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Freedomstloan offers income based repayment student loan calculator, online student loan payments calculator, and Consolidate student loan calculator services to calculate your payments easily and quickly. Embracing the value of interactive graphics, The New York Times created an online calculator for student loans. Using $29,400 as the average loan for a student graduating in 2012, we see that students need to earn that amount per year.

Seeing the data graphically may help students get a clearer picture about what to expect—for better or worse. What's your view of the recommended 20% of discretionary income for student loan repayments? The results may be depressing, but the calculator tells students how much they will owe and what they need to earn to cover the expense. By filling in a few fields, students can see how interest rates, loan term (years), and additional monthly payments affect their principal and interest.

At $35,923 per year, the loan repayment amount would equal about 20% of a student's discretionary income.

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