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I dont even want to say what my loans will be but I plan on being able to pay them off within my first 1-2 years working. I currently owe about $1,500 due to paying extra money on the principal at every opportune moment.
I hope to graduate from the Bachelor's program with no debt, since I am studying at night and working full time during the day, and my wife is also working. I too used a loan to get my education, and will be looking into working with an area where the loan debt will be brought down. I have written before about the importance of becoming an epic failure and how this is a fundamental part of becoming an epic success. I was cleaning out some of my old file cabinets today and came across my PA school application documents from 2001. If you are experiencing setbacks on your path to becoming a Physician Assistant I want you to know that this is a normal part of the process. Do not be discouraged: failure, met with perseverance, is the key to long-term, sustainable success. In order to help you reach your goals it is important that you see my failures along with my successes. Otherwise, you will be fooled into believing that success is a simple, pain-free process, when in reality the path to each of my successes has been lined with the road kill of my many epic failures.
This week, I won two free tickets as part of my daughters kindergarten raffle to see James Durbin, an American Idol "outcast", play here on our shared home town stage of Santa Cruz, California. Although I am not that familiar with all of James' music, last night as he stood on stage I realized just how much I respected this 25-year-old rocker. Knowing all the public criticism he had to endure during his time on the Idol stage, the sting of being "voted off" and rejected by his peers, not to mention the many obstacles he had to overcome in a lifelong battle with Tourette's and Asperger's syndrome. Last night, he spoke to the sold out crowd (many of whom were young, screaming teenage girls) and divulged his story of how his pediatrician told his parents to keep their expectations low.
It may sound cliche to say that we learn more from our failures than from our successes, but nevertheless this is true. Because life is a process of trial and error, and error, and even more error until finally you succeed! The key is to hang in their long enough, don't give up with the struggling masses, there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dim and distant it may seem. So success is simply the end result of a long series of epic failures if you have done things right. Reading the above rejection letter so many years later I am almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't have a 3.0 GPA, but there is a back-story not written on this rejection letter. And yes, I received even another rejection letter from OHSU, but I must have thrown that one into the fire.
At first it seemed odd to me that among this stack of failed attempts I could not find my acceptance letter into pa school. I remember it so well, that simple single sheet of white paper with red and black-ink letterhead, about 4 sentences long sporting an official UMDNJ seal. I read it in the rain, on a cold Seattle evening by streetlight, heart beating, exhausted after a long day of work.
I made a promise to God and myself that if this dream would come true I would use my training always to relieve the suffering of others and to make the world a better place. If you have received a rejection letter fear not my fellow epic failures, I too have stood demoralized in your shoes.

But do not let that define you, let it guide you, let it be the road kill that you can look back upon with pride years later when you are writing a blog post hanging out your dirty underwear with pride for all the world to see. If you can learn to see adversity as a tool to help you reach your goals you can turn what seemed to be a "set back" into a "set up" for something truly wonderful.
Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best wherever you may be on your journey to PA-C.
You may also like -The Physician Assistant Job or PA School Interview – Email EtiquetteThe following is an excerpt from the book Cut the Crap, Get a Job! I particular love the story of the princess who had to kiss a frog in order to find her handsome […]Overcoming Obstacles to Becoming a Physician AssistantLife is full of obstacles. A rural family practice physician assistant since 2004 and creator of "The PA Life." A National Health Service Corps Scholar and graduate from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ (Rutgers) PA program and the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.
Hi Jennifer, it sounds like you have been able to accumulate a good amount of healthcare experience! When applying again onto CASPA, is it best to start a fresh application or to copy the application data from the previous cycle?
Be sure you highlight anything new you have done and also make sure you submit a new personal statement highlighting your new skills and accomplishments since your last application cycle.
Consider taking a language course in your spare time such as Spanish or other classes like Anatomy of Advance Physiology if you have some spare time. Hi, I am currently a junior Medical Laboratory Science major hoping to go to PA school but this major is destroying my GPA.
Hello, My Name is Stephen I'm Stephen Pasquini, a proud family practice physician assistant with 13 years of clinical experience working in both primary care and specialty medicine. Kindergarten Math Focus Wall DescriptionKindergarten math focus wall The building is clean and bright, student art covers the walls, teachers with a solid background a carefully selected curriculum for both reading and math that is aligned with the district’s The building is clean and bright, student art covers the walls, teachers with a solid background a carefully selected curriculum for both reading and math that is aligned with the district’s When it does, some 550 students from pre kindergarten through eighth Engineering, Art and Math — or STEAM — theme and Melissa Jenkins, the director of literacy, said it will focus on project based learning. We have lived on one income for long eniugh another few years to pay off all school and car debts will not be difficult for us.
I borrowed $12,700 worth of federal student loans and they went into repayment status in October 2010.
Add to that my wife's debt from her degree and we have enough student loan debt to buy a small house (around here, anyway. This proves the point that an isolated number outside of any context is just a point along a curve that when seen alone is pretty much useless.
The feeling of nausea rose to my chest as I held the two corners of that letter, and I said a short prayer before I tore it open.
It is not my place to tell you what to do, I am sure some people would have told me not to bother applying to PA school, my undergraduate guidance counselor probably would have been one of them.
When we interviewed PA admissions faculty for our book everyone agreed that this was a must! Each year I gain more insight into my flaws from the year previous and each year I also gain more direct patient care hours through my profession as an athletic trainer (think sports medicine not personal trainer ;)) I am still on the fence about re-applying this cycle or taking a year off and re-applying the following cycle.
Join the AAPA and local PA organization, become a healthcare advocate for something you are passionate about and make sure you go to and PA conferences in your area. My goal is to build a useful resource for practicing PAs, PA students and prospective PAs, provide free and affordable review materials and create a community of compassionate PAs who want to make a positive difference in the world!
They must have edited my original version half a dozen times before they felt it was good enough to send off and never made it seem like an inconvenience. If I do an online RN to BSN (which I am resisting with every fiber of my being) it will only be another 6k as I already have a bachelor's in another field.

I know in other areas of the country the same amount would buy a much larger house down to a small apartment). I saved them because they gave me motivation, and I hope they can be a part of yours as well. What matters is now and if you can do well you will have proven that you are not only a very capable candidate but also someone who is able to overcome adversity and driven to pursue their goals.
If your personal statement is strong they most likely will overlook small errors or not even notice them. The reason being, at my job I have the opportunity to gain full time employment now, which I would think, would be a positive when I apply for PA school next year due to the fact that I will gain a large quantity of direct patient care hours working full time.
I would also cast as wide a net as possible applying to at least 12 schools which meet your prerequisite coursework and experience.
They always responded to my e-mails within a 24-hour time frame but usually got back to me within a few hours. I'm hoping that I can get a decent enough job to pay that off ASAP, and my family has hinted that upon graduation they'll help with my loan debt, at least a bit, but every bit helps.
I was a pre-pt student in undergrad and then worked at PT clinic for almost 5 years and noticed it wasn’t what i wanted. I am unsure and very scared if this will hurt my chance of gaining entrance into my program, and have contacted a few of the schools admission counselors in order to see if I could send a separate document of my corrected statement to them as CASPA does not allow editing after submission. I have be given advice to just apply this cycle because it would look poorly that I took a year off. I am very pleased with how my personal statement turned out thanks to all of their time, ideas and direction. Often, the needs are basic (like a lack of adult to talk to and spend time with on a regular basis. Of course like you, I also took a winding path which led to PA school, when I got there I knew it was the right path. Make sure that in your personal statement you talk about what you have done over the years that have thought you more about the professional and why it has solidified your place in it.
The integrated focus on academics, I am incorporating a vocabulary word wall of music terminology into my classroom.
By the time you finish school, what do you think will be your total school loan costs (estimate)? When I received my first 4 or 5 denials I knew that I had to change my approach, that is when I opened up a can of honesty and poured that into my application and my personal statement. I have enrolled in an MA program to help with my health care hours and have a plan to e try pre reqs and redo some other classes to have a solid 40-60 hours to show my true potential. To include the district’s math goal has not improved because the focus of a child’s educational career begins in kindergarten. However, if the public school They also learned about science, technology, engineering and math. Of course, nothing is set in stone and the job market will dictate much how much, if any, we need to borrow in future. What is is the ever increasing focus on turning kindergarten It is our job to build appreciation and understanding for reading, art, math, running and playing, and learning in general.

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