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Grants, scholarships, work-study and other forms of gift aid just do not cover the full cost of a college education. With any debt, the best thing you can do is make extra payments over and above your minimum.
Finally, (3) I hope to put 25-50% of my yearly salary increases, freelance income, blog income, and tax refunds towards my student loans. I also just hate having the debt hanging over me – there’s so many better things I could do with that money! I do have some odds and ends freelance jobs but I’m finding the new job is keeping me busy!
You did a lot of calculations to come up with that plan but it sounds like you will do quite well if you stick to it. I think it’s great you have multiple plans because that way if something comes up you’ve got a plan for that!
Whatever I put in writing seems to happen, so I think by planning and making your goal public, it will happen. I worked as a financial aid director at a small private liberal arts college in the mid 1990’s. The Vertex42® Yearly Budget Calculator is a powerful new combination of our Family Budget Planner and Monthly Budget spreadsheets. The Yearly Budget Calculator is a simple Excel spreadsheet that requires very little knowledge of Excel.
Instructions: I've included a fairly extensive set of instructions and tips in the Instructions worksheet. Disclaimer: This spreadsheet and the information on this page is for illustrative and educational purposes only. January 13, 2014 by Jordann Brown 11 Comments Since moving to the new house, I’ve had to make some pretty drastic changes to my budget.
Other living expenses is a little high, and I’m going to make a point to reduce it closer to the recommended 25% mark. I haven’t been as diligent about not letting unnecessary expenses creep into our life. I’m putting about 35% of my money towards debt, which is mostly possible because my housing is 25%. That sounds like a good plan to lower your expenses, good for you for thinking of that, instead of just assuming that’s the way things have to be.
With any life change there’s always an adjustment phase, no doubt you’ll kill it! It’s funny to look at what various people think is ideal or balanced or just reality as living expenses vary with geography, life stage, etc. Last Updated on October 24, 2013 Matthew Vint Leave a Comment We may receive compensation from affiliate links in this article. Although there is more to the company than Icahn, it is worth examining the activist investor’s history and track record, as well as his typical motives.
Some of Icahn’s biggest hits have been questionable from a moral standpoint, for example his asset stripping of TWA after performing a hostile takeover of the company in 1985. Talisman looks to have a lot of potential, but its management, likely along with Icahn, would probably want to steer the company in the right direction first before positioning it as an acquisition candidate.
Alternatively, another confident buyer, domestic or international, might emerge with an interest in the oil and gas company.

No one can really say whether or not Icahn is looking to position Talisman for a sale, or whether he is simply looking to install new management in order to support a more positive direction for the company.
Many students find that they must supplement their savings with government and private loans. I started out with my student loans at $26,720 last November, now they’re down to around $13,000. Think of all of that money you’ll be able to invest, or move around in your budget when that payment is gone. We are used to living on one income so about half of her monthly pay goes towards our debts. This budget calculator is designed to help you create and manage your budget on a monthly basis, all within a single worksheet. Please read through the instructions before asking me questions about how to use the budget calculator.
If you have extra (a Positive NET value), then you could allocate that to savings or paying off debt for example.
Breaking out your expenses into specific categories will help give you a better idea of where you are spending and therefore where you may be able to cut back.
If you are using the averaging approach, I strongly recommend that you use a special savings account as a holding place for these larger expenses. To calculate an average, you can find the total for the past 3 months and divide the value by 3.
Resolve any differences between the actual ending balance and the Projected End Balance, by looking for mistakes, expenses you may have left out, etc. Not only did I combine finances with my husband, but our expenses are now entirely different because of me working from home, and the increase in rent. I used to send over 50% of my income to debt every month, while spending about 5% of my income on housing. We managed to negotiate a $100 discount from our land lord in exchange for allowing them to use some of our excess space. This is because I paid off my car loan and now all we have to pay for is gas, maintenance and insurance.
It has room for a nicer place to live, a little bit of spending money for furniture, lots of saving, and most importantly: no debt! When I finish paying off my debt, even if I funnelled 10% back into life, etc I would still be able to save 25%. I’d like to pay off the car, and move closer to my daughters school sometime this year to hopefully balance things out. While the company doesn’t make quite as sexy headlines, such as Tesla for example, it has managed to reach a wider audience recently, thanks to Carl Icahn, the prominent activist investor and $20 billion-dollar man, who decided to purchase a stake in the company worth around 6% in October 2013. Talisman saw an intraday share price increase of over 4.5% after Icahn tweeted his decision on Oct 7, but the share price has settled down since. The man likes to make bold moves, and his motives are usually far more aggressive than most financiers. While its roots can be traced back many, many years before the date of its founding, the company now boasts an impressive $12.53B market capitalization on the New York Stock Exchange.
The Wall Street veteran prefers to NOT hold a stock for very long and enjoys making fast gains.
It is too early to say, but it is safe to say that Icahn is both clever and logical when it comes to spotting investment opportunities.

A fourth type of education loan, the consolidation loan, allows the borrower to lump all of their loans into one loan for simplified payment. The Federal education loan programs offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment plans than most consumer loans, making them an attractive way to finance your education. If you want to get it knocked out even more quickly consider cutting cable or decrease your eating out budget for awhile. It allows you to (1) easily add or remove budget categories, (2) plan for irregular expenses, (3) plan based on a variable income, and (4) make future predictions to aid in decision making. Double-check formulas if you make any major changes or if you change the order of the categories.
That way, the balances in your spending accounts will more closely match the balance shown in the ACTUAL column each month.
This is a nice bonus and we’re going to keep our ears open for any ways we can help them out in the future that might translate into further discounts. Now that it’s gone, I can saving for retirement, live in a better house, and increase my personal living expenses a wee bit. Many describe him as a ruthless corporate raider, while he likes to describe himself as a proponent of shareholder activism.
The uncertainty here is mainly being driven by the fact that Talisman and its management have already been working on restructuring the company for quite some time with a turnaround plan. You can also deduct up to $2,500 in student loan interest even if you don't itemize deductions on your income tax return. The biggest thing that has helped me pay them off faster is that I put all of my windfall money towards them.
For example, if you are planning to spend $600 for Christmas, then put away $50 each month into a special savings account, and budget $50 each month in the Christmas category. Make sure to maintain a good cushion in your spending account to handle these variable expenses. Finally, I’m no longer paying off debt, which is a huge change from the way my budget used to be. The same goes for having high transportation and debt wedges (unless you are voluntarily shovelling loads of cash to your debt, like I was). Instead any cash I don’t spend on gas gets rolled into my newly created car maintenance fund. With almost $12B in liabilities for the same year, the company maintained a level of equity not far off $10B in total.
CNOOC, the Chinese state-owned company, made a $15.1B acquisition of Nexen in February 2013. If you set up your budget categories the same in the spreadsheet and whatever budget software you are using, you can use the software to generate reports and then enter the amounts into your budget calculator spreadsheet.
Savings, on the other hand should never be less than 10% (unless you’re paying off debt).
Talisman’s balance sheet looks respectable, but something needs to be done about its profits and future overall.
Nexen, being a Canadian oil and gas company also, suggests that Icahn might be planning for another deal of similar proportions.

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