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This annuity calculator computes the present value of a series of equal cash flows to be received in the future.
If you want to compute today's present value of a single lump sum payment (instead of series of payments) in the future than try our present value calculator here. If this free calculator helps you then please give a like, tweet, or +1 to support our effort. Which would you prefer: $10,000 today or $10,000 received in annual $1,000 installments over the course of 10 years?
It’s important to remember that $10,000 today is worth more than $10,000 received over the course of time.
The Present Value of Annuity Calculator applies a time value of money formula used for measuring the current value of a stream of equal payments at the end of future periods. The present value of a future cash-flow represents the amount of money today, which, if invested at a particular interest rate, will grow to the amount of the sum of the future cash flows at that time in the future. The most common uses for the Present Value of Annuity Calculator include calculating the cash value of a court settlement, retirement funding needs, or loan payments.
For example, a court settlement might entitle the recipient to $2,000 per month for 30 years, but the receiving party may be uncomfortable getting paid over time and request a cash settlement. Real estate investors also use the Present Value of Annuity Calculator when buying and selling mortgages.
Present value calculations can be complicated to model in spreadsheets because they involve the compounding of interest, which means the interest on your money earns interest. Annuity – A fixed sum of money paid to someone a€“ typically each year a€“ and usually for the rest of their life. Number Of Years To Calculate Present Value – This is the number of years over which the annuity is expected to be paid or received. Present Value Of An Annuity – Based on your inputs, this is the present value of the annuity you entered information for.
Retirement Withdrawal Calculator: How much can I afford to withdraw each month given the retirement savings I have accumulated – both before and after inflation?

Simple Retirement Savings Calculator: How long will it take me to reach my retirement savings goal given my current savings balance and my monthly deposits? Retirement Investment Calculator: How much investment should I make each month to reach my desired retirement savings goal given my current savings balance and expected retirement date?
401k Calculator: If I deposit a certain amount in my 401k each month what will it grow to by any future point in time? 401(k) Early Withdrawal Calculator: What is the financial cost of taking a distribution from my 401(k) or IRA versus rolling it over into another tax deferred account?
Roth IRA Calculator: What is the after tax impact of switching from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?
Wea€™ll email you a screen print of the calculator you just completed, exactly as it appears on your screen.
Use this calculator to figure out what a future income stream is worth in today's dollars - whether it is from an annuity, business, real estate, or other assets.
The equivalent value would then be determined by using the present value of annuity formula. The mortgage represents a future payment stream combining interest and principal that can be discounted back to a present cash value to allow the investor to know how much that mortgage is worth on a mathematical basis. Fortunately, our present value annuity calculator solves these problems for you by converting all the math headaches into point and click simplicity.
This is a stream of payments that occur in the future, stated in terms of nominal, or today’s, dollars.
The present value annuity calculator will use the interest rate to discount the payment stream to its present value. This fun calculator will tell you when it will happen and what a million dollars will be worth by then after adjusting for inflation. Tax Deferred Investment Growth Calculator: How will my future value and investment return differ between taxable and tax deferred investing?
However no guarantee is made to accuracy and the publisher specifically disclaims any and all liability arising from the use of this or any other calculator on this web site.

He is friendly, hard working and determined to find the best possible solutions for our clients. For example, you’ll find that the higher the interest rate, the lower the present value because the greater the discounting. The result will be a present value cash settlement that will be less than the sum total of all the future payments because of discounting (time value of money). Use at your own risk and verify all results with an appropriate financial professional before taking action.
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It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require.
Because each individuala€™s factual situation is different the reader should seek his or her own personal adviser.
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