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The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the German giant’s first entry into the small-medium SUV class in Australia. Honda City 2016 is expected to receive subtle cosmetic upgrades with minor reshuffling in features. The City Facelift could make its India debut at the up and coming Delhi Auto Expo 2016 in February and give a wild rivalry to Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.
The front fascia features a bolder front grille with chrome strip running across whilst the changes to bumpers and headlights replicate somewhat of the newly launched Jazz hatchback as the Japanese company sticks with ‘Exciting H Design’ design language. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A fuel-ish decision I might replace my Peugeot 206 with a CitroA«n DS3 and had been intending to purchase a petrol model. The petrol driven Nissan Micra is a formative addition to the product line of Japan automaker Nissan. After being only a little known name in the automobile industry of India, Nissan raised its popularity with the launch of its power-packed compact hatchback - Micra. Under the hood of petrol driven Nissan Micra is a powerful DOHC 12-Valve 3-cylinder engine, which is capable of producing maximum power of 76 PS at 6000 rpm, with a peak torque of 104 Nm at 4000 rpm. Nissan Micra looks quiet different from its counterparts, largely due to its rounded appearance that is sans the customary sharp lines and creases of other hatchbacks in India. With a very smooth engine and efficient suspension system, Nissan Micra is sure-footed even at a high speed of 100-120 kph. It’s already doing well in the sales race as buyers look for the prestige of the three-pointed star in a practical easy to drive machine.DESIGNMercedes GLA sits midway between an SUV and a station wagon in its shape. The latter puts it into the top end of the affordable class so it’s no surprise that initial sales have been so strong. The top-end of Honda City New Model trims receive a blackened B pillar as opposed to body colored B pillars in lower variants. However, the salesman is recommending a diesel on the basis that fuel consumption is more economical and it would be in the zero band for annual tax. And assuming you get 55mpg, the saving over 6,000 miles a year will not overcome a diesel's potentially expensive problem areas.
Read the review and check out the price, features and technical specifications of Nissan Micra, in India. The petrol driven Micra, which was rolled out in the Indian roads in mid 2010, is the first made-in-India offered by Nissan.

Mated to 5-speed manual transmission gearbox, the engine of Micra makes use of ECCS (Electronic Fuel Injection Control) system. Rear passengers can enjoy equally pleasurable ride, because the car offers better legroom in the rear, as compared to other vehicles in its class. The bold frontal style is very A-Class, with which it shares underbody components, and there’s a real emphasis on the aforementioned three-pointed star. If you’re halfway interested it might be worthwhile making enquiries at your local dealer sooner rather than later. The rear end gets substantial upgrade with C-shaped taillamps and the reverse light and indicators are placed in the middle. With a petrol 'power-plant', the car boasts of having a host of features that add to its style statement.
The high-mounted headlamps are complemented by two-part radiator grille with chrome plating. At the same time, the automobile makes one comfortable even on the pot-holed roads in India. To avoid injury on a frontal collision, the car's Self Restraint System (SRS) airbags get deployed automatically.
Full wheel covers, rear wiper and washer are available only in the XL and XV variants of Nissan Micra, while one can expect body colored bumpers in the car's base variant 'XE' too. The car is equipped with efficient air conditioning system (manual in XE and XL variants and auto in XV variant), which ensures that the temperature inside the cabin is maintained up to the optimum level. Keyless operation system and start-stop button are the value-added features of Nissan Micra, which give it the utility of a sports car. Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) of the automobile optimizes rear brake force, depending upon the load on the vehicle.
Nissan Micra is available in six vibrant colors, including Sunshine Orange, Blade Silver, Storm White, Pacific Blue, Onyx Black and Brick Red. The taillights share a strong family line with the latest Merc E-Class range. We aren’t sure the bumpy bits along the door sills are to our taste, but there’s no denying they are something out of the ordinary, which is important in this day and age. I had not considered a diesel, because I understood short journeys damaged the particulate filter, but the salesman tells me the filter can be easily cleared by an occasional fast burst. The car flaunts very spacious interiors, with a number of storage spaces strategically located inside the cabin.

The mini on-board computer of Nissan Micra gives the real-time readouts of fuel consumption. Engine Mobilizer and driver airbags are available in all the variants of Nissan Micra, while the car's top-end variant Micra XV is equipped with all the other advanced safety features, including front fog lamps, front passenger airbag, security alarm, and the combination of ABS+EBD+BA. The big rear diffuser gives the GLA a purposeful appearance, as do the roof racks.Though the body is completely different, the interior is obviously borrowed from the Mercedes A-Class hatch.
The centre screen looks like a bit of an afterthought but is easy to see and use with a minimum of driver inattention.VALUEDue to long waiting lists in Europe the only model coming to Australia at this stage is the $47,900 turbo-diesel GLA 200 CDI, naturally it’s the subject of our review. Australians are the biggest buyers of AMG models in the world on a per capita basis, so the local Mercedes guys are doing their corporate best to hurry the GLA 45 AMG onto the ships heading downunder. It drives all four wheels through the high-performance AMG seven-speed Speedshift double-clutch auto. Naturally the emphasis from the AWD setup is better on-road grip rather an off-road work.SAFETYThe Mercedes-Benz GLA range has no fewer than nine airbags, including units providing knee protection for both front seat occupants. It’s a given that it breezed through crash testing to gain five stars.DRIVINGAccess is easy as the seats are at just the right height for most people, which is one reason why many are opting for SUV wagons instead of low slung sedans. The standard Eco setting makes the engine reluctant to get the GLA moving and we found ourselves going for the Sport button almost as soon as we began driving. And, no, we weren’t driving this the way a revhead would, simply using the sort of acceleration most owners would opt for.Torque is good and turbo lag is seldom a hassle. Once the engine is on song there’s strong pull through all the normal rev range.Even using Sport mode the fuel consumption was impressively low. Typically the GLA diesel used six to seven litres per hundred kilometres on the open road and motorways, and eight to ten litres around town.The Merc SUV’s suspension is well-balanced and the steering gives good feedback.
It’s no sports car, indeed not even a sports SUV but will do everything most want while keeping them very safe. Comfort is good and the extra suspension travel when compared with the Mercedes A-Class means the GLA is possibly even better than the hatch. Road noise is well isolated and coarse-chip surfaces didn’t intrude as much as in many small to medium European cars.

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