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By answering the questions in each of these steps, you will find an estimate of Green Slip prices for all currently licensed Green Slip insurers for the most common vehicle types and circumstances. How long have you continuously held this type of motor insurance with your current insurer?
Have any drivers of the vehicle had an accident in the last 2 years in which they were at fault?
Have any drivers of the vehicle received a driving conviction or licence suspension in the last 5 years?
I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. Here’s a first official look at the revised 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD pickup fitted with the optional Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 engine.
Like GMC, Chevrolet remains equally mum when it comes to sharing a number of pertinent details on this Duramax-spec truck, including whether the engine will still be backed by the current 6-speed Allison automatic transmission. As for operational efficacy, Eric Stanczak, chief engineer, Silverado HD notes the 2017 2500HD “was engineered to provide maximum utility for our customers in even the most extreme situations.” The new induction system provides 60 percent of the intake air via the hood scoop and sends it to the Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine at ambient temperature, which is lower than the underhood temp.

We’ll be bringing you more details about the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD pickup with the Duramax Turbo-Diesel as well as with the standard 6.0-liter gasoline V8 engine when it is launched later this year.
In case you missed it, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class video ad that presented the car as an autonomous vehicle has brought upon itself the wrath of various consumer and auto safety groups who thought it was misleading.
And rightly so, as Mercedes-Benz made some very bold claims during that commercial that were hardly covered by the vehicle's capabilities in real life. Anyway, with that piece of advertising gone, Mercedes-Benz was now faced with a problem: lots of airing time purchased and no clip to fill it with. Each insurer determines its own pricing based on some or all of the questions included in the Green Slip Calculator so you will need to answer every question correctly to obtain accurate prices. If you have any other feedback you would like to provide please submit it through our feedback form.
Like the 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD that showed its new face earlier this week, the ?-ton heavy-duty version of Chevy’s full-size hauler is largely a visual carryover but also boasts a new functional hood scoop when packing the optional 6.7-liter Duramax engine. However, the automaker did confirm the new scoop works with a patented intake system that “drives cool, dry air into the engine for sustained performance and cooler engine temperatures during difficult driving conditions.” Exactly how much this new ram-air induction setup might bump the engine’s current 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque remains to be seen, but rumor has it we could see the pony count move close to 425 and the critical peak twist units top the 800 mark.

This allows the engine to run cooler while developing full power and maintaining vehicle speed even under max load. There was a fine print at the bottom, but it's not like you can say whatever you want during a promotional material as long as the stuff written with small characters is true, is it? Well, it's up to you if you believe it came up with a new spot in a few hours, or it was lying there, on a back shelf all this time. Instead, it makes the whole car seem like the pinnacle of mankind's technological advancement.
If that proves true, expect maximum tow ratings for the Duramax-powered 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD to rise as well.
It talks about its performance, its computing power, its safety ratings, and its level of luxury - yeah, it talks about everything.

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