern trucks are beginning to feel more like large crossovers, and none more so than the Honda Ridgeline.
The Ridgeline continues to be a unibody vehicle riding on fully independent suspension, packing a bed that features a trunk and dual-hinged tailgate. Though the original truck has its oddball charm, the large buttresses connecting the cab and box give it a pseudo-truck appearance. In our two days spent with the truck, we managed a 22 mpg rating over 150 miles of mixed driving. Best of all, the Ridgeline doesn’t pay for its good fuel economy with a lack of power. Thanks in large part to a new torque vectoring system that can re-route power to each individual wheel depending on the situation, the Ridgeline rotates well through corners, and even jumping on the throttle mid-corner on a dirt road won’t upset the back end. Interior noise is well muted, though no better than the Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon, which are both known to be quiet trucks. Honda Sensing is now available on the truck, bringing along adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, road departure mitigation, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert and a blind spot monitor. The frustrating lack of a volume knob aside, Honda’s infotainment system worked well, offering tons of connectivity options with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and its own set of built-in functions including great Garmin navigation. First, there have been some changes in the bed to help with hauling, the most important of which is a new 1,584-lb payload rating. The bed of the Ridgeline is quite shallow compared to its competitors thanks in part to the lid of the trunk, which also makes the load-in height of the Ridgeline’s bed even higher.
You can now crank your tunes through six exciters that turn the bed walls into speakers, offering a great tailgating option or an easy way to bring music to the worksite. Tooling around Texas hill country with a 4,000-lb load of Honda ATVs, the dynamics of the Ridgeline were not upset by the load, with the truck keeping its planted nature intact. There is also no integrated trailer brake controller, but in this segment, that’s normal, with only the diesel-powered GM trucks getting one.
It tailors the truck’s power delivery and gear shifts to better suit the drive for each situation. First is the simple fact that the articulation from the independent rear suspension will never be as good as a truck with a solid axle. That makes this Honda nearly $9,000 more expensive than a Chevy Colorado to start, although that Chevy has a four-cylinder and a regular cab, where as the Ridgeline is only offered as a crew cab with one bed length. But what made the truck a Ridgeline, to many owners and would be owners, was it’s unique appearance which Honda should have left alone. Are you telling me I’m not a real truck person even though I’ve been driving trucks for 40 years? I owned a trucking company for 5 years, owned 28 trucks from dually pickups to 800 series trucks.
Admissions officials in the nationa€™s top colleges are beginning to court not just high school seniors to fill their next class, but also juniors, sophomores and freshmen -- even reaching out to some middle school students.This a€?right collegea€? frenzy is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for companies in college preparation and college admissions, and ita€™s shortening the childhood of our nationa€™s teenagers. Essays much be interesting enough to set the student apart and are often worked on in class through multiple revisions.
This added stress and anxiety affects students and parents that arena€™t gunning for the ivy leagues.
There is a lot more information on the Internet about colleges and data released on SAT, GPA and after college earnings, mean comparing schools is easier.

For those with high income, the cost for one year of college increased from $20,000 to $26,000 from the 1999-2000 year to the 2011-2012 year. Sponsor is not responsible for fraudulent calls or emails made to entrants not by the Sponsor. Although that might not sound impressive to some, expect more hardcore models to join the E-Class lineup in the near future. Other high-tech features include autonomous features such as helping you steer through corners and change lanes. Of course, the new body has been aerodynamically optimized without compromising that luxurious look Astons are so famous for. Hooked up to an eight-speed automatic transmission, it has 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, making the DB11 the most powerful production DB model ever. On the inside, the red and black theme continues, although McLaren Special Operations carefully made sure the red didn’t simply overpower the cabin. It feels plenty fast at full throttle, with Honda claiming the fastest zero-to-60-mph time in the segment. The fully independent suspension also plays a large part in this, taking away some of the stiff and choppy ride associated with leaf springs and a solid rear axle. Out of all those systems, it is the lane keep assist that makes itself known most often and can be a little intrusive when driving on the highway.
Opening the tailgate to the side does help you to get nice and close to the rear of the bed, but it’s still a high lift to get your cargo into the rear of the small truck. As for the plug, it’s excellent to have it in the bed, but it only offers two prongs. Even with the extra weight pushing from the rear, corners were not enough to ever make it feel like the load was controlling the truck. For example, we drove through a sand pit in sand mode, which starts the truck in second gear and allows it to have a nice smooth take off.
Next, the sound deadening in the floor seemed to be lackluster, as hitting big bumps and potholes brought forth a lot of unwanted suspension noise. Moving to the top-trim model, this Honda pickup will cost $42,870, which is competitive with what other small fully loaded pickups are selling for these days. The family person who tows the boat on the weekend and has a yard to maintain would be into something like this. The environment of college admissions has led to higher confusion, which means stress for parents and students. Our rankings and others like them have likely played a role, according to several sources interviewed. If the Sweepstakes is not capable of running as planned by reason of damage by computer viruses, worms or bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical limitations or failures, any Force Majeure Event or any other cause which, in the sole opinion of Sponsor, could corrupt, compromise, undermine or otherwise affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, viability or proper conduct of the Sweepstakes, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend all or any part of the Sweepstakes, and to select a winner from among all eligible entries received by Sponsor up until the time of such cancellation, termination, modification or suspension, as applicable. They are just a few of the many little details that Honda uses to give the hatch a sportier look. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will head to dealerships this summer and you can find out more by watching a first look video below.
It works to keep your vehicle in the center of the lane, which is ideal, but even the slightest amount of drifting, the truck pulls against your hands rather hard to right itself, feeling unnatural. Eight tie-down points also come standard, set up in convenient locations in the corners of the bed both high and low.
The only part of the truck that felt strained with the trailer was the engine, as it has to reach high into its rev-range to access the power needed to pull the truck over hills.
There are 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States; there are plenty of seats in the system overall. To get into elite schools, students now need highly personal letters, according to Wingard. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual that (i) tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process or the operations of this Sweepstakes in any manner, (ii) violates the Official Rules, Terms and Conditions or (iii) acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. I drove one, liked it and will own one when Honda decides to offer them for sale (that is, when I can specify what I want and not have to settle for what’s on the lot). There are just a limited number of seats at the top.a€?Because of many changing factors over the past decades, the children of the baby boomers entered a college landscape drastically different from the one their parents saw.
The cost of a college education is 12 times higher than it was a generation ago, according to Mother Jones. The Sponsor shall have the right at any time to require proof of identity and failure to provide such proof may result in disqualification from the Sweepstakes.
CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT BY AN ENTRANT OR ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS SWEEPSTAKES IS A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS. The group of college-going students is larger than in the past and experiences more stress and a longer timeline for college admissions.
While some see the payoff in the form of increased salaries after graduation, many never finish college or, if they do finish, they dona€™t obtain the skills needed for employment, and are saddled with loans they cana€™t pay. Any expenses and receipt and use of the prize and federal, state and local taxes and fees applicable in connection with the prize awarded are the sole responsibility of the winner. These factors have led to a crescendo over the last decade that is about to change the landscape of college admissions -- again.More StudentsThere are more students considering college than in the past.
An IRS Form 1099 will be issued in the name of the winner for the actual value of the prize received.
And that means more people to compete with and more students to choose from.From population increases seen with the children of the baby boomers, there are more college-aged students in general. Between 2000 to 2010, the population of 18 to 24-year-olds surged from 27 million to well over 30 million, a 13 percent increase. Sponsor or its affiliates may rescind any promotion found to contain such errors without liability at its or their sole discretion. The greatest increase of any age group was for the aging baby boomers -- 31.5 percent for ages 45 to 65 -- who are the parents of these college-aged students.
Between 1980 and 2012, the overall college enrollment rates increased from 26 percent to 41 percent.
Some will apply and are accepted into selective colleges (those that accept less than half of applicants) but the increase has also been driven by for-profit colleges. The percentage of young women and men with at least a high school education increased from 79 to 84 percent for women and from 75 to 81 percent for men from 1980 to 2012.

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