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Some cars are below par, others are run of the mill but there are very few cars that can actually change the way people think about a specific car segment.
When it comes to sports utility vehicles it would not be an overstatement to say that the Mahindra Scorpio has brought about a revolution of thought in the people of India regarding the specific segment. The most basic fact behind the success of this particular model is that it is an evenly balanced car between both the aspects of creation; form and function. The Turbo 2.6 comes with a collapsible steering for maximum security, fire proof upholstery, heating ventilations, child locks and AC. Before the advent of the Scorpio on the Indian soils SUV’s were considered to be practical but compromising on style.

The car was first released in India in the year 2002 with the collaboration of AVL Australia.
Unlike the other cars of the category which stressed the importance of good performance the Mahindra Scorpio managed the good performance under a classy cover.
Soon after its release however the Indian people were enlightened with a whole new concept regarding SUV’s.
The 2.6 GLX has in addition to the features of the previous two, roof top ski racks, rear demister and a great sound system. Such an imposing and contemporary look was rarely to be found amongst cars of this category prior to the launch of the Scorpio.

Add a voice assist function, remote locking, footboard lamps, faux wood interior and some other features to the Scorpio and you will have the Mahindra Scorpio 2.6 SLX.

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