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At launch in 1982, engines were carried over from the Cortina, and the Sierra also maintained that car's rear-wheel drive layout.
The new off-road Rover was developed in double-quick time, and by the end of 1948, was shown to the public for the first time.
The third generation Ford Fiesta was belatedly went on sale in 1989, and was its maker's answer to impressive second-generation superminis, such as the Peugeot 205 and Fiat Uno.
The 1986 Vauxhall Carlton continued its maker's path down the aerodynamic road kicked off by the 1984 Astra.
Although the previous facelifted Carlton proved an unexpected hit during the early 1980s, the all-new model of 1986's sales tailed off after an early fast start - most likely down to a lack of glamour compared with the ascendent Rover 800, and the increasingly good-value opposition BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz W124. Rootes introduced a new range of mid-sized known as the Audax series cars in the early 1960s.
But it was a new departure for the marque, which had been saddled with a very authoritarian image since WW2. To distinguish the Mk I Consul from the Zephyr, it sported a different grille (not unlike an Aston Martin DB2's), a longer wheelbase and that lustier six-cylinder engine, developing 68bhp. Sadly, it proved to be a slow seller early in its life, causing Ford management all manner of confidence issues when it came to the styling of its future models. The idea behind that decision that was to keep servicing simple, and fleet managers on board. The Land Rover and proved so popular that demand massively outstripped supply – and the Series 1 went on to become an enduring success that helped keep the rest of Rover afloat during the lean years of the 1950s. Although it looked like an all-new car, the Mk3 was in fact based upon the platform of the Fiesta Mk2, which itself was a facelift of the original 1976 Fiesta. As in the Mk2 Fiesta, it was powered by a 1596cc CVH engine, which via the addition of fuel injection, developed 105bhp (up from 96). Both CVH powered fast Fiestas were replaced by Zetec-powered versions; the XR2i name remained until 1994, but the RS Turbo badge was - rightly - dropped in favour of the RS1800 moniker. It was styled by Ghia and built by Pininfarina, and is considered one of the greatest GT cars of its era, despite its relatively modest engine capacity.

The B24 Spider was launched In 1954, and in in instant, it became the most desirable of all.
It received a sturdier transaxle, and gained wind-up windows, improved seating, and a new, more conventional windscreen with opening quarterlights. Underneath its super-slippery bodywork - with its Audi-beating Cd by 0.28 - the engineering was quite similar to the outgoing model.
At the top of this badge engineering tree, which also comprised the Hillman Super Minx and Singer Vogue, was the Humber  Sceptre.
Yes, the four- and six-cylinder cars might look a little tame today, but their technical package was rather advanced - for a 1950s Ford. The EOTA range was logically split with the Consul powered by a 1508cc four-cylinder overhead valve engine, and the Zephyr and Zephyr Zodiac were powered by a much more appealing six-pot displacing 2262 cc. But the Granada followed suit in 1985, and by the time of the 1987 facelift, the Sierra was selling strongly enough to remain in production for more than a decade.
The Series 1 was originally offered in 80-inch short wheelbase form and as a 107-inch LWB, but throughout its run, the SWB was extended - first 86- then 88-inches.
All new styling was contemporary, if a little anonymous, but the big change was the addition of a five-door version, which added significantly to the Fiesta's practicality. It underwhelmed in early road tests, thanks to its coarse engine and heavy steering, but it still sold well thanks to good looks and on-paper performance.
These fast Fiestas have already attracted their classic following, with the flawed RS Turbo leading the way. Although its front-end styling was similar to the B10 and B20 GT, the Pininfarina sports car bodywork that sat on a shortened wheelbase was utterly sensational to look at. Because there were more Convertibles than Spiders, and its arguably less good looking, values are currently lagging behind the older car - despite being the better all-round proposition. Of all the 'cooking' models, the estate versions probably made the most sense - both stylish and commodious. It was more sporty than usual for a Humber – originally, the Sceptre was to be the new Sunbeam Rapier.

The Mark 2 of 1965 saw Rootes’ well-liked - and punchy - 1725cc engine adopted, albeit with a cheaper Hillman-influenced nose.
The Consul's 48bhp and three-speed transmission might have been a bit ordinary, but its MacPherson strut front suspension and fully hydraulic brakes meant that what performance there was could be made the most of, thanks to excellent handling. The Zephyr was unveiled in 1951, and then the range was further boosted by the 1953 Zephyr Zodiac. The aerodynamics famously caused a number of motor way stability issues on the earliest cars, but these were soon fixed, but the damage was already done, and the 'jellymould' had to work very hard indeed to stave off the advances of the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2. It was based on the XR2i, but gained new three-spoke alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, and a modified version of the 130bhp power unit first seen in the Escort RS Turbo. Fewer than 4000 B20 GTs were built, within six series of Aurelias - they were pretty much upraded in an annual basis. And the bodyshell was considerably altered from the other offshoots with a wraparound screen, quad-headlamps and a stylish lowered roofline.
The slab-sided styling was very American in appearance, just as buyers wanted, and ended up suiting the convertible version very well indeed. That car featured a high compression (71bhp) engine, leather interior, fog lamps and two-tone paint andgold-coloured badges. Advanced shape meant slow acceptance as a classic, but the Sierra is generally considered to be a quirky, interesting choice with plenty of '80s appeal.
The earliest cars are worth the most - but despite their age, many still enjoy hard working lives.

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