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The move has prompted some concern about a “race to the bottom” with other banks lowering mortgage rates to remain competitive.  Finance Minister Jim Flaherty worries that Canadians are taking on too much debt and that lowered mortgage rates will only encourage people who cannot afford to invest in real estate to buy. Despite concerns about BMO’s move to lower its mortgage rates in Canada in 2013, it does not look like other banks are following suit for the moment.  TD and CIBC, for instance, have stated that their mortgage options are competitive enough and they have no plans to lower their rates.
Since household debt is at an all-time high, BMO’s lower mortgage rate may not have the desired effect of stimulating the housing market. What this means for home buyers is that while rates will be lower, there will be less time to pay off the mortgage.
Rosy Saadeh is a Social Media Manager and Marketer and spends her time scouring the net trying to make new friends, help clients and post interesting stories about real estate and the like in Canada. See MoreFact of the DayBefore buying a home that needs to be renovated, evaluate the cost of renovations in order to prevent unwelcome surprises.
Monthly NewsletterSign up for our free monthly newsletter, which offers information about real estate in your area, newly-listed homes for sale, open houses, and tips and advice on real estate in Canada. More in NewsCanada Home Prices Are Falling in 2013It looks like Canada’s home prices are falling slightly in 2013, according to the Teranet-National Bank Housing Price Index. Jack White is set to release a new White Stripes single when he unveils his upcoming double acoustic EP next month. Go Back in Time using our Photos archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past.
Go Back in Time using our News archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past. Home → Tax News → Were You Mailed a Statement of Financial Position from the CRA?
The following Statement of Financial Position was mailed by the Canada Revenue Agency to some individual tax payers and some business owners.
City and ProvinceOptional: To help us improve the service we provide to you please tell us about the issue you are having.
For investors in the Cash Store Financial Inc.—currently the largest publicly traded Canadian payday loan provider—that could be bad news. For all its success—the company claimed a nearly US$100-million pre-tax profit in 2011—Wonga has attracted controversy.
Just wondering, before I consider subscribing… is this an actual, individually composed letter to just about every subscriber, or does every single writer compose a single letter just about every week and send the same composition to all on the subscribers they’re assigned to write to? By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. The day's key business, market and company news, with analysis and opinion from Canadian Business Online's writers. Printable Word's Templates, Resumes Templates, Certificate Templates, Rental Agreements and Legal Forms. A promissory note is a negotiable instrument by which one party makes a promise to pay certain amount of money to the other party on some future date or on demand by following the agreed terms and conditions. A promissory note can be exemplified as a financial instrument which will be served as an agreement between at least two parties. Promissory Note Form A promissory note form can be state as a legal document which prepared and used by business. To Do Note Templates As per the approach of advanced social life a to-do note is also known as a sticky note.
Pamphlet is a booklet without binding that is usually used to convey information about some idea, product or business, current issues, trends. After download the format of pamphlet you can open it in MS word, where you can customize the whole template as a booklet, double or single page segment which dispatch without the binding elements. Free Brochure Templates A brochure is an advertising tool used by businesses and other organizations.
Tri Fold Brochure Template Using a tri fold brochure is the most efficient and cost effective way of advertisement. Packing List Template Using a packing list can help you prevent forgetting important things to carry with you.
Bill of Lading Template A bill of lading is a commercial document that is meant to acknowledge the receipt of goods. Shipping Label Template Shipping labels are used in the companies providing the services of shipment of packages. A job description is a list that contains list of all general tasks an employee will have to perform when on the job. However a formal written job description will properly contain the whole list of general tasks an employee will have to perform within a set period of time when he’s on job. Employment Agreement Template An employment agreement is a legal document that is signed by the employer and worker. Employment Verification Form An employment verification form will be provided by the employer to its employee in different situations. Salary Certificate Format A salary certificate will be issued by the employer to employee when he withdraws his salary. A food journal is a document that words out what you have to eat at what time and how much to eat. No doubt, we’re all really passionate about eating healthy food, but it’s also a fact our day-to-day eating habits aren’t as great as they should have to be. Italian Food Menu Template People are served with Italian food menu in the Italian restaurants and hotels. Chinese Food Menu Template A Chinese food menu is especially prepared by the Chinese restaurants for the convenience of their customers. The executive summary template usually used by business as a short review of their working milestones. Summary Report Template A summary report is written to display aggregate results of a survey or a project etc.
Business Proposal Template Preparing a Business proposal could be a daunting task if you’ve lack of experience, yeah! A credit reminder is an official document that may be sent to the debtors to make them remind that their payments are still due and the due date is gone or about to come.
A credit reminder can be defined as an official document prepared & sent by the credit card company to the doorstep of their credit card holders as a reminder for their due payments.

Bill Receivable Template A bill receivable is a document which a customer agrees to pay at some future date.
Receivable Template A receivable chart is a document that will keep record of all receivables of the business. Eviction Letter Template A letter of eviction is written by the landlord to the tenant to evict him from property. A coupon is a promotional tool in the form of a document that is used to redeem a discount at the time of purchasing goods or services.
A coupon template is a promotional tool which used by the retailers who seeking to entice their customers to shop with them, well the customers can use these coupons to redeem discount on different products available in the store.
Discount Voucher Template A discount voucher is a document which is issued in different retail situations. A bill of sale is a legal document that is issued by the seller to the purchaser to report that the seller has sold some goods to the buyer on some specific date, at some specific location, for specified amount of money or other value.
A bill of sale can be defined as a formal written document that for sure will details the matters of transaction.
Purchase Agreement Template A purchase agreement is a legal document that is meant to outline terms and conditions related to the transaction. If you work in shipping industry or somehow attach with it then probably you’re pretty much aware about bill of lading. Wartime Canada is constantly expanding its collections, and would be grateful for the donation or loan of any materials that can be scanned and added to the website.
The terms associated with this commercial instrument include principal amount, interest rate, parties to the note, date, terms of payment, maturity date and sometimes rights of the payee in case of default. This note will serve the parties like a negotiable tool which typically contains the terms of written promise. Here you can cover the pamphlet template with marketing information about your goods, services, trends or events.
In business it is being used by shipment companies containing information about the goods or articles to be shipped. Generally, a packing list format can be defined as an itemized list of items, however this slip will include the info about articles those companies are going to ship through shipmates.
A job description document may be provided to the employee at the time of employment containing list of all his responsibilities for a particular job position or it can also be published on the job ad with basic job tasks.
Usually, job description will be provided by the employer to the employee at the time when the process of employment may takes place. So, while living a healthy life we need an absolute system which may reduce all the terrible factors of bad diets. Usually this document is written for non-technical people who don’t need to go through the details of in-depth report or don’t have time to read whole report.
Whereas, this smart summary will often highlight the initial face of business for the assistance of potential investors.
A credit reminder letter is written by business persons dealing with the creditors of the business.
Basically, the main objective of this document is to remind the debtors they must have to make payments within specific dates because they’re still some amount of money as dues and the last date is about to come.
Coupons are usually issued by manufacturers of different products or retailers to their customers as a part of any marketing campaign.
In typical manner, a coupon may offer discount codes that the shoppers can redeem for enjoying the benefits of free shopping or availing an attractive discount. Well, when it comes to generate a document where you can write the stuff related to the sale of goods, items, products or transfer of property, equipment, land from one party to another under the statement of deal than you probably required a fully smart officially written bill of sale. Basically, in the vast shipping industry the bill of leading will serve as a significant component which covers the matters related to the transaction. So when Wonga, an online short-term loan provider, began blanketing this year’s playoffs with ads, the message was clear. It already has Nasdaq-listed DFC Global Corp., operator of 487 Money Mart outlets in Canada, to contend with. Shares in the company, which traded for more than $6 as recently as last August, are now down below $2.50.
The company is currently privately held but has been floating the idea of launching an IPO for more than a year. Basically, this promissory note template can be noted as an official statements that will legally explain that one party will pay a define sum of money to another party within a specified period of time, well the time maybe demanded by the other party within the approach of law.
A packing slip may be placed inside the package for the convenience of the recipient of the package with which he can count the goods and make sure that the delivery of goods has been made correctly. It is always helpful for the employees to show job description to the candidates so that only potential candidates may apply for that job position.
In like manner, a job description template is actually required by an employer for keeping check on the overall performance level of the employees. This document contains enough information for the reader to make him understand exactly what is explained in the long report. In simple you can also says that, this crucial document is actually served as a first & right impression of your business. Positive tone is used throughout the letter with courteous request to make their account clear and retain the business relation with them. Thus, for creating a best coupon for you business you need to first decide about your offer, after make final decision you can select a ready-made template of coupon from our website. A general bill of sale template will serve the both parties involved in a deal as legally binding document which ensure their deal.
In general point of view, the bill of lading is a contract which always constructs between the people who need to ship something maybe items, product, and goods using a carrier who will deliver the package to the receiver (who will receive the shipped items). No doubt, the bill of lading must be partially completed by the shipper, well it will include the number of units, date of shipment and other crucial data regarding to the shipment. Wonga boasts lower overhead, better branding and a loan formula it claims takes much of the peril out of lending to high-risk borrowers. At this point, only one analyst, Dylan Steuart of Stonecap Securities, still covers the stock.
Backed by blue-chip venture capitalists, including Accel Partners (an early investor in Facebook), Wonga looks destined to go public at some point, either on the Nasdaq or in London. Critics, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have charged it with exploiting the vulnerable.

In simple words, we can also call this document as a binding document which obviously has legal accessions. A pamphlet may be bi-fold or tri-fold depending on the amount of information to be communicated.
In the cosmos of business, it’s a most familiar slip which being used by shipment companies.
Usually a job description is prepared for operational job positions not for the managerial posts because managers are intended to given freedom to work for the business. A document where the written representation of job will be mentioned with the detailed narration that defines the factors attached with job is called a job description form.
Usually a food journal document is issued by the physicians or healthcare professionals for their clients in the area of weight reduction, health maintenance or fight against some disease etc. Well, a food journal is a detailed record of all the food items, drinks & meals you may eat whiten a specific time-frame. All key points are included in executive summary in the same order with which they are placed in the long report. However, an executive summary format will help the business to convey their business plan, strategies & polices in an intuitive manner rather than writing a huge article which for sure will be impossible for others to fully read word by word. No doubt, this letter may have significant importance in business; yeah the business entities can also used this kind of document to remind their parties about dues. A coupon will make the customers save some money on purchase of goods to persuade people for purchasing specific goods or services. It is very important for both of parties to make sure that this document is filled carefully before the transaction and handed over to the buyer at the time of sale. This document identifies the goods delivered, vessel on which goods have been placed, intended destination, terms of transportation, terms of payment etc. The bill of lading could be used as a straight bill which is actually the most common example while on the go it can also be used as an order bill which in some such way is less common. In the event of future assessments, the present payment schedule will be modified to take into account any increase in the outstanding debt owed. And with a history of profitability and growth, investors will likely scoop it up—provided they are ethically comfortable with the business.
No two ways about, the vital objective of this note is to give a considerable amount of time to another party to arrange some money for repayment. It is a commercial document so must be drafted in proper format and should include information about the shipping company with its logo, goods shipped, final destination and signatures of concerned people.
To all appearance, this precise slip may contain a bit of information about the articles, i.e.
In simple words, we can say that job description will explain the whole status of job including all the stuff related to the matters of job, such as; the designation, responsibilities of employee, time-frame for the accomplishment of tasks, title of company, name of the employee, list of duties, etc. Apart of this, an officially designed job-description will served the employer as a blueprint for new hiring.
It is tried to cover all main ideas of the whole document in the executive summary succinctly.
In like manner, the executive summary will assist the business to grab the interest of investor within few seconds.
This letter is very important in business to prevent future inconveniences due to delay in payments. Unless other things a credit reminder will secure the business deals those signed between companies via prevent them from future inconveniences that could be happen due to delay in payments. A coupon format will contain information about the issuer, discount offer, validity of coupon, terms to use that coupon etc.
Our smart coupon format is prefabricated by our team of developers using unique borders, layouts, designs, images & fonts. This will work as evidence that fully detail that the possession of something has been transfer from one party to another.
It also words out description of goods like their weight, nature of goods, number of goods etc. However, the bill of lading somewhat negotiate the terms of shipping and the statement which will explain how goods are going to ship as well as where they end up. And if the list of VCs who have already poured money into the company is any sign, they aren’t likely to stop other investors from buying in if they get the chance.
No doubt, in the world of advertisement or distribution the exceptional pamphlet format is something which call as a promotional tool.
A more detailed food journal may also explain how much of energy or calories you are going to intake with each food item.
No doubt, an executive summary will explain the essence & total energy of business plan in a clear and compelling way.
A credit reminder letter will be composed keeping all essentials of business writing in mind.
No doubt, our free format for coupon will help you to put all the information about the issuer, discount offer, validity of coupon, terms to use that coupon & even more in an effective manner.
Here in underneath line I’ll give you some ideas about the preparation of pamphlet as well as allow you to download a free format for pamphlet that creates by us as a single, double or tri-fold pamphlet.
Nonetheless, as we can say that a smart packing slip template may cover the whole information of shipment, Shipper-Company, package & the receiver of package as well. To all appearance, the main objective of preparing a food journal template or food diary template is to identify the eating patterns of someone’s diet as well as track the calories of eatable food to pick out the changes that can be made on the physical health of person within a set period of time. It may be printed on a simple white paper or on the company letterhead depending on the company’s trends. I can guarantee by follow my directions you will defiantly produce an alluring coupon using MS word.
In addition, this document will make sure that all the matters relating to the sale should be completed effectively. In addition, this slip will serve as a signature confirmation tool of company that will thoroughly state the info of particular package just like a bill of parcel.

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