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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Below is a year's worth of car payments that I am financing so far, but what I don't understand is why does the principal amount and interest change every time even when I pay the same amount? In general the interest portion should be going down with each payment given a uniform payment plan.
8% annual interest rate will work out to roughly .6% a month so you are going to pay approximately $90 a month in interest. Lets say that you find $100 on the street and decide to immediately pay down your debt to 14,900.
Barring some major pay down you are not going to see the monthly interest drop * a lot* but you will be saving that amount again and again over the life of the loan.
Though it does pay a lot to pay down an 8% loan, (or to refinance it), especially since car loans don't get special tax treatment it is all after tax dollars, paying an extra $100 today will save you $8.
Shopping around for auto loans might help too, my credit union offered 3 yr loans at 3.75%, so I refinanced, they charged no fees either.

Your principle and interest will change with every payment, even if the time periods are the same. When a bank receives your payment, they first apply a portion of your payment to cover the accrued interest. Generally speaking, interest rates on car loans are acrrued daily (as opposed to mortgages that are accrued monthly). So, even though both payments had the same time period and same payment amount, The second payment had a lower interest payment. The best way to lower the amount of interest you pay is to pay early and to pay extra, if possible. What equation can I use to figure out how much money I should put towards the principle monthly, in order to pay this loan off in lets say 20 months? Can't help you with the equation, but -- I went to the Mortgage Professor website and entered your numbers. 2015 bmw 2-series active tourer first drive – review, 2015 bmw 2-series active tourer the revolution will be front-drive..

2015 bmw 2-series active tourer photos and info – news, The 2-series active tourer is the second bmw-badged model to be fitted with a three-cylinder engine after the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Bmw 2 series active tourer xdrive (2015) first drive, Bmw’s 2 series active tourer brings four-wheel drive capability to the mpv party – it’s still great to drive and is as premium as ever. You are paying a little over $4 a day in interest and the difference in the interest was about $18 = ($131 - $113). And if I want to keep the interest low and at a constant rate, should I pay a little earlier before the due date and always at the same time each month?

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