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A Car Finance Lease is one of the most straightforward financing options for a business when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Low or no deposit terms for the car finance lease may be available depending on circumstances and payments may be up to 100% tax deductible depending on tax status.
With a car lease, terms can be set and with fixed interest rates, repayments can be budgeted throughout the leasing term of the car. Visit our car leasing calculator , contact a car finance consultant or call 1300 303 181 for more information. Please note: We are not car financiers, nor are we able to offer advice regarding car finance leases. I have been umming and arring for the past 6 months over cars and getting my head around a few factors.
Thank you again.Ms J Granger, Gerringong NSWThank you for your assistance the car is fantastic the deal you were able to negotiate for us was great. Let’s hope we can send some additional business your way as we haven’t stopped telling people about the great deal, how easy everything was, the service the whole experience was ‘as smooth as silk’. Once again many thanks for your help.Mr G Inskip, Killarney Vale NSWI wish to commend a member of your staff that recently helped us purchase a new vehicle.
I have worked in marketing internationally for over 15 years and therefore have very high expectations as a customer and a very low appreciation of what Australia perceives as an accepted standard of level of service. However, Lenny’s competence and behaviours are those I would consider world class and I wanted you to know that he is definitely an asset to your company and I will be recommending Lenny to as many of my friends and colleagues as I can. A lease contract that allows the use of an asset, but does not convey rights similar to ownership of the asset.
If the amount to be financed is below the ATO depreciation limit, $57,180, you may claim the full lease rental as a tax deduction. GST will be charged on your monthly payments, however it can be claimed back on your Business Activity Statement (BAS) over the term of the Car Lease contract. Receive customised Accounting Software tips and learn how to use MYOB software with detailed tutorials. About Benn FranzmannI am a qualified Accountant specializing in the setup and training of various forms of accounting software.
When I open the Excel find function (CTRL + F) in excel why does it say that it cannot find what I am looking? Xero (NZX: XRO ) is an online accounting software product for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for personal finance. With MYOB LiveAccounts you can manage your business from anywhere you can access the internet. A Novated Lease is a three way agreement between you (the employee), your employer and StreetFleet.

Novating means the employer makes the repayments to StreetFleet on your behalf using your pre-tax salary. By looking at the term of the lease and your expected kms we set budgeted amounts for the following running expenses. The FBT statutory rates changed as at 10th May 2011 and some will be gradually phased in over the next few years. Through our online reporting system you can track all FBT and maintenance expenses 24 hours a day 7 days per week so you can always keep on track with your lease provisions.
ECM is a way for an employee to reduce the FBT value on the lease by contributing to the running costs of their vehicle out of their after tax income. Luxury car tax (LCT) is a 33% tax on any luxury vehicle as determined by an ATO nominated value. Taking out a Novated Lease on a vehicle above this limit can have an additional impact on your salary (over a non-luxury vehicle) as the tax treatment changes for vehicles in this price range due to their depreciation limits, both of which are $57,466. We strongly recommend you speak with a financial advisor or tax professional if you are looking at a Novated Lease on a luxury vehicle. StreetFleet has extensive motor vehicle industry contacts throughout Australia and as we purchase cars every day, you can benefit from our negotiated pricing and discounts. As the monthly payments are made by the employer, in most cases they are able to receive a tax deductible expense. By offering a product which gives your employees choice and flexibility of vehicle you will help them to feel better about their employment and it can be used as a tool for attracting the best employees in your industry. PBIs (that are not hospitals) receive an exemption from paying FBT (subject to a $31,177 capping threshold). The 'grossed up value' of the benefit is the amount that you would have received in your gross salary (taxed at the highest marginal rate of income tax plus medicare levy) in order to pay for the benefit yourself in after tax dollars.
Have a look at our calculator to see how much money you could save when compared to a normal car loan for an indication of the savings.
Note that many other online calculators have a higher finance component cost that inflates the savings figures. A car lease differs from a Commercial Hire Purchase where the interest payable and depreciation is deductable. You will also have the opportunity to own the vehicle at the end of the term of the car lease.
I spoke to Frank this afternoon (Mon 5th Nov) and all I can say is that in 10minutes he has made more sense to me than anyone else in 3 months. We were fortunate enough to speak with Paul, who was extremely efficient right from the start.

It has taken all the stress of buying a new car out of the equation and makes it a pleasurable experience. It is simply a spend money transaction that is allocated to a General Ledger account called lease expense.
In the case of cars, the ATO calculates this by looking at how many kms you travel per year. For each dollar that the employee contributes they receive a one dollar reduction in their FBT liability. The current LCT limit (as of 1 July 2015) is $63,184 so any vehicle with a value above this amount will be taxed at 33%. For an accurate quote or if you would like to explore the possibilities of a Novated Lease contact us for more information. Hand Wash is best - use a high quality mitt and shampoo for the paintwork and a seperate cloth and bucket for the wheels. I found him to be very knowledgeable, honest, upfront and has given me some excellent and needed advice. He explained what was involved in purchasing the car and also made several calls to locate a car for us almost immediately. However if you would like to contact one of our preferred car lease companies, please follow the instructions above. Every communication I have had with Lenny has been efficient and any requests I have had, have been answered promptly and kindly.
And good on you all for employing such great people.Ms Kirgan, Picnic Pt, NSWI wanted to thank you and your company for the great results I received via my new car. I have had to call Russell in Canberra Toyota as I had a couple of queries with my car and he was always very helpful and happy to hear from me.I would recommend Private Fleet to others as I have done already. I have been most impressed and grateful for your professional, friendly and patient assistance.
The whole process has made buying a new car a pleasure rather than an onerous and irksome duty.
I shall not hesitate to recommend you in the future.Ms K Bolton, Sydney NSWI am writing to thank you and your company for the wonderful service you have given me.

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