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Telephone numbers starting with 08XX will cost you 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.
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However, if you’re expecting this to feel like a shot of nitrous every time you put your foot down, you’ll be disappointed.
The same 48-volt system that allows the electric compressor to function is also juicy enough to run an electro-mechanical active anti-roll system – basically the same as that fitted to the Bentley Bentayga (which shares the Q7’s platform). Dial up the Dynamic driving mode, which also firms up the standard variable dampers and air suspension, and although the active anti-roll doesn’t neutralise cornering lean altogether it does allow you to carry far more speed through a sequence of bends than anything of this size and stature should really make possible. Eventually you find yourself at the bottom of a mountain road with the (also optional) carbon ceramic brakes on fire and your perspective on performance motoring irrevocably warped, wondering exactly what just happened. Still, it makes a great V8 noise, which becomes more or less subtle depending on driving mode, and the Comfort settings cope tolerably well with the optional 22-inch alloys should you really feel the need to look totally obnoxious. Car shopping season is upon us and that means many of you are looking around researching what car will fit your needs. We decided to put our heads together and come up with a list of Top 10 Luxury Sedans that you can pick up for under $40,000. Those with suspicious minds are probably already wondering what Jeep is trying to distract us from.
Since Jeep expects 85 percent of customers to opt for an automatic that's all we were given to drive; only the auto gets Hill Descent Control, so that was handy. There's only one trim level – Limited – and this includes lots of leather and plenty of gizmos. In fact, there are only four things on the options list: metallic paint, sunscreen glass, MyGIG infotainment system, and 'Sky Slider' roof.
Jeep is bringing just 500 new Cherokees into the UK this year, so we aren't talking massive numbers here. It’s the second Q-series model to receive an S designation, and shoots instantly to the top of the Q7 range.
Or perhaps you once were a hot hatch aficionado, forced to give up your life of tyre-squealing fun in the face of domestic demands and corporate image projection? The electric compressor exists to fill in any holes in the response time of the V8’s two conventional turbos off idle, which are already plumbed in sequentially but still rely on exhaust gases to build boost; the EPC simply pulls power from the SQ7’s new 48-volt electrical system whenever it needs to spin up, meaning it hits 70,000rpm in about a quarter of a second, sending a short pulse of motivation into the intake to help get the party started. This is still a 2.3-tonne vehicle and initially the sheer mass of the thing conspires to disguise just how fleet of foot it really is.

This comes as an optional extra on the SQ7 as part of a driving dynamics package that also includes a torque-vectoring sport differential at the rear and four-wheel steering.
A slight lateral pogoing motion tells you when you’re approaching the limit, though the sport diff and the four-wheel steering help keep the front end so nimble and pointy you still carry on taking greater and greater liberties. Only a sadist really needs a seven-seater SUV that can out-sprint all but the three most potent hot hatches currently on sale before attempting to out-corner them. And honestly, these are so sexy we just might – though UK buyers are probably better off sticking to the standard 20-inch wheels. We’re not so sure – there’s just something so hilariously endearing in the way this massive bus can charge along a twisty bit of road that it might just ignite the spark of permanent passion.
Whether your financing or leasing the cars below have some interesting incentives and deals in place. The SpeedList Blog brings you the very latest in automotive tests, trends, comparisons, & news, to help you be the most informed shopper you can be.
But that hardly makes this demonstration of the new Cherokee's Hill Descent Control any less impressive.
But the thing we should immediately point out about the Jeep Cherokee's handling is that it does actually have some.
Even on the motorway the ride feeds back tiny vibrations of disgruntlement through steering wheel rim and seat base – a relaxing long distance companion it is not.
But with an on-road choice of rear-wheel drive only or intelligent 4x4 with a rear bias it does a decent job of winding roads. The five-speed ‘box isn't brilliantly intuitive but is far from awful – proving smooth even where it isn’t decisive. Combined with 174bhp, that's good enough for 62mph in 10.5 seconds, and sensible overtaking. This isn't enough to completely avoid mention of the scratchy plastics in places, but compared to the opposition – Freelander, X-Trail, X3, etc – the Jeep is well specified and offers good value: ?24,495 for the manual, ?25,595 for the automatic.
This is a massive rollback (or rollforward; your choice) canvas roof – 18 seconds open or shut at speeds up to 85mph, and aluminium ribbed to Thatcham's full security approval. And instant is a pretty good word for this ridiculous machine, for the SQ7 is also the first production vehicle to ever feature an electrically powered compressor, or EPC, which is designed to speed up the response from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 diesel engine. But then you start to notice how rapidly other cars get smaller in the mirrors, and shortly after that you begin to process what’s happening with the chassis. The visual makeover is likely to be as endearing to other motorists as Jeremy Clarkson at a Greenpeace convention, the interior is finished to a high standard but totally devoid of charisma, and despite the 70 grand price tag you still need to spend more to make it really behave like an animal.

Perhaps not least because in spite of all its toys, this is still borderline madness and requires a fair degree of input from the driver to manage and maintain.
And it's a clear reminder from Jeep that first and foremost it builds effective off-road vehicles.
This is not an old-school off-roader in the sense that it fears tarmac and will run miles across country to avoid corners. Unless you start acting like a total hooligan every movement is controlled, and there are no nasty surprised – the heavy 2.8-litre turbodiesel up front pushing gently into understeer if you start getting carried away. The brakes are a slight concern, however – 1985kg of Jeep seeing them soften distinctly over Welsh mountain roads. Passenger space is slightly cramped by the transmission tunnel, and the boot floor is rather high but features a waterproof bin, perfect for wellies.
With improvements in every department, genuine off-road pedigree and capability, we can easily see it stealing that number of customers away from Freelander buyers looking for something not necessarily as good but different. Because, obviously, 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 diesels need all the help they can get with that sort of thing. The new Jeep Cherokee's tyre pressure warning bell announces itself in typical American car fashion as soon as we turn the key. Doesn't matter much once it's muddy, of course, and make no mistake, with or without caravan it is excellent off-road.
Jeep has done plenty of work on the Cherokee's all-new suspension to redress this past shortcoming.
The steering is well weighted – never a given in a Chrysler Group product – and you get plenty of information about exactly what the chassis is doing via your backside.
Gladly, it shuts up after just a few repetitions, and since the psi reduction is deliberate we set off. Jeep is about to prove just how effective its latest Selec-Trak II system is by allowing us to put the Cherokee through a demanding and rather damp off-road course.

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