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NIB Bank gives you the power to drive your dream car while managing your expenses the way you want to. The Loan to Value (LTV), in case of a car loan, is defined as the price that is sanctioned as a loan to the borrower, for the estimated value of the car that is being purchased by the borrower. Different norms are being followed by different banks and several financing agencies are coming forward with different policies suiting every borrower’s financial conditions and needs while fixing the LTV in case of car loans.
We all know that the LTV for used cars in India is far lower when compared to the LTV in case of new cars, because of the preference of banks to finance only new cars. When the amount of LTV is determined to be 1, this means that the entire value of the car has been compensated in the car loan.
If the amount is more than 1, this denotes that there could be some amount of fraudulent activity involved. As per the general rule in India, the LTV on new cars is exactly 80% and the maximum range it can pull through is 90%. Upon assessing the financial profile of the borrower, the bank reserves the discretionary rights to increase or decrease the LTV on a car loan. However, before purchasing a car loan, the customer must understand and acknowledge the different anomalies of the concept.
Because of this, the arrangement of fixing the LTV of a new car can be an easier process relatively.
This connotes that the owner of the car has not paid any down payment before acquiring the loan for the car.

The borrower, in this case, may have tricked the financier to provide him more money than what is needed for the purchase of the new car. There are specific guidelines laid down by the RBI regarding home loans, but the same has not been stipulated for car loans yet, leading to wide assumptions and variations in LTV on car loans. Considering the high rate of interest on car loans, it is advisable to assess the available funds and settle in for a car loan after making a huge down payment with the available funds.
It is said that lower the figure of the LTV, more is the contribution of the purchaser of the new car. Having said that, the value of LTV is not always the same; it can differ depending on the segment of the car being purchased, repayment ability of the loan borrower, credit rating and repayment mode.
Since the rate cannot be determined and ascertained accurately, fixing a LTV for an old car is quite a complicated process. In case the borrower is employed in public sector corporations or established private firms, the banks will help by providing 100% finance inclusive of on-the-road costs that may have accrued. So, get the calculator and see the upper limit that you can spare for your car, after taking care of the kids’ education, medical and insurance expenses, the bare minimum requirements of life, and the house rent. In fact, in such a scenario, the bank determines the LTV by taking into consideration the trade of wholesale value. You also have to calculate the yearly depreciation and consider accidental expenses too.Know the interest rate and its typeStudy the annual interest rate of a proposed car loan and cross check if it is a fixed or a floating loan. This value is used to determine the actual value of the car and to avoid overstating the expected purchase rate or trade-in value of the car.

In case of fixed loans, you will not get the advantage when it goes down, but in case of a floating loan, there is a risk of the monthly installment scaling up without any control of yours.
This can also be the reason why financial supporters keep a lower LTV in case of used cars, so as to remain on the safer side by opting not to over finance an used car. Longer durations can give you a cheaper rate of interest but the liability stays with you for a long time. If you plan to go for a better car after a few years, it is advisable to go for short duration loans to be free of liabilities when you make your next investment.READTop 10 Best SUV CarsKnow about your lenderKnow about the finance organization well before you invest. It is always preferable to learn the history and testimonials of the financier of your car loan.Read the terms and conditions carefully!Often, we do not bother to take the pain of going through the detailed terms and conditions. In fact, you must be aware of them, so that in case you miss one EMI due to financial constraint, or you become a defaulter of the remaining car loan, you are not taken for a ride by the financier; rather, you get the desired ethical treatment that you deserve from them!Since buying a car is less of a need and more of a dream coming true, you need to do the hard work of acquiring information that will help you. Would you not like to play safe with your hard-earned money, before pitching in for such a huge investment? Do not believe in what your financier says, just cross check every detail, because the pain is worth it!Are these tips relevant to you? Jul 1, 2016The Best Diamond Eternity Rings 2016 Jun 19, 2016Reducing the belly fat without any excercise isn’t that tough!

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