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Find Best Prices, Rates, Deals and Offers from UK Gas and Electricity suppliers in your area.
Source the Best Fixed Tariff Deals or Variable rates from Companies who Supply Electricity and Gas within your local area. When it comes to finding the cheapest electricity supplier UK, we need to compare electricity prices on offer from different companies. One important factor to consider is whether you will also require gas from the same supplier. Remember to take into account the unit price (day and night) and standing charges – and the period for which any initial offer or price fix will last.
Remember that some companies insist on advance payment, although some of these also pay you a small amount of interest on any credit balances.

Some suppliers have a green energy policy and offer a percentage (typically 15 to 20 per cent) of their energy as being generated from environmentally friendly or renewable sources.
Take a look at the various electricity suppliers and annual cost estimates in the table below and compare electricity prices to find the cheapest electricity supplier UK for you. This website is aimed only at UK consumers and does not provide information for people living outside of the UK.
Some electricity consumers switch regularly and look for cheap electricity rates almost every year – and on the other hand there are many customers who seldom or never compare electricity prices.We suggest that utilities including your electricity supplier are regularly reviewed as part of your annual household budget. If you have a pre-payment meter in your home (previously called a ‘coin meter’), it is normally cheaper when possible to change over to billed metering with a standard meter.
Moneymatchmaker is paid a fee for this service but this does not affect the charges made to any prospective client. Based on your requirements we'll introduce you to a Financial Conduct Authority Authorised Mortgage Specialist who will be able to help you with your enquiry. There is often a considerable degree of variation in terms, conditions and prices between the different electricity supply companies.
Payment method is also important; monthly bank direct debit is usually cheapest and there is often an additional saving on offer if you can accept paperless billing (also known as electronic invoicing).

Some electricity companies may charge for this, though in the long run there might still be a saving. Such companies may not be the cheapest electricity supplier UK – and may in some cases actually cost more.
By submitting any enquiry form on our website, you agree to be contacted by a Financial Conduct Authority Authorised Mortgage Advisor, Loan advisor or Insurance Advisor with information about products and services that suit your needs. Check the small print, including any cancellation fees (or other tie-ins) should you decide to change supplier early, i.e.
Another point which you may also wish to consider is whether or not the new supplier offers a dedicated telephone customer service help line, and if so the hours which this is available and the telephone number itself.
In some cases these are 0800 (free call) and in others the non-geographic 0845 which always costs more than a local call.

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