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This year the number of Americans leasing new cars has reached an all-time high, and for good reason! Leasing is a procedure in which a firm or an individual be capable of achieve the utilization of a positive fixed assets intended for which it must disburse a series of contractual, episodic tax deductible payments.
Once the need for a new company car arises, the question every frugal entrepreneur, a leader of a small business or a head of a mature corporation, is compelled to ask is this – should I buy or lease?
Still, when we are talking about a company car, the indecisiveness is even more legitimate, since no one can actually solve the conundrum for you. To make the right decision, you’ll need to examine both options thoroughly, compare them to each other, and finally, determine which one suits your business agendas the most. The main difference between the two is a clear one – as opposed to buying, once you lease a vehicle, you will only own it for a restricted period of time.
However, that means settling for moderate mileage and lesser ownership time, or to be more precise, user time.
For starters, leasing always requires lower short term costs, and it comes with a couple of financial benefits that purchasing doesn’t offer.
If you’re using it responsibly, regular maintenance is covered by most leasing deals, which means you won't have additional repair expenses. Leasing a company vehicle, especially if you won’t be driving it yourself, definitely has its potential pitfalls.
You won’t be able to overstep the annual mileage limit, get out of the deal until it ends or customize and upgrade the vehicle to your liking and based on your needs. What seems like an obvious downside of leasing a car is reciprocally a major advantage of purchasing. Even though it may seem like a more cost-effective solution, purchasing has a couple of financial disadvantage of its own. Beginners, who are into developing a business, often omit some seemingly trivial planning and thinking.

Not only are the monthly lease payments often lower than the monthly cost to pay off a purchased vehicle, there are also a variety of great lease specials to take advantage of. To start, only businesses can deduct monthly leasing payments as an expense, but individuals also see a form of a tax break. What is negotiable is the capitalized cost of the new vehicle, trade in value of your current vehicle and money factor. There’s no way to get out of the residual value or what the vehicle will be worth when the lease term is over.
Just because something is listed here doesn’t mean it will automatically apply in every situation. The initial confusion is, as ever when making a big financial decision, completely justified. Both purchasing and leasing have their own advantages and drawbacks, and as a rule, both deals come with small prints you should be aware of in advance. Even then, the car is not actually yours to own, but to use, which means more restrictions in terms of mileage and customization. If, however, your budget allows you to spend some extra money on a company car, the vehicle you purchase is completely at your disposal. But, even if you don’t find those factors all that important, leasing a company car still has a couple of advantages when compared to purchasing.
Unlike with the first option, you will most definitely own the car you buy, which means no restrictions at all.
Maybe you’re interested in the sporty, sophisticated 2014 Nissan Maxima but couldn’t find a lease special you liked on the Matt Castrucci Nissan website. In most states drivers who lease only pay tax on the monthly payments and not the full price you would have paid if you bought the vehicle.
So not only can you negotiate on the selling price of the vehicle you are interested in as if you were buying it, but you also can negotiate how much you think your trade in is worth.

This value takes into consideration the depreciation of the value of a new car, which decreases significantly once it leaves the lot.
At Matt Castrucci Nissan we work very hard to help our customers find the best financing and lease agreement that is right for them. If you’re used to driving more than 15,000 miles per year and you like your brand logo to be visible wherever you go, purchasing a company car is certainly a better alternative. In addition to monthly payments, which are in any case higher than with leasing, if your car is improperly maintained, your additional repair and maintenance expenses will be higher. Carefully calculate all the costs, weigh the options presented to you, and good luck negotiating.
Our team will work one-on-one with you to find great solutions and help you choose the vehicle of your dreams. This is based on your credit score, but it never hurts to ask if this rate can be negotiated.
Sometimes it can be put into the monthly payment or paid up-front, but it won’t disappear all together.
Gathering advice from different sources can be very effective, as some people, magazines, blogs etc. You will learn from your mistakes, this is the way you gain experience, but why don’t you play it smart and learn on someone else’s mistakes instead?

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