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Every now and then, an obscure carmaker will claim to produce a brand new supercar that boasts a ludicrous amount of horsepower. In the video, we are introduced to the Devel Sixteen’s powerplant as it undergoes testing on the dyno.
However, this is still shy of the carmaker’s initial 5,000 hp claim, leaving us a little “disappointed” to say the least, though development work is still ongoing.
Originating from the corporate world with a background in finance and economics, Gerard’s strong love for cars led him to take the plunge into the automotive media industry. What’s the point of producing such a car when there are no know tyres that can put all those power on the road.
An example of this is the Devel Sixteen, which debuted as a concept at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show.
A company called Steve Morris Engines is the brains behind the massive engine, and the maker is more than happy to share some details and performance figures of its creation, touted as the most powerful engine ever built for a production car.

On the other hand, the upcoming Bugatti Chiron is powered by a W16 quad-turbo motor instead.
Running on 93 octane fuel from the pump and with the boost set to 20 psi, the engine develops 3,006 hp at 6,900 rpm.
It was only then did he realise that there are more things to a car than just horsepower count.
Among the advantages of registering is once a name has been registered, a guest cannot post using that name. The Dubai-based company behind the car claimed at the time that the V16 engine in the Devel Sixteen was to have 5,000 hp, something which may just measure up given a new video released by the company.
The single billet block engine in the Devel features 32 titanium valves, custom cylinder heads, one billet cam shaft, one crankshaft and is linked to four 81 mm turbine turbochargers. If that isn’t enough, put in race fuel and bump the boost up to 36 psi, and the monstrous engine will output 4,515 hp and 4,771 Nm of torque!

Big numbers indeed, but we reckon it’ll take more than just a stonking engine (tyres, chassis, suspension, gearbox, etc.) to get that level of performance.
Yes, they are only airborne 1 or 2 seconds at most, but they are the pioneers of flying cars nonetheless. If you wish to have a profile photo next to your name, register at Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use to comment.

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