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The buy or lease decision when in the market for a new car can be made by answering the following questions: How long do you intend to keep the car? When trying to choose between buying or leasing a car, all costs and fees must be considered to make an informed decision. Downpayment for buying a new car can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending upon the make and model of the car, your credit history, the time of the year and how well you negotiate. Leasing is generally a little easier on the wallet but is not without its own set of costs. Monthly payments are higher when buying a car because interest is calculated on the entire purchase price (minus the downpayment).
There is, of course, a big caveat with leases: when the lease term ends, you don't get any money back. The bottom line is that leasing has lower monthly costs so it frees up some cash for you to invest or use elsewhere every month. If you like having new cars every 2-3 years, leasing is a better option because there is time and effort involved in buying and selling cars. Use our free Auto Loan Calculator to estimate the overall cost of purchasing a car, including the sales price, sales tax, and the many charges and fees that creep up on you when you finally decide to make the purchase. Our Auto Loan Calculator gives you complete flexibility in how you make additional payments, in case you want to pay off your loan early and avoid paying so much interest.
IMPORTANT: Many auto loans are actually "Simple Interest Loans" that accrue interest daily.
Information about how to use the loan calculators are contained within the spreadsheet itself, mostly as cell comments. Our auto loan calculator spreadsheet does not contain a calculator for comparing leasing vs. Sometimes, the auto manufacturer offers incentives in the form of a cash rebate or lower interest rate, but usually not both at the same time. Disclaimer: The calculations in this spreadsheet are estimates and we do not guarantee the results. You probably have a filing cabinet or fireproof box that contains your important documents, like birth certificates, social security cards, and other items. If a hurricane occurred while you were on the road, you could end up stranded and unable to drive for a period of time. Auto insurance policies vary drastically, so it is important to know that you are covered if a hurricane hits.
As a Florida resident, it is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a hurricane, so make sure you are ready by having necessities available in your vehicle. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates.
Making their first public appearance in New York, the 2016 GMC Terrain and its upline Terrain Denali sibling receive a mid-cycle updating that complements tastefully revised styling tweaks with broader availability of enhanced safety features. Highlighting the exterior changes to the 2016 Terrain models are new front and rear fascia treatments framed by new C-shaped chrome elements intended to accentuate the wide stance of GMC's generously scaled compact SUV. Inside, the 5-passenger Terrain and more richly-appointed, leather-lined Terrain Denali boast more appealing trim touches with premium cloth upholstery now standard on SL and SLE and a Saddle Up leather option on offer for the SLT along with the availability of an 8-way power front passenger seat that was previously a Denali-only item. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is said that a new car loses 10% of its value the moment you drive it out of the dealership. If you have other investment avenues such as stocks or bonds, you can invest this free cash to earn a return that offsets some of the leasing costs. So it's not possible to make a generic assertion about whether cost-wise leasing is better than buying or vice versa. With leases, it is a relatively hassle-free process because you return the car when the lease is up. Some leases also offer maintenance contracts to cover all repairs and general maintenance in exchange for an additional fixed monthly fee. The worksheet calculates the total Loan Amount, taking into account your down payment, trade-in, or cash rebate.
Our Auto Loan Calculator is great for running quick calculations, but if your loan is actually a simple interest loan, then you may get more accurate numbers by using our Simple Interest Loan Calculator. Use the Auto Loan Calculator worksheet to calculate the amount you will need to finance, based on the sales price of the car, destination charge, fees, sales tax, down payment, cash rebate, and trade-in value of an older auto.
Use the Payment Calculator worksheet (the featured image above) to create an amortization table based on the auto loan amount, annual interest rate, term of the loan, and payment frequency. The third worksheet (Loan Comparisons) takes the inputs from the loan payment calculator and creates graphs showing you how different interest rates, number of payments, or the amount of down payment affect the monthly payment and total amount of interest. Basically, you just enter values in the white-background cells, and see what happens to the other numbers.
The auto loan calculators in our spreadsheet let you specify a cash rebate and the annual interest rate. Please consult your financial advisor or lending institution before making any final financial decisions.
Many people prepare their homes and talk to their families members about what to do if a hurricane strikes, but you may not realize that it is just as important to prepare your car. Keeping an emergency kit in your trunk could be the key to survival, so make sure you have the necessities available. One of the biggest problems that often occurs as the result of a hurricane is flooding and subsequent water damage.
The lineup also has been simplified for 2016 and will consist of SL, SLE, SLT and Denali trims.
All versions feature a new power dome hood and all but the SL get revised grille treatments with the Denali again boasting its own unique insert elements as well as a bounty of supplemental brightwork accents.
While the SL remains front-drive only, all-wheel-drive is available on all other Terrain variants.
Downpayments are usually negotiable when leasing a car and many dealers waive it entirely if you negotiate well.
This is because when you lease a car, the leasing company expects you to pay not the full value of the car but only for the value that the car loses during the lease.
But over the longer term, buying helps you build equity in the car that you can recoup when you sell. You can then use the Auto Loan Payment Calculator (another worksheet within the Excel workbook) to create an amortization schedule and analyze different types of loans by changing the loan amount, interest rate, term of the loan (years), and the payment frequency. See how making extra payments can help you pay off your car loan early and reduce the amount of total interest paid.

In the Payment Calculator, you can also enter values in the yellow cells (the Extra Payments column). You can save (or print out) two different versions of the spreadsheet in order to make comparisons. You should always have bottled water, a flashlight, non-perishable foods and snacks, a first aid kit (with bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads, painkillers, and blunt scissors), jumper cables, and a warm blanket in your vehicle.
Test your battery routinely as well, and you may even want to consider keeping a spare in your trunk. Flooding inside of your car can be tough to repair, since the upholstery and carpeting tends to incur the majority of the damage. On the safety front, Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert systems that were Denali-only options in 2015 can now be fitted on SLE and SLT models. When leasing a car, you must pay sales tax on the down payment and on the monthly payments.
With a car lease, you pay only for the depreciation during the lease term so costs are lower. Depending upon your specific lease terms, there could be stiff penalties if you overshoot these mileage limits.
The spreadsheet has been left unlocked, to give you complete freedom to modify it as needed for your personal use. Some of the important papers that relate to your car include the title (if you have it), registration, insurance information (including contact numbers for local agents and claim filing centers), warranty information, records of maintenance, and the manual that came with the vehicle. Check and top off fluids every time you refuel your car, and maintain an oil change schedule that meets the manufacturer recommendations.
If the water rises high enough, it can also cause damage to the engine and other components beneath the hood. Most leases are closed-end, which means you have no obligation to buy the car at the end of the lease; you can "walk away".
However, make sure you know how the equations and formulas work before you try to branch out on your own.
Keeping it all in one place makes it easier to make phone calls or find important documents if a hurricane does strike. If you have questions about your auto insurance coverage, talk to your agent about concerns and make sure you feel confident in your plan. Buying the car works out to be cheaper if you intend to keep the car for a longer period, generally over 4-5 years. We don't provide technical support for creating custom spreadsheets, but if you have some suggestions or comments, please let us know. Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane is difficult, and not being covered for a replacement vehicle can add significant stress and frustration since it may mean you don’t have a way to get to work, school, or other obligations.

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