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A Chattel Mortgage is an ideal way for individual business customers to maximise the taxation benefits gained from financing a new vehicle. Under both a Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase agreement, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is contained in the purchase price of the vehicle, but does not apply to the monthly repayment or balloon (final instalment) on the contract. A Car Loan is suitable when the vehicle is used wholly or predominantly for private purposes. A novated lease is a three way agreement between the employer, employee and the lender. The employer, employee and financier sign a Novation Agreement, whereby the employer agrees to take on the employee’s obligations under the lease. The choice of vehicle remains with the employee, ensuring it is a vehicle that fully meets their needs. The employer deducts a portion of the vehicle financing and running costs from the employee’s pre-tax income, which can reduce the employee’s taxable income, and thus the amount of tax payable. If a vehicle is purchased using another form of finance, 100% of the costs will be taken from after tax income, providing no tax benefit at all. If a fully maintained lease is opted for, vehicle running costs, such as maintenance, registration, insurance costs and projected fuel can also be included in the regular salary deduction. Dealers are offering ridiculously low interest rates, but many of these rates come as a result of clients paying a lot more for the purchase price of the vehicle.Obtaining Pre Approved finance prior to purchasing your car can save you thousands of $$ of the purchase price. New car finance deals is a dedicated website sponsored by the finance group to create awareness among people who are looking for new car finance deals.
Banks will have to rethink their vehicle financing options after new regulations governing vehicle sales were gazetted yesterday. Key among the changes made to the country’s Credit Agreement Act, which takes effect on 1 August 2016, is elimination of the option to buy at 0% deposit, as well as a stipulated maximum financing period of 54-months. Increased regulation was hinted to as far back as 2014, when Bank of Namibia Governor Ipumbu Shiimi confirmed discussions with the Ministry of Finance to address loopholes in the said Act, which he said forced many citizens into unsustainable debt, further hurting the country’s foreign reserve stock. While the banking sector’s established practice of offering residual value or balloon payment deals also featured prominently in State offices’ criticism of the industry, one local car dealer spoken to said banks will maintain discretion over such deals, though to a maximum finance term of 54 months, instead of 60. Balloon payment deals generally differ from traditional vehicle financing in that, instead of instalments being spread evenly over the finance period, some of the lump sum owed is deferred to the end of that time. While allowing the buyer to pay much lower instalments at first, the practice has come under scrutiny for leaving many unable to afford the last payment, forcing them to either sell off their vehicle, or apply for re-financing. Speaking to Namibian Sun yesterday, economist and Head of Research at IJG-Securities Rowland Brown welcomed the new regulations as the right step to take. The first local bank to react to the new regulations yesterday was Nedbank Namibia, which said its existing offers on vehicle financing would remain unchanged until the end of this month.
While local vehicle sales have recently shown a notable slump compared to previous years, Brown said the new legislation was expected to further impact sales. A Chattel Mortgage is designed for those sole traders and partnerships who account for their business operations on a cash basis and can be used for purchasing a new vehicle or upgrading an existing vehicle.

Normally, those individual business customers who are registered for GST purposes and enter into a Commercial Hire Purchase agreement will apply Input Tax Credits (ITCs) to claim back some or all of the GST (up to a maximum amount of $5,183) contained in the price of the motor vehicle. Under this arrangement, the employer makes the monthly lease payments on behalf of the employee.
And there is no need for the employee to do anything on their tax returns, the employer and lender take care of this.
Buying a new car is a very popular concept in Australian people who have a stable job status and prefer to comply with traditional life style and trends. You will be welcomed to became our client when you will decide to get professional advice, why my application getting declined ?
A Chattel Mortgage is well suited to those individual business customers who account on a cash basis.
The motor vehicle is the only security needed, although in some circumstances a guarantee may also be required. The loan term and balloon payment can be tailored to suit individual circumstances. Should the employee leave his or her employment for any reason, the Novation Agreement ceases and the obligations assumed by the employer revert to the employee as the registration is in the employee’s name. We believe more people become aware about best new car finance deals more people will get access to new car finance industry.
We can manifest it with confidence that all of them bought their dream cars through our finance advice, who seek for professional adviceNew car finance deal website will give you clear idea about all aspects of car finance and you wont even need any professional advice in future and start advising your friends and family how to find best new car finance deals.The finance group parramatta have created strong relation with 14 most popular new car finance lenders to help the client to find best new car finance deals. This has been driven by more cautious bank lending practices and fewer government purchases,” he said. Individual business customers accounting on a cash basis can claim back the GST as soon as they lodge their next Business Activity Statement (BAS). The finance group is offering up to 7 years term new car finance deals, up to 40% balloon payment option with 5 years term new car finance deals, secured and unsecured new car finance deals, defaults considered case by case basis.
It is a combination of everything that is related to new car finance according to your present financial situation. New car finance deals website will give pros and cons about new car finance that you can make educated decision to buy your new car using finance. The finance group have achieved 90% approval rate for new car finance applications for their experience in the industry and dedicated team to assess and process new car finance applications. New car finance deals website break through the traditional ideas of comparing new car finance deals to maximize approval rate for the clients. We believe more people will become educated about new car finance deals, more people will get access to new car finance.

Annual income and expense determine your borrowing capacity to obtain finance as per specific lenders policy.3.
Stability of job and residency also ascertain lender assigned score for an individual applicant.4. Availability of documents also can restrict your access to a specific lender.When you look for new car finance deals actually you look for easy approval for your loan with a best possible interest rate with some flexible lending features. Our experience in the industry and wide range of product offers can help you find the best new car finance deals in a minute.
We face problem obtaining finance for some clients who ruined their credit history shopping for new car finance deals without knowing lending policy.
Obtaining finance does not depend on your luck but your awareness about lending policy.Approval for new car finance application largely depend on how you demonstrate your capacity to the lender meting the policy and how you arrange relevant supporting documents for your loan.
If you are not aware about how the scoring system works for the specific lender it means you are risking the approval for your loan.
Looking for new car finance deals largely mean looking for right lender who will approve your deal.We can help you make the whole process easy and quick for you that you can find desired new car finance deals without delay. Click here to submit and inquiry to get a free quote for new car finance deals.The finance group have clients all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold coast, Darwin because we have 100% online loan processing system and we can give you access to your nearest branch of our selected lender to sign up for new car finance deals. We also offer new car finance deals from out panel private lenders for the clients who have have credit issues or does not meet lending policy of the banks.
Clients looking for new car finance deals always feel safe when they go through right channel to find best new car finance deals for them.The finance group have become popular for their service and dedicated website for new car finance deals. Client can find all details about new car finance deals from our dedicated website to make right decision on time. Client with lack of understanding about credit policy can end up with not getting new car finance from any lenders. New car finance deals website is for those people who like to get their loan approved from the right lender at the first time.Click here to submit and inquiry to get a free quote for new car finance deals.

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