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Just a few months back, the Mazda CX4 crossover was caught completely undisguised by a spy photographer somewhere in China, and now the Japanese automaker has announced that it will showcase its new crossover at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. Other vehicles to be showcased by Mazda at Beijing Motor Show would include Mazda3, Mazda CX-5, Mazda6 and the sports cars designed for the China Touring Car Championship. Compare prices, features, specifications and photos of different cars or view our popular comparisons. The Bezza sits on the Axia’s platform, so it’s not a “Myvi Sedan” as initially anticipated. The inevitable comparison with the Proton Saga cannot be avoided, so here it is – the Proton is a larger car, at 4,278 mm (+128 mm), 1,680 mm (+60 mm) and 1,520 mm (+10 mm), with a slightly longer wheelbase (2,465 mm, +10 mm).
The Standard G and Premium X are available with five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission options, while the Advance comes only in four-speed auto form, making for a total of five variants in the line-up.
The revisions have brought output numbers up slightly – 67 hp at 6,000 rpm and 91 Nm at 4,400 rpm vs the Axia’s 66 hp at 6,000 rpm and 90 Nm at 3,600 rpm. As for the 1.3 litre unit, the Dual VVT-i engine is new to the Toyota family and is not the same seen on the Myvi (K3-VE, 90 hp, 117 Nm).

Some fuel consumption figures, as touted by Perodua, and these range from 21 km per litre for the four-speed Premium X to 22.8 km per litre for the Standard G five-speed manual. The Advance also has Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) as well as Hill Start Assist, which holds the car for two seconds on an incline after you lift your foot off the brake pedal.
The Bezza also features 60:40 split folding rear seats, which is not a given feature for sedans. Anthony Lim believes that nothing is better than a good smoke and a car with character, with good handling aspects being top of the prize heap. The interior will mostly resemble with the Mazda CX-9 crossover, which made its debut recently at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. It measures in at 4,150 mm long, 1,620 mm wide and 1,510 mm tall, making it 510 mm longer than the Axia, but similar in width and height.
The 1.0 litre unit seen in the Standard G is a 1KR-VE, which isn’t identical to the 1KR-DE2 seen in the Axia.
As for in-car entertainment, the Advance has a touchscreen double-DIN head unit with Mirror Link, while the Premium and Standard G make do with a more conventional audio system, with Bluetooth connectivity available on the Premium.

For now, read our first drive impressions of the Bezza, which covers the car in greater scope. Having spent more than a decade and a half with an English tabloid daily never being able to grasp the meaning of brevity or being succinct, he wags his tail furiously at the idea of waffling - in greater detail - about cars and all their intrinsic peculiarities here.
Usually Thursday, all the Proton management and workers are in joyful mood cause Malam Jumaat and they can go home and have fun.
A Rm55k car can have VSC and keyless entry but Proton’s top of the range RM115k Proton Perdana aka Proton Prestige has no keyless entry. In the heavy rain and hot sun, a Perodua owner just enters his car in seconds but the Prestige Perdana owner spends minutes fumbling around looking for his car keys. The new mill features VVT-i variable valve timing (previously branded as DVVT), a higher compression ratio, reduced friction and improved combustion.

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