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The car loan calculator is a simple tool which allows you to estimate what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly commitment will be (over a specified time period) when considering your next car purchase. The Car Loan Finance Calculator is a great tool which provides you with a detailed snapshot of the repayment figure of a lease or hire purchase facility. This calculator takes into account many factors such as stamp duty relevant to the state of purchase, residual at the end of the term, GST on the repayment amount. The Car Finance Calculator assumes that the Interest rate does not vary during the period of the Lease. The Calculator assumes that the year comprises of 364 days and not 365 days and further does not take into account leap years within the Lease period. You do not rely on the result as final serviceability, or any respect as part of the credit approval process.
It is not a tool which should be viewed as a quote or pre-approval for a Car Lease or HP and you should seek the appropriate advice prior to taking out your Car Loan. The solution does not guarantee that the Lending Guidelines will have been met nor that the applicant represents an acceptable credit risk for the Lending Institution chosen. In this tutorial we will see how to create an amortization schedule for a fixed-rate loan using the TI 83, 83 Plus, or TI 84 Plus graphing calculators from Texas Instruments. An amortization schedule is a table that shows each loan payment and a breakdown of the amount of interest and principal paid.
Note that since we are making monthly payments, we will need to adjust the number of periods (N) and the interest rate (I%) to monthly values.
Note that when you use the arrow keys to move away from any of the items, the calculator will automatically perform any calculations in that row.
Now, to calculate the monthly payment, scroll down to the PMT row and then press ALPHAENTER. We've now seen how the principal and interest components of each payment are calculated. Now, we can also use these functions to calculate the interest and principal for any payment by specifying that the beginning and ending periods are the same.
As noted in the beginning, an amortization schedule is simply a listing of each payment and the breakdown of interest, principal, and remaining balance. If you haven't been following along, you will first need to enter the loan data (as shown above) into the TVM Solver before you can create an amortization schedule.
To create the amortization schedule with the variables that we have defined, press 2ndGRAPH (Table). To clear out the table completely, press Y= and go to each line and press the CLEAR button. The corporate tax applied to a Canadian controlled private corporation is limited to one or two flat rates, which is different from the personal income tax where the rates change gradually and grow along with the taxable bracket revenue.
The basic federal rate is 38%, but there is a deduction of 11.5% in 2011 and 13% from 2012 to 2016 for businesses generating profit from manufacturing and processing activities. Additional deduction of 10% is applied on the federal rate if a business has to pay provincial or territorial tax. On both federal and provincial level, there are two applicable rates on the corporate taxable income: the lower rate and the higher rate.
Businesses established in Canada generating profit from activities outside the country will also have access to a federal rate reduction, but not to the provincial abatement.
A business is eligible to SBD if its taxable capital of the previous year is lower than 15 million. A business has access to the lower rate on the full business limit if the taxable capital is lower than 10 million, however if it is between 10 and 15 million, the business limit for both the provincial and the federal is reduced in a linear way.

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One of the advantages of these calculators over other financial calculators is their ability to create tables of data. The terms of the loan specify an initial principal balance (the amount borrowed) of $200,000 and an APR of 6.75%. So, when you type 30*12 for N and then press the down arrow key, the value for N will automatically be converted to 360. These functions calculate the total amount of interest or principal paid between any two payments.
Again, it is important to note that these functions take the loan data directly from the TVM Solver.
It should now be clear that if we want to calculate the amount of interest in the second payment, we would use ΣInt(2,2). As shown in the picture above, we are going to want four columns (Payment, Interest, Principal, and Balance). That will take you to the table screen where you can scroll through the table using the arrow keys.
Simply go back to the TVM Solver, change the loan terms, and recalculate the payment amount. If you want to see, for example, the amortization starting at period 348 (the beginning of the last year of payments), then you can press 2ndWINDOW and set TblStart to 348.
Also, the tax rates on Canadian Private Corporations are only applicable on the profit, after deducting from the revenue all the current expenses related to the normal activity of the company, the interest, the amortization and the depreciation. This favourable treatment on the federal rate however has been eliminated later on, since an equivalent deduction is applicable to all other corporations, no matter what the sector of activity. Their total rate is then limited to the federal one, which is 26.5% in 2011 and 25% from 2012 to 2016.
Some of the provinces or territories are still showing a lower rate for business generating profits from manufacturing and processing activities, but for most of them, there is no difference.

The lower rate is a reduced rate reserved for company eligible to small business deduction (SBD), which is applicable on a first bracket of the taxable income. The taxable capital is generally the shareholder's equity, retained earnings, loans and advances made to the corporation, minus certain investment made to other companies. For example, if the business limit is 500,000$, it is reduced by 1$ for every bracket of 10$ over 10 million. Use the following calculator to quickly estimate the taxes you will have to pay from commercial activities in one province. The backyard has just been renovated with a new patio and deck, which is perfect for entertaining. Mt Pleasant Primary School, Applecross High School, Garden City Shopping Complex and public transport are all close by. Typically, but not always, a fully amortizing loan is one that calls for equal payments (annuity) throughout the life of the loan. So, enter the TVM Solver by pressing the APPS button and then choose the first item in the Finance Menu.
This, in turn, means that the interest payment will be lower, and the principal payment will be higher (because the total payment amount is constant), for each successive payment.
So, we need to define four Y variables (note that our X variable is the period number, and we'll set that up next).
Those settings will start the table with X = 1 (first period) and then increase it by 1 for each row in the table. Note that as you scroll around, the highlighted variable and its exact value will be shown below the table. Now, press 2ndGRAPH to return to the table and you will see an amortization schedule for the new loan terms. If a company is making profit in more than one province, the regional rate is applicable on the portion of profit generated in that specific province. If you prefer to use a spreadsheet, which I do, please see my spreadsheet amortization tutorial.
Before we can use these functions, you must enter the loan details into the TVM Solver as we did above. Press the Y= button (the furthest left key under the screen) to get into the variable definition screen. For example, if you scroll over to the fourth column (Y4) and the sixth row, you will see that the remaining balance after six payments is $198,952.184.
This adjustment brings the federal rate to 16.5% for the year 2011 and 15% from the year 2012 to 2016, for all companies generating revenue in a Canadian province or territory. On the federal level, the businessesss limit is established to 500,000$ and its lower rate to 11% in 2015 and 10.5% in 2016. The lower rate is applied on the minimum value between the business limit and the annual taxable income. However, on the provincial level, both business level and lower rate can differ from one province to another.
It is the presence of the principal payment that slowly reduces the loan balance, eventually to $0.
Note that you will use the Finance Menu to get the functions, and the X,T,Θ,n key to type the X.

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