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That last tidbit contributed to this being one of the weaker buying shows I’ve had lately, and perhaps the weakest ANA for acquisitions in memory.
The fact that medal collectors were out in force is no great surprise: medals have been a growing part of the market for years now, and those who began with relatively straightforward medal series (US Mint military and naval medals, for instance) have now expanded into more challenging series like Betts medals, political medals, and the more obscure US Mint series.
The tongues of colonial coin specialists were awag over the case full of coins to be offered in November from the Eric P.
I would have loved to have had a case full of choice world coins cherrypicked from the remarkable Lissner collection, sold just days before the ANA.
The pace of ANA is always crazed, and moments where there weren’t several people at the table were few. With StacksBowers' Greg Cohen serving as a blocking back, my old pal Harvey Stack had a chance to put me in a death grip on the way off the bourse and remind me that I learned everything I know from him.
Regarding those long lines, the ANA should have been recognized for the release of a brand new, exciting gold coin whose design recalled one of the great American coins.
The critiques, both mainstream and numismatic, about the 1964-2014 gold Kennedy half sales seem to have largely devolved into complaints about the folks in line: classist, racist, and hateful.
The ANA had the foresight to plan for orderly lines for the Mint-caused hordes inside -- and opened their wallet to pay for security on the sidewalk outside.
All that said, sensationalized news stories about stacks of cash and rich coin dealers may well attract security risks to the show in the future. Despite my distaste for Rosemont (and for the idea of a national organization repeatedly conducting a show in the same location), the ANA’s efforts this time went above and beyond. Needless to say, I’ll be back in Rosemont next year, thankful that we’ll be going somewhere else in 2016 and ready to burden my system with the year-long digestive processes attendant to a single slice of Geno’s . Just as I was pondering how to break in the Kraljeblog for the year 2014, the answer came to me the way so many sources of inspiration arrive nowadays: in my email box. My inventory has always been made up of things I like, items that I think are fun to collect. Example A loan shark lends money on the following conditions, Gives you $50 on Monday, you owe $60 the following Monday Calculate nominal interest rate, r, ?
Solution (2) (2)In the case where the bank does not give interest on middle of period deposits we use the lumping method.
Continuous Compounding As an incentive in investment, some institutions offer frequent compounding. Example $2000 deposited in a bank that pays 5% nominal interest, compounded continuously, how much in two years? When compounding and payment periods dont coincide, they must be made uniform before equivalent analysis can continue.
Example You are deciding whether to invest $20,000 into your home at 6.5% continuously compounding, or the same amount into a CD compounded semi-annually at 7%, which is the wiser investment, assume 10 years? Among Excel’s more popular formulas, the EFFECT formula is often used by financial professionals to figure out an effective interest rate from a nominal interest rate. Nominal interest rates are often quoted by lending institutions because they can make the cost of a loan appear lower than if the actual cost of the loan were quoted. However, since interest is compounded monthly, the actual or effective interest rate is higher because interest in the current month compounds against interest in the previous month. Suppose you want to figure out the effective interest rate (APY) from a 12% nominal rate (APR) loan that has monthly compounding. Notice that we have the nominal interest rate (APR) in cell B1 and the number of payment periods in cell B2.
Note that now you can change the values in both B1 and B2 and Excel will calculate the effective interest rate (APY) in cell B3. Most of the time you will find that lenders charge some fees alone with annual interest rate. With the help of RATE function in Microsoft Excel we can find the effective interest rate very easily. Puedes guardar tus magnificos descubrimientos en tableros de recortes organizados por temas.
It’s a little too long, a little too busy, with a few too many auctions and a bit too much food. This is not of significant concern this year, as my inventory remains broad and deep in most categories, but it’s still disappointing. Perhaps because of the notable lack of offered material in my specialities, and because the auctions did not significantly distract from the bourse hours or the material available thereupon, sales were brisk, even constant.
This was also my first chance to showcase this kind of fresh material at an ANA, in fact, this might have been the biggest offering of good, fresh American historical medals offered at a single table at ANA in a very long time. Thankfully, my wife isn’t shy (not even close), so when I was elbow-deep in one transaction, she kept others feeling engaged rather than ignored as they waited for prices, questions, appraisals, etc. Yes, it would have been nice if this ANA went down in history as the show at which Ron Landis’ spot-on rendition of the 1787 Brasher Doubloon was unveiled. I’m guessing those who have complained so vigorously never had a time in their life when a guaranteed payday of several hundred dollars for a night’s work would have helped them pay the rent, feed a kid, or pursue a dream. Every one of the folks in this line paid up to join the ANA and get proper bourse credentials.

Then again, it may not: there were a ton of cops (both in and out of uniform) and other security afoot, and I did not hear a single confirmed report of an issue connected to ne’er-do-wells who attended the show this year.
The show was well-organized, well-planned, and positively superbly conducted from start to finish.
An old friend, a fellow dealer and numismatist (those words are not synonyms), answered my query about whether or not I’d see him at an upcoming auction. I was never any good at plugging holes in sets, slowly upgrading collections, or selecting my favorite specimen of a type from among the 100 available examples at a given coin show.
English coins have always been avidly collected, so for most series, very nice quality material is always available at a price. Also called annual percentage rate (APR) and annual percentage yield (APY), Excel makes it easy to calculate effective mortgage, car loan, and small business loan interest rates from the nominal rates often quoted by lending institutions. This is because there are normally multiple payments and interest calculations made in a year.
As it turns out, a 12% APR (nominal) interest loan has an effective (APY) interest rate of about 12.68%. To figure out the effective interest rate (APY), click on the cell at B3, click on the Insert Function button, and choose Financial from the drop down menu labeled Or Select a Category. For example, change the nominal interest rate (APR) in B1 to 6% and the effective interest rate (APY) in B3 changes to 6.17%.
When these fees are calculated, the effective interest rate goes higher than stated interest rate. Payments usually contain principal and interest that doesn’t change over the life of the annuity.
For example, when you borrow money to buy a car, the loan amount is the present value to the lender of the monthly car payments you will make. For example, the future value of a loan is $0 because that’s its value after the final payment. Use 0 if payments are due at the end of the payment period, or use 1 if payments are due at the beginning of the period. Does it include the monthly nominal interest payment, and if so how did you calculate that. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.
It is deficient in the following areas: personal hydration (don’t want to take too many potty breaks, after all), sleep (I booked early pre-bourse breakfasts with friends just about every day), free time (so close to the attractions of Chicago, yet so far away), and down moments on the bourse (I don’t think I looked in more than a half dozen out of the roughly 2000 cases that included items for sale).
Those who did walk the bourse reported relatively little to buy in my major categories: not a lot of great medals, not a lot of great colonials, and not a lot of great world coins of the era and types I tend to pursue. I wrote a big ol’ pile of invoices, including notable sales in just about every category: medals, colonials, world coins, tokens, counterstamps, political items, and pieces from the Augustin Dupre archive.
The May sale included some truly impressive items, but the slate for November could fill a marquee. The Lissner collection was offered as a joint project from CNG, my old friends from Pennsylvania, and St. She even got to indulge her love of paperwork (submission forms!), standing in line (lot pickup!), and refraining from stabbing people in the neck who don’t know how to wait their turn (dealers at the grading service!).
The line, which I walked by every morning on my way to the bourse, looked a lot like lines I slept in to get concert tickets while in my younger days, full of people who looked like they were probably stinky and may well have been chugging Dunkin’ Donuts coffee while reading and hanging out with friends all night.
The lines at ANA were long and full of folks who didn’t look like coin-show attendees, but the problems reported at other sales points seem to have been confused with a pretty well-organized scene in Rosemont. The invitation extended to two auction companies could have been a clusterf mess, but that went smoothly too. From my days when I was primarily a collector, the stuff that struck me as fun were pieces that became cooler with some research, distinctive coins and medals (and other stuff) that I might not have seen before, or items that were just plain eye-catching. Sure, it would be great to say you collect Mint State 1794 dollars alphabetically by color, but if you can’t actually acquire the items you purport to collect, what fun are they?
This is one of my primary beefs with so many commonly collected series: there is just not much new to learn about them, either in terms of nitty-gritty numismatic technical stuff or a broader historical context. Clubs like the Medal Collectors of America (MCA), Colonial Coin Collectors Club (C4), Early American Coppers (EAC) et al mean that you’ll not only have a way to make new friends, but you’ll always have people to discuss new research ideas, collecting strategies, and other questions with. I’m the last guy on the planet to suggest that numismatic items should be collected for investment purposes.
Of course, the world coins I tend to like are ones that found a role in the mercantile history of early America, the small change coppers, daily-use silver, and financially important gold coins that were seen on American shores for the three hundred year epoch from the 1560s through the American Civil War.
Many, as listed in Julian’s Medals of the United States Mint, were struck on the same presses as U.S. If the loan shark started with $50, and stayed in business for one year, how much money would he have in one year? The nominal interest rate, also called annual percentage rate (APR), is simply the monthly interest rate (say 1% per month) multiplied by twelve (the number of periods in a year). Using the EFFECT function in Excel, you can figure out any effective interest rate given any nominal rate and the number of compounding periods in a year. That’s why it is necessary to calculate the effective interest rate before making any decision. However, if you want to save $50,000 over 18 years for your child’s education, then $50,000 is the future value. Unadorned ham and cheese sandwich and homemade coffee in my belly while dinner bubbles in the crockpot.
The auctions were not much help this year either: medal offerings were relatively meager (including perhaps the single worst example of an overlooked harsh cleaning I’ve ever seen on a certified medal), and the colonial coin lots included some high profile rarities but not much beyond them.

After doing some tabulation, I was a little surprised to see the position of utter dominance medals occupied: I sold three times more medals than world coins, for instance, and nearly ten times more medals than colonials. Those who endeavor to own top-shelf early American coins would be advised to save up and call me soon: this sale is going to be bonkers. Towards the end of the show, we both noticed something we’d never seen at my table at an ANA before: empty chairs. My table was right on Main Street, the 200 aisle, the one right in front of the main entrance that was flanked by StacksBowers on one side and Heritage on the other. His work has always been good, and the effort he’s put into getting a design right has always been superhuman -- but this is by far his best effort yet. While I don’t doubt there were criminal elements in the line, I suspect a crowd of that size that was gathered for the sole purpose of making money anywhere, for any particular reason, would have as well. This doesn’t mean that everything you want should be common, but there should be enough opportunity for acquisition to keep things interesting.
The good news: there are an infinite number of specialties about which research has barely scratched the surface. While being the only person to collect something can be fun, these groups can often help you find the one other person who cares about your obscure interest. It is only natural to hope that enough people care about what you collect to support the prices you paid for the stuff you acquired. The exceptional variety of Dutch coins is an appealing challenge -- Joe Lasser counted them among his favorite specialties -- but most Americans have trouble discerning a ducaton from a patagon.
Many like the regimented approach of assembling denomination sets of Pillars or Portraits, along with the added wrinkle of those distinctive mintmarks.
If you want to have a fund of $100,000 at the end of the 8 years, how much do you have to invest in each quarter? Among world coins, the Lissner sale included some absolutely unforgettable pieces, but their even more unforgettable prices made buying for inventory challenging. I suspect his rendition of the legendary Brasher doubloon will be avidly sought in a century, just as copies by Bolen, Wyatt, and others are sought after today. I doubt a single person in line who wasn’t a collector before will become one, but I also doubt that 95% of those in line had any goal other than the American dream of a quick payday and getting something for nothing. My corner of the numismatic world deals with pieces that are only available in finite, even diminishing, numbers (this is not the case with all numismatic collectibles, including items where the value is largely reliant upon the numerical grade).
Not only is coin collecting becoming more popular than ever overseas, but the once inefficient world coin market has become amazingly streamlined in the Internet age. English, French, and Dutch coins are all historically relevant to American collectors and flexible enough to allow self-defined collections. Pieces with original surfaces are scarce enough to be a challenge but available enough to not be frustrating. Read on to learn how to use Excel’s EFFECT formula to calculate an effective interest rate (APY) from a nominal interest rate (APR). Lissner build his collection of gems from around the world for a 40+ year period, catalogued the group. Basic economics suggests that the best way to increase prices given a fixed supply is to increase demand.
I used to be able to go to Europe, buy coins, and bring them home to sell at substantial profits. And the price point is admittedly appealing: somehow $500 Pillar dollars and $2000 doubloons from the colonial era just seem like a good deal. Then again, when I was much younger, I did more for less when I was broke (getting paid $250 for being locked in a hotel room for 4 days and getting purposefully infected with a cold to do some testing for a pharmaceutical company comes to mind). Thus, the things that tend to be good value are found in areas where more future collectors seems likely.
There has been a surfeit of nice material around lately, thanks in large part to the unfortunate dissolution of the Huntington Collection. No curious onlookers, no coffee-can-carriers wondering about Uncle Alfred’s silver dollars, nobody.
Time to make that a collection of 26 notes that includes issues from before and after the Revolution. Now, even the smallest coin shop owner or individual collector can consign stuff to major auctions, put it on eBay, or even attend a major coin show with relative ease. Among the coins of the Latin American world that were relevant to early America, the variety is almost endless. Not every one was a gem, but the gems were plentiful, particularly among the Latin American pieces. This means there are plenty of coins to buy (see rule #1) and expanding markets to sell into also (rule #5).
While plenty of folks like the Pillar and Portrait material, coins from Latin America’s fitful era of independence are perhaps even more attractive and evocative. While several collectors I represented in the sale ended up with their dream coins, prices were strong enough that I bought comparatively little for inventory. While I’m willing to pay crazy prices for extraordinary quality, even superb gems have limits. Mint to be turned into ubiquitous Bust halves) and their historical connections to North America are endless, from the Cartagenian flag under which the Brothers LaFitte sailed to the American family of Simon Bolivar (did you know his nephew went to the same high school as US Mint officer Franklin Peale and later attended the University of Virginia?). So whether it be the crude 16th century coppers of Hispanola that have been found in Virginia or the elegantly designed silver and gold coins from the independent republics of South America, Latin American coins are pretty fun to collect.

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