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Here’s the 2016 Honda Civic spotted testing in Thailand again, after a first sighting in November 2015. The latest Civic was unveiled in the US in September 2015, and Honda testing an identical sedan in Thailand pretty much confirms that Asean and Malaysia will be sharing a version with North America.
Danny Tan loves driving as much as he loves a certain herbal meat soup, and sweet engine music as much as drum beats.

Our pariah Government would be scared to bring the 1.5 in cause they will have to sell it for RM80k due to lower taxes.
Which is no bad thing, since this is The Most Powerful Civic Ever, The Greatest Civic Ever, The Most Stunning Civic Ever and The Most Impressive Civic Ever, according to its maker. The Europeans were used as benchmarks for ride, handling, steering and NVH, as well as interior quality and refinement.

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