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While a privately owned used car might have had to contend with one person’s driving quirks (or at most, one family’s), rental cars are driven by all types of drivers (one a hard braker, the next a fast accelerator, and so on). When you’re in the market for a car, and you don’t mind doing a little extra research, you might be surprised to find a former rental car offers savings (even over identical used cars) as well as peace of mind. Determine the fair market value of the car make, model and year and compare it to the rental car company’s price. Be sure to have a pre-purchase inspection done by an independent party so you’ll have an accurate picture of current and future problems. Rental car companies keep close tabs on their fleets, making repairs when necessary and sticking to maintenance schedules. Lower-than-market price options are (usually) available because rental car companies buy vehicles in volume so their resale prices can be lower. Most used rentals for sale are only one or two years old, so most of their warranties are still at least partially in effect. If you’re buying from a rental company, they’ll provide a third-party vehicle history report (usually for free). Certain large rental companies, such as Avis, Enterprise and Hertz, have fixed pricing, financing and a wide inventory listed on their websites. Not all rental cars finished with their hustling days go on to be sold through the rental company’s sales division: only the best-maintained cars are sold to consumers while the rest, writes Kiplinger, go to auction or elsewhere (good news for buyers). While you can find a good range of options, from budget to luxury vehicles, with a rental company, the cars are often base models with fewer amenities and advanced safety features, and you can’t upgrade. The stigma of lots of people having driven your car is real, as is the fear that those strangers didn’t care as well for the vehicle as a private owner might have.
Many former rental cars have more scratches and interior damage than privately owned used cars.
You can’t know what every driver did with your car, and you might not ever know the full history. Used rental cars aren’t the absolute lowest prices out there — they aren’t as cheap as what you might find at auction, for instance (though cars bought at auction are definitely riskier buys, on a whole), but you can still get a great deal. Nedalee Thomas, from Orange County, California, purchased a car from a dealer a few years ago and was told it had been a rental car. To really know how much you can save, you’ll have to comparison shop between rental car sellers, used car dealers, and private owners (if you like)–and always get a third-party vehicle report before purchase. If you’re shopping around for the best auto loan, it’s a good idea to keep your credit score in mind.
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Julia Eddington writes about the auto industry for Quoted, the content and news hub of The Zebra, a car insurance comparison company based in Austin, Texas.
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Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. Daily coverage of the world of cars, including upcoming cars, industry news, car politics, fun lists, and more. Experian, the credit reporting agency, reported on Tuesday that lenders are finally loosening up on getting money to buyers with weak credit scores. If you can’t afford to do that, shop around and be prepared to settle for a lot less car than you may have wanted. Used vehicles account for 61 percent of all financing, said John Sigman, national director of business development at Experian, and they have different credit needs.
The same article reports that car buyers in the Deep Subprime (lowest) category can expect to pay up to 18+ percent APR interest.
Delinquencies were down for all lenders, Experian said, “a very positive sign.” But with used car prices still riding high, if you fall into the subprime category it won’t be easy to acquire wheels without paying an arm and a leg. Your best alternative is to learn your credit score, shop around for financing, and negotiate the price of the car before you talk any financing options.
To start with, returning the vehicle to the dealer won’t erase your debt, even though it may feel to you as if you are simply returning it. Because it would be considered a repossession, the exact same thing would happen as does with a traditional repossession.
As far as damage to your credit, a car repossession will stay on your credit report for seven years after the original account went delinquent, Experian says. Still, for most of us, simply driving the car back to the dealership and handing over the keys, however tempting, is not a workable strategy.
Gerri Detweiler focuses on helping people understand their credit and debt, and writes about those issues, as well as financial legislation, budgeting, debt recovery and savings strategies.
Now forget the massive distraction of that summer road trip and consider the bigger picture. While most of us have learned over the past few years to ignore the lures and snares of malware propagation — whether they come via app, Facebook post, email or text — no one is perfect, and kids may not understand the big picture well enough to avoid the hazards without some guidance. Your first job is to get this across to the children in your life: Criminals can use their information — personal details like birthdays, addresses, family names — to steal things — and those criminals do this by tricking kids into providing that information.

Remember the toddler years when things went missing — car keys, credit cards, stock certificates, crown jewels — only to resurface during a weekend excavation of their play space or in the back of a sock drawer? The bottom line here is that kids are strangers to two key concepts that help put a layer of protection between you and online scams aimed at separating you from your personally identifiable information. While it’s true that focus and impulse control aren’t exactly something adults just magically acquire with age, when it comes to younger people, it’s an oxymoron. Phishing attacks succeed or fail depending on a number of factors, but the main one is the target’s distraction level. The very best advice I can give you here is to set strong “Do Not Cross” lines for them from the very start. Tell them that real-life risk includes things digital, especially with regard to their personally identifying information. Set a basic rule here: Only adults can provide payment information, or troubleshoot an account that has asked for information.
Tell them to watch out for websites that are almost right: If you follow a link that was sent via email or text or that was posted on a social network and something looks a little wrong, leave that site immediately. Phishing scams often create sites that look like the real thing, but there are little differences here and there.
Today’s kids know more than their parents about a dumbfounding array of topics that would make the most hardened politician blush. The CarsDirect editorial team is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest on new and used cars, expert opinions on which vehicles make the grade, and all the fun stuff in between.
Choose the Right Auto Loan Lender Your first step in refinancing your car loan should be to find an auto loan lender who offers a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
Since most refinancing companies have their own calculator, it is advisable to shop around and check which company provides the lowest interest rate. Use an Auto Loan Refinancing Calculator An auto loan refinancing calculator is a great tool that you must take advantage of.
Run a Credit Check Before you refinance your auto loan, it is best to run a credit check to determine your current credit standing. Do Not Apply for a Refinance Car Loan If Your Credit Score Is Below 600 If your credit score is not impressive, you will not gain maximum benefits from refinancing.
Consider Auto Loan Refinancing Even If the APR on Your Car Loan Is Low Do not rule out the possibility of getting a lower APR than your current loan. Gather Information about Your Current Loan Refinancing your auto loan is a great way to lower your payments.
Plan How Long You'll Take to Pay off the Loan Since the purpose of refinancing your car loan is to lower your monthly payment, you need to plan how long you want to pay off the new loan. Auto refinance loan applications need to be in the same names (with exact spelling) as the names on your current auto loan.
It is important to provide accurate information about your car: the year, model and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). People with good credit tend to have too much credit, and too many old accounts that they no longer use.
A previous car loan or home mortgage on your record definitely increases the chances of the loan approval.
Loan approval is not guranteed and is subject to credit application and approval of the lender. Since drivers are only borrowing the vehicle for a short period of time, conventional wisdom goes that they won’t treat the car very well. Test drive it yourself, look for any signs of body damage both inside and outside the vehicle and listen for unusual noises.
If you buy from a rental car company, most sales are negotiation-free, which can be a relief for people who don’t like to haggle (something experts recommend doing on every new and used car lot).
During the car’s tryout, you can have a mechanic look at it, if you like,” writes Kiplinger. While a former rental car might not end up being the best option for everyone, they have a lot of pluses and are certainly worth consideration. Many credit scoring models will count all auto-financing inquiries within a specific period, usually about 14 days, as one inquiry, which will have less impact on your credit score (check out how inquiries affect your credit score here). This compensation may influence the selection, appearance, and order of appearance of the offers listed on the website. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, or recommendations expressed here are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any issuer.
So-called subprime buyers (credit score of 680 or lower) of new cars are now getting 13 percent more loans than they did last year at this time. That number was 51 percent before the recession, and companies are now financing higher amounts. Just over half of used-car shoppers fall into one of the prime credit-score categories; the others are nonprime or lower.
And while just returning the car sounds like the dream solution, it can come with as many unanticipated problems as the vehicle you’re looking to unload. That is, the car would be sold at auction, and you would be responsible for the difference in what the car brought at auction and the amount you still owed on the car, plus expenses involved in this process (towing, storage, repossession, title and sale).

So after you dig yourself out of this mess, do as much due diligence as possible before you buy next time. You’re navigating by the side mirrors while doing a mental inventory of everything you packed and wondering if you are going to make it to the realtor’s office in time to pick up the keys for your vacation rental. It doesn’t matter how old or worldly they are, or how ridiculously up in their business you are. Use examples of things that have gone missing, or days that have been horrible because of distraction, to start the conversation. But unfortunately they may be even more vulnerable to phishing attacks, and it’s your job to keep them out of the shark tank. His experience as former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs gives him unique insight into consumer privacy, legislation and financial advocacy.
A lot of people pay high interest rates on their car loans and overlook the benefits of auto refinancing.
You can determine which company has a lower interest based on the monthly payment it estimates you need to pay. Most companies that allow consumers to refinance their auto loan have a refinancing calculator. As with any financing application, you need to know whether you have a bad credit history, since this may determine the interest rate for the refinance auto loan. Even if your current APR is low, you have a chance to save money by refinancing your loan and finding a lender who will offer you a lower APR. However, before you can lower your car loan payments, you first need to determine specific information about your current car loan.
So most would think that purchasing a questionably treated rental car is a poor financial decision. And always request a vehicle history report from the seller, or you can choose to run one yourself from places like AutoCheck, Carfax or the federal National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Enterprise, they add, doesn’t let you take it for a multi-day test drive, but they’ll buy it back within seven days if you’re not happy. Prices for some other vehicles we checked, including the Hyundai Elantra, Mercedes C250 Sport sedan, Nissan Rogue and Ford Expedition, in a variety of trim levels, also showed savings—sometimes slim, sometimes huge.
The dealer told Thomas the car would get 19 miles to the gallon, but Thomas never got more than 11, which she found quite disappointing. So, if you leave the car at the dealership, you still owe the debt (possibly more than the clunker is worth), but you don’t have a vehicle. They lose house keys and car keys too; they forget where they parked the car, smartphones disappear, and so on and so forth. He is a nationally recognized expert on identity theft and credit, and is the author of SWIPED: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves, a practical, lively book that is essential to surviving the ever-changing world of online security. It helps you focus on repaying the principal of the loan rather than paying a lot of money on the interest.
This calculator will give you an estimate on how much your monthly payment will be, based on the remaining balance, the interest rate and the new term.
By knowing beforehand how long you will pay for something, you'll be able to plan ahead financially.
It turned out to be a cracked engine block and was covered by the warranty,” Woollard says. The website does not include all financial services companies or all of their available product and service offerings. This is something you’ll want to consider, especially if you plan to lease or purchase another car once you give the other one back. And just like a good cops and robbers game, better surveillance only creates better criminals — which means all the more careful your child will need to be when your eyes aren’t directly on them.
For example, popular websites and services require updating, authorization or validating an account. Even though refinancing your car loan is a straightforward process, you need do your homework and evaluate your credit score. Ask them to the good and bad points about their auto lender company and be sure to ask them how much they lowered their car payment and how much they ultimately saved with auto loan refinance. It is important to plan several dates, so you can determine the best time frame for you to pay off the loan. You will also be asked for the current interest rate, as well as the current loan term or the length of time you previously planned to pay the loan.
It is common for auto dealers to use your ignorance about your credit history to charge you higher interest rates.

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