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The idea behind auto enrolment is to ensure employees provide for themselves when they retire.
As an employer it is now your responsibility to ensure your employees are enrolled into an auto enrolment workplace pension scheme.
If you cannot comply with your duties as an employer in relation to auto enrolment, the worst possible course of action to take is to ignore it. Statutory action: Notices issued in this regard are likely to demand missed payment contributions, and possible interest charges in relation to missed workplace pension payments. Penalty notices: Penalty notices are likely to be issued if you persistently decide not to cooperate with auto enrolment requirements. You can get more information on penalties, and to learn more about auto enrolment from The Pension Regulator’s website. There is no evidence of a systemic problem which caused the non compliance with auto enrolment and the impact is minimal on your employees. A third party organisation was to blame for the non compliance, possibly an outside contractor hired to handle auto enrolment.
The Pensions regulator will look at cases on an individual basis before deciding what action to take. You can read more about the true cost of auto enrolment postponement from a previous article on the topic by clicking here. Here at eQuidity we can guarantee that all contractors who join us will be working for a responsible employer that complies with all HMRC regulations and has a professional, transparent and ethical way of working. Forming a limited company is actually quite straightforward especially a little bit of proper planning. If you don't have time to read HMRC's 100 page document on expenses and taxes this post can help you understand company expenses and how you can claim them as a contractor working under an Umbrella company. The minimum contributions are worked out on a€?qualifying earningsa€™, a band set by the Department of Work and Pensions at between A?5,772 and A?41,865 for the current tax year.
Concern: Charity worker Andrew Liveridge says pensions are a a€?ticking time bomba€™Andrew Liveridge works for homelessness charity Dens based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Prior to the recent Budget there was much speculation the Chancellor was preparing big changes on the tax relief on pensions.
However, then came the ‘Black Hole’ once the opposition to suggested welfare savings, especially within disability benefits, headed by Iain Duncan-Smith’s decission to resign, derailed the Chancellor’s financial policies.
So now where will the Chancellor seek out money to plug the Black Hole, to put his financial policy back in line? At the moment, when savers pay money in a pension plan their contributions are increased by tax relief at the same rate they pay on the money they earn, this could be as much as 45%, and data shows that over two-thirds of the present ?34 billion pensions tax relief ends up with HR taxpayers. If we remain in the EU, the weighted retirement savings tax inducement for HR taxpayers will likely have served its function, therefore we can regain the balance, assisting the less wealthy in society. Free ConsultationPlease fill in the form below to connect with one of our professional advisors. The Pension Planner Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Pension Planner Limited Registered Address: Parkhead House, Carver Street, Sheffield, S1 4FS.
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate National Savings or some forms of mortgage, tax planning, taxation and trust advice, offshore investments or school fees planning.

The information contained within this site is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted primarily at consumers based in the UK. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an agency for arbitrating on unresolved complaints between regulated firms and their clients. Please read our Privacy Statement before completing any enquiry form or before sending an email to us.
The Pensions Regulator’s first compliance notice, issued to an un-named employer who has failed to meet its auto-enrolment obligations, as confirmed by Corporate Adviser last month, marked a minor new milestone in the regulator’s role as enforcer. A report published in July confirmed that by March 31, 2013 TPR had opened 89 investigations into possible noncompliance by large employers, focused on communicating with jobholders, but had not used its powers to compel compliance. Since then one employer has been issued with a compliance notice, which are issued where a responsible individual has contravened one or more of the employer duty provisions under s.35 of the 2008 Act. Warning letters notify employers of potential breaches and give them the opportunity to put them right within a reasonable period or to prevent it from re-occurring.
TPR says no other notices, penalties or other formal compliance measures have been deployed so far.
TPR’s response to the FOI request says: “The Regulator believes that the information requested is not in the public interest to disclose at this time as it could lead to inaccurate or misleading estimations of levels of compliance and set a precedent for future compliance for those employers who are yet to undergo automatic enrolment. A spokesperson for The Pensions Regulator says: “The regulator’s recent automatic enrolment analysis and commentary report states that many of the early investigations into possible non-compliance relate to employer readiness and gives the example of worker communications. We’re pleased to say that in the vast majority of incidences this has been achieved through direct communication without the need to use our powers to compel compliance.
Lanson’s director of regulatory consulting Richard Hobbs says: “A public interest argument is extremely hard to mount. These companies are arguably the best resourced organisations, who have been working toward their Auto Enrolment proposition for more than 2 years, some have been working on it for more than 3. Auto Enrolment is demonstrably more complex than has been expected by employers, so what hope is there for the rest of us.
Failure to comply with your staging date, or the date your employees join the scheme could incur severe fines and penalties. Depending on your business size and circumstances, penalty notices can be issued up to ?5,000 for individuals and up to ?50,000 for organisations.
Perhaps a key member of staff has been absent, or circumstances beyond your control took precedent. In general if you are going to miss your auto enrolment staging date, honesty is the best policy followed swiftly by cooperation to avoid action being taken against you.
We will also keep copies of your photo ID and documentation on file thereby complying fully with Border Agency requirements and immigration law. HR support will also be available to all employees, with admin and invoice management included at no additional cost. Therefore, we will be making the appropriate tax and National Insurance payments on your behalf. At eQuidity, we only process expenses that are in accordance with HMRC guidelines, whereby expenses claims are fully supported by receipts where necessary. This means the first A?5,722 of earnings and anything over A?41,865 fall out of the calculation.Workers also need to earn A?10,000 before being automatically enrolled in their firma€™s scheme though some on lower pay can opt in. However, on the 11th hour, the Treasury scotched speculation of these changes and therefore there were no adjustments to pension savings tax relief within the forecast Budget. The relationships were very easily made linking his planned HR income tax reductions for the wealthy and the benefit reductions for those in need, obviously unpalatable to many people in the House of Commons.

A few months ago, a great deal was being reported regarding pension tax relief being unjust, favoring HR taxpayers and thus making this a valid target. This type of distribution is widely perceived as being unjust and by many experts, unproductive in motivating individuals to save. Of course, as the Budget put extra money in the pockets of the wealthy (as reported by the Institute of Fiscal Studies), it might then be politically well-timed and expedient to take some of it back within the formulation of the ‘fairer’ pension savings tax relief list of measures??.
Should the Brexiters win, the cash may still be reclaimed, perhaps having a handy political validation that the impending exit created the change.
The regulator had also issued 38 warning letters to employers for minor breaches of the regulations, a Corporate Adviser Freedom of Information Act enquiry revealed. Compliance notices require the individual to take or refrain from taking steps to remedy the breach. But the regulator has refused to disclose the extent to which any employer has failed to comply with its auto-enrolment obligations by its staging date, arguing that disclosing such information would prejudice ‘the effective conduct of public affairs’. Information held in respect of automatic enrolment continues to change and consequently employer compliance will also continue to change as we progress with the small and medium employers…“The Regulator aims to achieve its statutory objective by educating employers about their responsibilities, encouraging and assisting them to comply with the legislative requirements under the Pensions Act 2008. Where we identify particular issues affecting a certain sector or size of employer, we will look to highlight this with those employers using the most appropriate channel. Their argument is equivalent to say that reporting murders would lead to more murder, whereas detection and conviction rates might be lower if these issues are reported. Whether it will move to a more public approach to disciplining employers remains to be seen. Coming down the scale in company size the resources get tighter the more likely there will mistakes and distractions from the Auto Enrolment goal. If you can show evidence as to why you’ve missed your staging date for auto enrolment workplace pension regulations, you may be able to avoid fines and penalties. We also advise our contractor employees to keep hold of their receipts for 6 years in case they are ever audited by HMRC.
But I know the importance of saving because my dad works as a benefits consultant and I learnt early on that the State pension is not going to be enough on its own.
There was then a U-turn regarding these cuts, even going as far as a commitment to stop the raids on benefits in the current parliament. It was disregarded by the Chancellor within the Budget, however, prompted many experts to point out how the coming EU Referendum along with the requirement for the Government to maintain Conservative EU membership advocates happy rather than antagonising the Tory back benches would be a priority, until 23rd June at least!
Most of the investigations opened so far have been to help employers to comply on time where we had concerns they were not on target. Our blog this week looks how to make your case to the regulator should you miss your staging date. It argues that disclosing the nature and extent to which employers have failed to comply could influence behaviour in a negative way.
He says: a€?The use of a lower earnings band discriminates against the low paid who miss out on valuable employer contributions.
This would burden small and micro-employers, who would probably face almost half of this cost.a€™He adds that the lower figure of the qualifying earnings band is linked to the National Insurance Contributions lower limit.

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