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According to new data from Experian, consumers now borrow, on average, about $28,000 for a new car purchase, an increase of about 4%. There are a myriad of reasons why people may feel like they can afford bigger car payments than in the past: low inflation and sinking gas prices are two that come immediately to mind. So, if you don’t have a long-term plan in place, you may want to consider hiring a fee-only CFP professional to help you get one. Alternative online lenders, such as peer to peer, offer a positive alternative for the borrower with poor credit. All of this is great news for the auto industry and banks, but what about for you, the borrower that no bank wants to talk to, or the one subprime lenders love to talk to so they can have you paying for your new car until you enter the retirement home? In 2006, according to New York Fed statistics, almost $650 billion in auto loans were made to borrowers with credit scores below 660.
Here is another great reason to apply for a peer to peer personal auto loan—an auto loan can be a great way to rebuild your credit history! First of all, a person auto loan from a peer to peer lender is a personal installment loan. Alternative online lenders are a safety net for borrowers who are shut out from banks and credit unions due to their credit ratings. Even with record low interest rates, the average car payment on a new vehicle is up as well, now almost $500 per month. And if you do have a plan, but are having difficulty meeting your savings goals, you may want to consider taking out smaller auto loan now to maximize your future nest egg.
This assumes that at the end of the loan period, a new car is purchased and a new loan is taken out at the same amount.

The average car loan is a little more than $28,000, according to “State of the Finance Market” a report from credit reporting giant Experian. Beginning in 2010, the number of subprime borrowers—those with credit scores 600 and below, began to drop, with loan originations around $150 billion. Alternative online lending platforms, such as p2p lending, is tailor made for you, the borrower with a less than stellar credit report.
Since the monthly payments are automatically deducted from your bank account, this will be reported as on-time payments, improving your credit rating.
Unfortunately, many people haven’t gone through the process of quantifying their long-term goals, and the savings needed to meet those goals. The loan periods are also increasing—as much as 67 months in some cases according to Experian data. Experian Automotive reports that in the first quarter of 2015, the average credit score for borrowers was 713. The online lending platform has become hugely successful throughout the world, resulting in significant increases in investment cash, meaning more loans available to assist borrowers like you. Therefore, they don’t know what they are sacrificing in the future, to have the new car today. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was reported that auto loans have hit the $1 trillion dollar mark.
And, you guessed it, monthly payments are also rising, even though the loan terms are lengthening. In the meantime, a sub-prime auto financing industry has come to life, offering borrowers unable to obtain conventional financing the opportunity to drive that car off the lot.

Even when your credit rating is not good, you may still qualify for a personal auto loan from a P2P lender. New car loan payments are averaging $483 per month, and used cars around $361, an increase of 2 percent from last year. Rhoncus porttitor scelerisque sagittis, elementum magna, vut scelerisque enim elit parturient dignissim platea vel nascetur porta lacus mid odio, in ut, rhoncus, platea etiam enim quis integer placerat, mid, natoque, non scelerisque non! The pages of newspapers and magazines are filled with stories of car buyers suffering through years of car payments and sky-high interest rates that surpassed even the period of use of their vehicle. During the second quarter of 2015, of all new car purchases, 86 percent were through financing.
The great thing about financing is that, unlike leasing, at the end of your contract you own the vehicle. However, if the penalty is percentage-based, such as 5 percent of the total of your car loan, you may want to stick to the terms. How to Retitle Your Vehicle After You Paid Off the Loan Editor's Picks Can You Obtain an Auto Loan While Collecting Unemployment?

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