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Estimate your car, crossover, truck or suv payment at the official site for ford vehicles..
Estimate the payment for your cadillac luxury car, coupe, suv, or crossover using the auto loan calculator..
Credit life and credit disability insurance will no longer be offered through toyota financial services beginning october 1, 2015.
Credit life credit disability insurance longer offered toyota financial services beginning october 1, 2015. Easily estimate monthly payments harley-davidson® motorcycle motorcycle loan payment estimator.. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The information you enter into the Finance calculator will not be collected or stored by Honda Canada Finance Inc. MSRP values shown do not include freight and PDI, applicable fees, license, insurance, registration or taxes (all of which may vary by region). Unique 4-valve Unicam cylinder head has very compact dimensions, allowing it to be ideally placed for excellent mass centralization.
Specifications, features, illustrations and equipment shown are believed to be correct – however, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
By locating the cylinder head's exhaust outlet on the right side of the engine, the length of the exhaust header pipe could be configured for optimum power and throttle response across the entire rev range. The CRF450R’s twin-muffler exhaust system not only contributes to the engine’s exceptional power characteristics, it’s also positioned tightly to the frame’s centre to take weight off the rear end and optimize mass centralization for improved handling. The CRF450R’s Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) settings contribute to the engine’s strong low-end torque, remarkable top-end power and generous over-rev capability. The CRF450R’s Engine Mode Select (EMS) system lets you modify fuel-injection and ignition mapping with the simple push of a handlebar-mounted button – perfect for dialing in the best power curve for better starts, better drive out of corners, better traction, or simply to better suit your riding style. A special heat-treatment process improves the durability of the piston, adding to the CRF450R’s reputation for rock-solid reliability. Twin-spar aluminum chassis offers the benefit of a low centre of gravity with excellent feel and feedback.
The Honda Progressive Steering Damper allows more-aggressive chassis geometry for quicker steering, while also assisting straight-line handling.
Locating the KYB shock's rebound-damping adjustment screw on the top of the shock body makes it easy to access, saving you time and hassle. A new shock link and revised suspension settings work in conjunction with the longer fork to improve chassis stability and overall traction. Optimized rider ergonomics with a very narrow midsection allow you to move freely on the bike and fully utilize the CRF’s incredible agility.

Powerful fuel-injected 1,832 cc six-cylinder engine produces smooth, effortless power while surpassing the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards. Low, forward engine placement and solid engine-mounting produce excellent road handling characteristics and impressive low-speed manoeuvrability. Silent-type camshaft chains with automatic adjusters provide reliable, maintenance-free operation. Two 40 mm-diameter throttle bodies deliver air to six specially designed Keihin 50-psi high-pressure programmed fuel injectors (PGM-FI). Electronic control unit (ECU) provides two digital 3-D fuel injection maps for each cylinder and one digital 3-D ignition map for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb rideability. The Gold Wing’s drivetrain uses a sturdy eight-plate clutch with maintenance-free hydraulic-assist, and a precise-shifting five-speed transmission with a tall fifth gear for effortless highway cruising. Rotary Air Control Valve (RACV) maintains precise idle control under widely varying engine loads and operating temperatures.
Engine cooling system features a series-flow coolant flow pattern that offers cold-start rideability and provides rapid engine warm-up. Two side-mounted radiators enhance cooling efficiency and use low-air-pressure areas created by side cowls to draw cooling air through the radiators and beyond the rider at highway speeds. The innovative aluminum frame is specifically engineered for optimum rigidity with tuned flex. Dual full-floating 296 mm front discs with Dual-Combined Braking System three-piston calipers and a single ventilated 316 mm rear disc with one Dual-Combined Braking System three-piston caliper provide excellent braking power.
Honda's Dual-Combined Braking System features a second master cylinder and a three-stage proportional control valve (PCV) to couple the three-piston calipers of the dual front and single rear disc brakes.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) features an electric-motor-driven modulator that provides rapid and precise braking-pressure adjustments, resulting in smooth ABS operation. Computer-controlled adjustable hydraulic rear suspension preload is easily set by the rider with push-button controls and features a two-position memory. Honda's commitment to reducing accidents and injury goes further than our engineered solutions; we offer a proactive approach to safety via training, education and preparation. Collect your favourite motorcyles and compare the pricing and specifications of up to four at a time.
Join our growing riding community to stay in touch and up to date with everything that matters to you! Industry, product and promotional updates for those who believe that knowledge is power and that brand loyalty deserves to be rewarded. I consent to receive electronic messages and commercial electronic messages including news, advertisements and other promotional information, at the electronic address provided, from Honda, its Dealers and Honda Canada Finance Inc.**, including their respective agents. By providing your personal information, you agree to our collection, use and disclosure of such information as described in our Privacy Policy.

This helps make it even easier for a rider to change direction, on the ground or in the air. Designed to work in concert with the KYB Air-Fork and the Honda Progressive Steering Damper, the chassis combines excellent stability with right-now turning precision. Damping action smoothly progresses as handlebar deflection increases, which produces very natural steering characteristics and feel.
Parallel two-valve cylinder-head design utilizes direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation and requires no 1,000 km service.
Fuel is delivered through four nozzle tips in each injector, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible for optimum efficiency and power.
Unique knock-control sensors monitor ignition advance to improve performance throughout the entire rpm range.
A compact water pump is mounted behind the engine and is driven directly by the crankshaft, contributing to quicker engine warm-up. This combination of rigidity and flexibility produces excellent handling, superb riding comfort and wonderful road feel. The solid engine-mounting system utilizes specially designed hangers and carefully matched mounting bolts to provide both excellent road feel and minimal engine vibration. Using the front brake lever activates the outer two pistons of the front right-side caliper and the centre piston of the front left-side caliper and, acting through the secondary master cylinder and an inline proportioning valve, the outer two pistons of the rear caliper. The system incorporates an integrated ECU, self-diagnostics with an interactive ECU test function, and automatic protection against system failure. Mode selection is easily accomplished without changing the rider's hand position or shutting down the engine (as long as the engine is idling). And what’s more, efficient stainless steel six-into-two exhaust system produces a pleasing, powerful sound. The Nickalloy crankshaft bearing caps provide quiet operation throughout the engine's operating temperature range, and powerful 1,300-watt alternator uses a fluid-damper (viscous coupling) system to minimize alternator noise.
The rear brake pedal operates the centre piston of the rear brake caliper, the centre piston of the front right-side brake caliper and the outer two pistons of the front left-side caliper.
Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content on the pages on In the event of a discrepancy, error or omission, vehicle prices, offers and features as established by Honda Canada and participating Honda dealers in Canada, will prevail.

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