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Others take out a refinance due to a divorce or some other issue in life that requires some quick money.
It’s important to note that a mortgage closing cost may cost upwards of several thousand dollars.
You’ll want to calculate out the benefits and any cons of taking out a refinance mortgage. If you’re only planning to keep your home for a short time, you should probably stay with the mortgage that you already have.
However, keep in mind that you won’t be gaining any long term savings on your new mortgage if you set it up for a 30-year term. Often a refinance will save homeowners several hundred dollars on their mortgage payment on a monthly basis.
While this may sound like a lot of math, the time you take to calculate this math may well save you several thousand dollars over the course of your loan.

Another benefit for a refi is that you may have gone into your home with less than stellar credit. This rate difference alone may be well worth the time it takes to walk through the requirements for your refinance. When you choose to refinance, your home be sure that you are getting a better deal in the long run.
Some people take an adjustable rate mortgages in the beginning and after a period, they refinance to fixed rate mortgages.
This is why you need to consider your cash flow and finances before you choose to do a refi. If, however, you are planning to remain in your home for a longer period there may be many significant benefits to a refinance. Your best bet will be to select a shorter term and pay a bit more to gain the most out of savings.

The best way to calculate the total amount of savings would be to consider the overall payment plan, how much each option would cost over the course of the loan and whether or not the savings add up to the difference. Over the course of time, you may have raised your credit score that in turn can give you a better rate on your loan.
This too is a valid and substantial reason to go through the tedious paperwork for a refinance.

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