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The purpose of the loan constant tables (sometimes referred to as debt constant tables or mortgage constant tables) is to make it possible to calculate loan payments and outstanding loan balances without the use of a financial calculator. Full details of the use of the loan constant can be found in our How to Calculate a Debt Constant tutorial. Loan constant tables are used to provide a solution to the formula for any value of interest rate (i) and loan term (n). The interest rate must be constant throughout the term of the loan and must be for the length of one period. What is the constant periodic payment needed to clear a loan of 250,000, if payments are made at the end of each year for 20 years, and the interest rate is 6%. The loan constant factor of 8.7185%, is found using the tables by looking along the row for n = 20, until reaching the column for i = 6%, as shown in the preview below.
The outstanding balance is given by the ratio of the loan constants for 20 years and 14 years, further details of this calculation can be seen in our how to calculate a debt constant tutorial. The balance at the end of year 6, with 14 years left to run will be 81.038% of the original balance or 202,295. The loan constant table is available for download in PDF format by following the link below. Loan constant tables are one of many time value of money tables, discover another at the links below. DisclaimerAll the information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. If you would like to view and print a new 2016 biweekly calendar, click the link below that corresponds with your biweekly transfer schedule.
Our interactive calculator will quickly illustrate your savings and equity growth potential.
By simply entering your current loan balance, interest rate, monthly payment amount and remaining term, you will instantly see what your savings potential could be.

If you are not a finance people or don’t know much about finance but want to know how the banks calculate your savings or loans amounts, you should understand compound interest first. Compound interest is an interest that arises when interest is added to the principal everytime the interest is due, so the total amount will be calculated together to earn next interest. Need a compound interest daily calculator, with a amorization, would need the fields 1 amount 2 rate 3 number of days, and would like to have a amororization schedule for each day showing the amount earned and then the total then totaled at the bottom. We make no warranty or representation as to its accuracy and we are covered by the terms of our legal disclaimer, which you are deemed to have read.
We endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, but make no claims as to accuracy. The average BiSaver customer can cut the term of their mortgage by 4 to 8 years and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest. So, make sure that you read carefully your loan terms especially about how your lender apply the interest terms.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This is an example of a debt constant table that you might use when considering how to calculate loan repayments. You will see that some banks put advertisement about daily interest rate, weekly interest rate which mean your savings amount will grow based on that interest period. This compound interest calculator is a simple calculator that will calculate the future value of your savings or loan amount based on daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually compounded period.
For example,  a saving with $100 initial principal and 1% interest per month would have a balance of $101 at the end of the first month, $102.01 at the end of the second month, and so on.
And you can also see how the total interest applied to your savings or loans based on that compounded period. This is not intended to reflect general standards or targets for any particular business, company or sector.

If you do spot a mistake in these time value of money tables, please let us know and we will try to fix it. Whenever you create an asset, you have to invest that money out of your own capital or you need to take loan.
But, where do I mention the profit of my business?”I: “Well, whatever profit you make, you add as a ‘surplus’ to the capital. So, I have some cash with me and some in bank, this is my asset, right?”I: “You are spot on Darshan.
I could see a new-found confidence on Darshan’s face today.Refining the Balance Sheet Concept FurtherBy now, you have had a basic idea of balance sheet.
It is called ‘contra’ or ‘contrary’ because these assets have credit balance.Anyways, assets include items like inventory, cash, accounts receivables, land, buildings, goodwill, equipments, bond issue costs, supplies, petty cash, prepaid insurance and others.
They are the obligations which must be fulfilled by the company, such as advances received for work or paying creditors. It is called ‘contra’ or ‘contrary’ because these liabilities have debit balance.Liabilities include payables, such as salaries, wages, accounts, warranty, lawsuits, interest, income taxes, bonds, customer deposits, unearned revenues and other accrued expenses.
There are further bifurcations that take place as per the assets and liability divisions undertaken by the company in question.EndnoteI hope now you understand the meaning of a balance sheet. If not, watch video on this page.Next Batch Starts on 16th August, 2016Our Full Time Financial Modeling Investment Banking Course (6 Weeks) starts on 16th August, 2016 and 10 Day Weekend Workshop starts on 25th June, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

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