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We hear about interest rates almost daily in the media, with reports about property, business as well as the share market. On the first Tuesday of every month, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) sets an official cash rate, which is the rate used on loans for commercial banks. The RBA decides each month if interest rates are to stay the same, or whether they need to be raised or lowered (and by how much of a percentage). As investors, we cannot control the way in which rates fluctuate, so it is best to not let it greatly influence the way we buy and sell shares.

The good news for investors is that you can utilise investment software that helps take all the guesswork out of investing with fully researched processes that tell you what, when and how to buy and sell.
Understanding what interest rates are, and how they affect the share market will give you more confidence as an investor. Furthermore, the sentiment as to how investors think the RBA might act is factored into market price action before a rate decision is made. When the conditions are better, the cash rate is generally raised with the intention of slowing down these conditions.

Investors and experts try to predict the official cash rate decision, which can in turn affect the buying and selling activity in the share market.

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