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OK guys, today we are going to talk about running a proper training routine for carb cycling. Now, if we are doing a 5 days split that works one body part a day we have to decide what goes where. Are you starting out on a low carb diet (keto, LCHF or similar) or recently started and are wondering if you’re eating the correct amounts of protein, fat and carbs?
It’s relatively easy to use, you just put in your numbers for height, weight etc, then enter your goals. This usually comes out to between 20-30 percent of calories, depending on whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain, or gain.
If you fill your hypocaloric calorie intake with whole foods, add in vigorous activity 3-5 days a week, and then throw in the two magic ingredients – patience and consistency, I guarantee you will have no issues reaching your weight loss goals. While I agree with most of this article, one point I would have issue with is suggesting someone could go with as little as zero grams of carbs per day. Living in such a carb-phobic society its great to see articles that explain that people do not all have the same carbohydrate requirements so thanks for that Coach. Some people need more carbs than others, and some people tolerate and metabolise carbs (and specific food sources of carbs) better than others.
Just because low- carb eating plan works for person A doesnt mean it works for person B, so to tell everyone to eat low carb is very misleading (but very profitable it seems- what a coincidence). Yes with no glucose your body will adapt to breakdown other nutrients and use them as fuel for the brain, this is our body in survival mode, during starvation (so its last resort). The body works best with an optimal level of glucose, and this is definitely best sourced from carbohydrate foods. There’s a formula that takes the sum of your skinfolds and calculates a body fat percentage, so it takes into account the different ways people store fat. I may or may not do things the same way, but if you start altering things too soon, they will have no way to adjust (if they know what they’re doing). While some people can stop smoking by slowly cutting back, a big majority need to stop cold turkey to get over their addiction. If you eat a high carb diet, your body will up-regulate the enzymes necessary for carbohydrate metabolism. That means being able to jump right back on a no-processed, whole foods diet until it’s time for your next cheat meal.
If you don’t give your body its essential nutrients, it will send signals to continue eating. If you don’t eat your essential fatty acids, your body will tell you to eat until you do.
I have been on a detox since August 14th, no alcohol, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no additives or preservatives( no processed food). In a financial plan you start with your income and then subtract out the nonnegotiable expenses like taxes and rent to find out how much spending money we have. Calculate your budget.  Now using those percentages, figure out how many grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat you get per day. What if this person decides to meet their macros above with a big scoop of white sugar for carbs, a stick of margarine for their fat, and a big bowl of isolated soy for their protein.
The above meets the macros but its obviously not healthy and it wont work well for gaining muscle. Cheat Meals Whats left after you have had all the good food you need as a bodybuilder is available for your cheat meals! You don’t need high carbs on shoulder and arm days because you are just working smaller muscles, what you get those days in terms of carbs suffice.
The calculator shows you the exact amount of protein, fat and carbs that’s desirable for YOUR body and even predicts how much weight you?ll lose over time if you follow the directions. People want to know how many fat, carb, and protein grams they should be eating to lose weight. The best macro ratio for weight loss is the one that is going to best enable you to stick to your diet while consuming below maintenance calories. Both essential fatty acids and essential amino acids (protein) cannot be manufactured by the body, and so need to be ingested through your diet. This helps differentiate between different body compositions at the same weight, as someone who has more muscle mass will generally have higher protein requirements.
For someone trying to lose weight, this number is typically going to lie between 35-50% of your calories.
One correction though – your brain does not need carbohydrates, it needs glucose, and you can also get that from fat and protein.
If you go from 1200 to 1800 you are bound to gain some water weight in the process, but if you were to measure you body fat (which you should be) you are unlikely to gain any fat.

I eat a lot of carbs from fruit, vegetables and grains like rice and I eat 1600 calories a day and exercise doing high intensity 4 to 5 times a week for only half an hour each time. Insulin resistance means your body is resistant to the effects of insulin – requiring more and more of it to store the glucose in your blood. Many people will say that they are craving carbs, but in reality, you are craving nutrients. Carb addiction is tough to get over, but the biggest factor is getting past the first few days.
Both are about making difficult choices and then sticking to the budget – in both cases, disaster strikes if you blow the budget. For our nutritional plan we start with amount of calories we can eat per day, then subtract out the things we need for lean muscle growth then see how many cheat foods we can have.
If you are cutting then your daily caloric goal will be less than the amount of energy your body needs to maintain weight (your TDEE). You might wonder why we didn’t add protein first because of its incredible importance to bodybuilders. What we want to cover are the principles that one should follow in order to better understand how to set up a training routine that will be synergistic with the philosophy. My readers have asked me numerous times how they can figure out what % of protein they need, what their carb % should be etc. You?ll learn a LOT about what you’re eating and how much food should be on your plate. To get enough essential fatty acids, you need to make sure you aren’t going too low with your fat intake.
Studies have shown additional benefits towards maintaining lean body mass at these levels, but there is no doubt a point of diminishing returns. Believe it or not, you can be successful eating hundreds of grams a day, and you can be successful eating zero grams per day.
If you are less active or think you are carb-sensitive, go with the lower number and eat closer to 30% fat. It may not be the most efficient process, but your body can still get its glucose requirements in the absence of carbs.
I do eat protein but this is 1-1.5g per kilo of my body weight, mainly in the evening and quite often just before falling asleep! Not only is it caused by hormone fluctuations, but it also messes with the pleasure center of the brain and the neurotransmitters that are responsible for that feel-good feeling.
Carbohydrates are quickly metabolized for energy in just a few hours – meaning your body is going to tell you to eat more when the time comes. You can do a lot to improve your insulin sensitivity by simply cutting out processed foods from your diet and adding in resistance exercise. It’s important to be honest with yourself and ask if you are able to handle the occasional planned cheat meal. Get in all your required vitamins, minerals, essential fats and proteins, and I guarantee you will experience a reduction in your carb cravings. If you are bulking (adding weight) then your daily caloric budget will be greater than your TDEE.
Yes, you can get vitamins from a pill but in my view, they are not nearly as good as what you get from natural sources. The reason is that many of the foods we have added to our daily food plan above already have lots of protein. If you are bulking or at any caloric surplus over your TDEE then you will have a fair amount of discretionary calories for your cheat meals.
You can take the information from the calculator and put into something like Online Food Diary or similar so you can easily track your food, calories and macros.
When the 2 weeks are up you can try to eyeball it for a month or so and then track again for a couple of days to see if you’re still doing it right.
Do you have any books or reading info I can look for for inspiration & guidance that you would recommend ?
For starters, you should be focusing on the essential macronutrients – fat and protein.
The key is to find your individual level that you can live with – one that will ensure long-term consistency in your nutrition. If you are very active and tolerate carbs well, aim for the higher percentage of carbs and go lower with your fat (20%). I would love to eat more but can’t so just save my calories for green vegetables and count the calories of these, try to bulk my diet this way which means after counting protein I have no room for anything else.
I can tell you this though, if you can be patient and strong, and make it through the first few days, things will only get easier.

Many times we get in the habit of doing things just because we’ve been doing it that way for a long time.
The reduced insulin levels will help modulate neurotransmitters in the brain that control cravings.
For the first time in years I feel great, full of energy and I can actually see my body composition change.
Many people tend to use multivitamins as an excuse not to eat vegetables, bad idea, there are other very important things in them besides vitamins – namely fiber. Next we need to add whole grains and legumes (beans) to get 40g of fiber for the day, go ahead and add that to your food plan now.
Had we added our chicken first, we would have ended up blowing our daily protein budget and our daily calorie budget. Dropping your fat below that amount can cause other negative side effects to your body too.
I’m not sure how the FDA expects anyone to build muscle on 55 grams of protein a day. For someone that doesn’t do much activity at all, or has a sedentary desk job, their requirements will be lower. You still have a carb addiction, you’ve just found a different way to manage the symptoms.
Given enough time and persistence, you can create new neural pathways that connect your life with healthy choices. If you are ever going to break your carb addiction, you are going to need to find other ways to make yourself happy other than eating. A 25 year old 160 pound person who is 68″ tall and does 3-5 hours of cardio a week has a TDEE of 2721 calories per day according to my calorie calculator.
Fiber fills you up without calories so that you can cut without being hungry, not to mention the cancer protection. What we also need to insure is that in the process of getting enough protein we don’t blow our other macros! Tracking every day for months and months was just too much of a commitment for me, but this method worked really well. I make sure that I get all the essentials needed to function daily without depleting any important stores over time. So start your daily nutritional plan by choosing 3 pieces of fruit and 4-6 cups of vegetables.
You will find that if you are cutting that you have very little leeway nutritionally after you have satisfied all your nutritional needs. Try choosing colorful fruits like  prunes, grapes, or berries or vegetables like kale, spinach or red bell peppers to maximize anti-oxidants too. Cholesterol was a villain for decades as people mistakenly linked the cholesterol you ate with high cholesterol in your body, this link has been disproven.
In this example where we are at a 20% caloric deficit for cutting, our “cheat meal” is a pathetic half of a candy bar!
If you are not psychologically in the game and taking care of yourself in the heart and mind, it will likely affect your ability to stay with a protocol. Massive salad and a fruit smoothie for lunch or a frozen banana and almond milk smoothie, carb snack like sushi with vegetables or a cob or corn in the arvo then carbs and salad for dinner. So now you know your daily targets for how much protein, carbs and fat you can eat – this is your budget, your nutritional budget and you *must* live within this.
Thats why they call it a budget, you have to make tough choices. Whats more important to you, that daily sixpack of beer or sixpack abs? I personally like to give my arms a break from all the secondary work it does in the beginning of the week. Eggs are a great example but be careful, its very easy to exceed 5% of your calories from saturated fat if you eat eggs and you will most likely be limited to a few a day with the 5% max recommendation.
If you are using eggs as a protein source, you will need to use egg whites and not whole eggs. If you don’t want to do any research to determine your macros then let my calculator auto-set it for you!

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