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A major misunderstanding noticed among overseas Indians who wish to avail a car loan can be had from the bank without involvement of any others.
Physically fit with a driving license or in a position to engage a driver (In all such cases where the borrower has an income the saving bank account should be with SBI).
The Equated Installment will be determined on the basis of the current rate of interest (EMI). Security in the form of surrender value of LIC policy, NSC, units of UTI, Deposits with our Bank, SBI Magnums, gold or any other security normally acceptable to the Bank for grant of advance; to cover at least 35% of the loan amount. Copy of Continuous Discharge Certificate in respect of applicants employed in merchant navy.
Statement of overseas bank account for the last six months which reflect credit of salary, savings etc.

Driving license desirable but not compulsory (since owner of the car may not necessarily be the driver of the car). It is mandatory requirement for every NRI loan could be passed only if person has a close relative who will be the principal applicant. If the country of residence does not have a credit score system for individuals, the bank will rely on the income level and the statement of assets & liabilities furnished by the NRI. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! More clearly, the actual Borrower or applicant should be a resident Indian of the NRI Guarantor.
Personalized to perfectly suit your needs, banks in Pakistan offers affordable, ideal financing options along with special features to help you enjoy your most preferred car in no time.In present times, life is very busy.

The middle class people usually rely upon car loans offered by several banks for their convenience. Banks also need these small reliable investments to keep their business flow on track.People often lose hope for getting their dream cars because of the lack of awareness about the car loaning strategy in our country. Eligibility criteria varies from bank to bank.Car and Vehicle Loan Scheme by Bank in PakistanYou can choose a new or used car, local or imported cars.

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