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The higher your credit rating, the more expressive you can afford to be with your choice of automobile. For those with moderate to excellent credit, SunTrust Bank has affordable, unsecured auto financing options that can help you express yourself very well. SunTrust guarantees that a LightStream auto refinance loan will be your best loan experience ever or they will pay you $100.
The $100 loan guarantee for all auto loans is as follows: If you are dissatisfied with your loan process, contact SunTrust within 30 days. They will mail you a questionnaire to complete and you must provide specific examples so that they can improve their customer satisfaction rating.

A complete table of the lease terms and rates can be found here.For those borrowers who do not qualify for an unsecured loan, SunTrust offers a secured auto loan program with competitive interest rates that are determined by your credit profile. For some consumers, this lack of convenience may offset the otherwise attractive interest rates.As is the case with all lending institutions, SunTrust Bank has some dissatisfied customers as well as some who swear by them.
Overdraft fees can be steep and, as with many financial institutions, they are not usually reversible.
This can result in a substantial hardship on those who can afford it the least and one overdraft can cause a cascade effect. Some consumers report that their collection tactics are more aggressive than the industry norm and that customer service is sometimes unreliable.

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