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Letsatsi Finance is a financial services provider founded in the year 2000 and has grown to have over 40 branches nationwide. This entry was posted in Personal loans and tagged letsatsi finance and loans contact details, letsatsi finance and loans south africa, letsatsi loan application, letsatsi loan calculator on June 17, 2015 by Elle.
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This entry was posted in Loans and tagged Old Mutual finance, Old Mutual home loans, Old Mutual loans against policy, Old Mutual loans for blacklisted people, Old Mutual personal loans calculator on August 19, 2014 by Loans Today. Look for customized loans, competitive rates and flexible terms, you can choose the loan to fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. MPUMALANGA PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT Department Of Human SettlementsMPUMALANGA PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT Building No 6 Extension 2 No 7 Government Boulevard This programme does not assist people with personal loans. South African Institutions Providing Funding For EntrepreneursRight-to-occupy (RTO) rental bridging loans.
EC Finance provides comprehensive financial cash loan ranges, while making borrowing online easy and convenient. EC Finance provides Instant Cash Loans, Consolidation Loans, Blacklisted Loans, Student Loans and Micro Loans.
EC Finance Loans are unsecured, which means clients don’t have to provide any assets in exchange for the loan.

To help them achieve this mandate, it’s important for applicants to provide correct details.
Whether it’s home renovations, school fees or vehicle finance, Direct Axis has a range of loan solutions available for use.
Based on the diverse knowledge and expertise from FirstRand Bank Ltd and Yellowoods, Direct Axis has accumulated a wealth of experience as well as over a million clients along the way. To apply for a Direct Axis Personal Loan, you’ll need clear credit references and a regular monthly income of at least R3000 per month.
The institution’s services include the provision of short and long term loans, along with debt consolidation and payday loans. Get Old Mutual’s Light Loan offer and get the convinience of no documents being required. Low to medium income earners and blacklisted individuals can rely on EC Finance to assist during financially stressful times. Depending on affordability and how much is borrowed, clients have between 1 and 60 months to repay. Candidates are required to present their valid South African I.D, be 18 years or older, be permanently employed for at least 3 months at their current employer, earn at least R2500 per month and have an bank account where debit orders can be done.
Applicants are also encouraged to use the handy loan calculator, which gives a rough idea of what is expected.

During this time, the institution has ensured that clients are provided with efficient, transparent and exceptional service.
Committed to protecting client interests, Direct Axis promotes responsible lending practices and complies with the National Credit Act of 2005.
This cover settles your outstanding loan balance in the event of your death, permanent disability or certain dread diseases.
Apply in the cumfort of your home using a quick online application form. You should receive within 24 hours, to confirm the outcome of your application. With EC Finance’s simple and convenient online application, clients are guaranteed of a same-day decision (usually within 6 hours.) Additionally, clients may be paid out on the same day, depending on circumstances and their credit history.
Many people don’t realise that there are institutions that are able to assist blacklisted individuals with getting loans.

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