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I knew that the monthly payment was well within my budget and I feverishly threw any extra dollars at it that each month allowed.  In 2012, I got on a plan to make $600 monthly payments and that dropped the balance significantly. This helped with my motivation and I even added a snapshot of the statement to my vision board with a 74 cent balance photo shopped on it to burn that image into my mind every day that I got dressed in the morning. I sincerely, hope that this little story inspires you to take action in your finances and know that it is possible for you to relieve financial stresses, get rid of debt, and start living freely.

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You can remove the “slave to the lender” feeling from your life.  We are not placed here to live within this mindset of fear and worry. Lastly I snowballed my monthly cash flow to afford a big last payment to end this relationship with the lender.

I believe that our lives are meant to live abundantly and happy.  So take action now and create a win like this for yourself even if it’s a smaller debt.

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