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Understanding Bad Credit Auto Loans and the Approval ProcessAt the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth you can expect to have the absolute best finance package for your situation. This website makes heavy use of JavaScript, please enable JavaScript in your browser to continue comfort use of the website. You can start applying for your online used car financing HERE or you can give us a call right now at 855-971-6146 (press 1 for sales).A  If you'd like to apply online but want someone to speak with as you fill out the application to answer any questions, simply call the number above and then start the online application. This program allows us to secure bad credit auto loans, when it is necessary for a customer with less than perfect credit. Credit unions are not bound by the same strict criteria that many local and national banks are required to follow when they qualify an applicant. This is often because their qualifying standards are more generous to the variables of the customers life and they will have a real human conversation with us in regards to your bad credit situation.

They also have different standards for borrowers, often giving a low rate on a bad credit auto loan to members, regardless of "bumps and bruises" on their bureau.
They all have a different standard for membership, meaning, they may require you to live in a certain state or have served in the military in order to join.
We know these parameters inside and out and Credit Unions are always looking for ways to make an exception and include more members into their business.
One of our trusted advisers in the finance department can set up a membership for you with the credit union that currently has the best rates and most aggressive finance package for your bad credit auto loan situation.
Our trusted advisers will negotiate a great deal for you, so you don't have to make stops at 15 different Credit Unions just to be told "NO". We have signed up our location with many different institutions because they all have different standards to qualify for a loan.

You may find that one bank will absolutely turn down a loan because of derogatory past experience, but the next 2 banks will instantly approve the same loan.
One may be at a lower rate and the next approval may be at a higher rate - this is just a matter of how much importance each individual institution puts into certain aspects of you credit situation.
The trick is to get the bank that is most comfortable with the type of "risk" that your bad credit situation represents, which results in offering you the best interest rate, the best terms, and the best lowest payment. To take advantage of all your rights under this law, contact the credit reporting company and the information provider.

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