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If you are a share trader, you can purchase some shares of Blue Chip companies and use this strategy. Efficiency- All kinds of fees involves in this strategy is low since there is minimum number of transactions once purchased. Time period- long time period is one of the problems because the capital invested might have had a better return if used for something else.
Market Fall- This would have a devastating impact on market especially buy & hold strategy followers. A strategy where an investor buys and holds a share for a long tenure and then sold it at a price higher than its face value it is known as buy and hold investment strategy. Whenever an investor buys and holds a share for a longer period of time irrespective of market fluctuations it is a Buy and Hold investment strategy. The person will wait for a long period of time so that the land price will go high, because in the coming years the development will automatically rise the demand for land. It is easy to implement, enjoys tax benefits and efficient, but is highly risky because of the huge investment amount and long time period.
Researched reports about types of Investments including Deposits, Gold, Real Estate and Other types of Investments.
Though the witnesses need not sign in each other's presence, they must see you sign your will or at least acknowledge that you were mentally fit to execute the will.
Fractional ownership, an established practice in the commercial and retail realty space, is now becoming popular in the residential segment as well.

Instead, it will pass on to the residuary legatee, that is, the person who would inherit the remainder of your property that hasn't been allocated to anyone. In the commercial space you can expect 7-10% rental yields, while in the last 30 years, yields from residential properties has remained at 3%.
However, you need a minimum of Rs 2-3 crore to enter the commercial and retail space," says Rajeev Bairathi, Executive Director, Capital Markets, Knight Frank India.
Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act clearly states that the instruments purporting to transfer or assign any interest in immovable property should be registered. So, documents like sales or gift deeds, which relate to immovable property, must be mandatorily registered, failing which the transfer would be invalid. Khadria, who invested Rs 5 lakh in a 3-BHK property near Sarjapur Road in Bengaluru in March 2014, has seen it appreciate by 15%. While banks have ?managed to transmit only 60-70 per cent of the total cut to its customers.
Earlier, the fractional ownership realty space was unorganised and individuals invested in property together for joint ownership.
The registered records prove the sale or transfer even if you lose the document or it is destroyed. Even a document stating that a PoA has been revoked must be registered, so that it is not misused after the revocation.
Besides, the accessibility to records makes it easy to find out about the person who has the title and right to the property, and whether there is an existing liability or ongoing litigation, before you decide to buy it.

Depending on the number of investors, you either get a joint-ownership, or a stake in a company that owns the property.
Yes, they do not want to default but then the bank (SBI) must have seen some loans going bad," said Naresh Pachisia, managing director of SKIP Securities. Though it differs from state to state, on an average, it would cost Rs 1,000-2,000 to register a document, excluding the stamp duty charges, if applicable. Otherwise, we form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with investors as shareholders," says Kunal Moktan, CEO and Founder,
You sign a shareholder's and investment agreement that states your investment amount and the fraction of ownership. According to Section 18 of the Act, the documents that relate to the transfer of movable property, as well as wills, are not required to be registered. These schemes are different from real estate investment trusts where you invest in a pool of properties across asset classes and geographies. Besides, a letter of authority or power of attorney with respect to movable property need not be registered. Apart from helping investors with the various aspects of property acquisition, these fractional ownership facilitating platforms manage the property for the investors and help them find tenants, negotiate rent and escalations and also the property's sale.

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