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We have been asked to produce a guide to customers who are ‘considering their options’ or plan to leave the Scheme due to the car they want not being available or feeling they may be better off financially not leasing a car through the Scheme.
Getting the best deal on the price of a car is paramount and the good news is that you no longer have to go toe to toe with the salesman and their invisible manager to thrash out a discount, there is a new car comparison tool run by Carwow where you enter the car you are interested in and they offer dealerships nationwide to send you their best price along with any finance deals that are on offer and enticements they can offer, the beauty of the system is that you are in control and have the option to take up their offer or not, they claim the average saving is ?3000, in our test within 5 minutes we had been offered a ?700 discount on a Citroen Cactus. Once you have the best price you have the option fund the purchase with a personal loan, many lenders will take into consideration your mobility payments when considering you for approval, this online calculator will give you a quote and a guide (shop around and do not go with the first quote) but you will need an excellent credit rating to gain reasonable repayment terms.
Manufacturers offer in house methods to finance a car purchase, these can be very competitive and the interest rates are often better than a personal loan, some are even at 0% without a deposit, Mazda are running such a scheme presently on their Mazda 3, but the norm is that in order to get a better interest rate you will need to put a sizeable deposit down, Citroen for example require a 40% deposit to get 0% on the Cactus or a 10% discount will give a 4.9% rate, presently they offer a ?1000 contribution against some models when finance is taken out.
Put simply depreciation is the difference between the price you pay for a car and the price you receive when selling, it is the single biggest factor affecting running costs adding more to cost per mile than fuel. If finding a deposit is an issue or a loan simply not for you then a personal lease may be the answer, particularly so if you only are a low mileage user as prices rocket when the annual mileage rises over 10 000. Motability do not pay VAT on any of the cars they buy and if you, or a person in the car, are a wheelchair user then you will qualify for a VAT free purchase providing adaptations are made that are ‘permanent and substantial’ for example a hoist, swivel seat or driving adaptations to enable the wheelchair user drive the vehicle. If you are an existing Motability customer then you have been insured by a fleet insurance policy and have not built up a no claims bonus in your own name, but not all is lost as some insurers will accept a letter from your present company (RSA) as proof of no claims and honour the discount. Very tempting, here’s me wishing they would put the Skoda Octavia VRS on the scheme with 220bhp and I now find I can get an even more powerful car in the Mondeo at 240bhp, very very tempting. Its also ?500 less AP than the equivalent diesel,although you would probably lose more than that with running costs,but hey who cares when you have 240hp on tap…Happy Days. The Octavia VRS ain’t on the scheme and the car we are talking about is a standard Ford Mondeo, hardly a sports car, lol.
Like Neil says the mondeo could hardly be described as a sports car even with 240hp on tap,more like a big a powerful barge all be it a barge that handles quite well for its size. However i get your point Georgie,some people would rather see us in those blue 3 wheeler fire death traps that disabled people used to drive back in the day,by all accounts driving one of those things ironically increased your chance of making your disability worse lol. I think the only car I’ve seen on the scheme that you could describe as hot hatch or sport at a push is possibly the BMW 1 series 2ltr M Sport diesel that car has 190hp and it is pretty rapid, oh and perhaps the 180hp Seat Leon fr. I totally agree motability is trouble free motoring with excellent costumer (within limits). Hi,can I ask why you had to return the Quashqai+2 ,and why was it not suitable if you had already paid deposit and was driving it,thanks. The only problem is with motability no longer offering hp is that they do no credit checks with car dealer finance or pcps contract hire you may struggle to get a deal.
Hi I’m due to change my car next year on motability, but have been thinking about using another leasing company, does anyone have any advice or has anyone had any good lease deals from manufacturers? We would have loved a Volvo XC60 AWD but thats not available anymore and the private lease rates are much higher for the Four Wheel drive versions for some reason. We have ordered a Skoda Octavia Scout estate on Contract Hire with a deposit of ?1200 and 23 payments of ?200 inc of VAT. For car insurance, I believe Fish Insurance are the ones to go to for ex-motability fleet insured drivers as they specialise in this sector.
It could also be an idea to approach some lease companies & insurance companies to see if they would like to affiliate with Whichmotability as it looks like we have numbers here ready to give them our custom. TwoTiguan, I like your 4th point, I never though about it, I guess the the cost will depend on if there are any penalties if you terminate.
3) Fixed price servicing plans are very cheap and if you haggle you will often get it thrown in for half price, or even free.

4) Advertised offers are usually conditional upon taking out finance, but if you take out the finance and cancel it within the first month you still save the money! 5) Don’t let a dealer convince you that advertised offers are the total you can get off. 7) When you are done with the car, rather than hand the car back and get a ?250 bonus, you own the entire capital value of the car (unless on a PCP). 8) PCP’s are designed so that the final balloon payment is a lot less than the car will be worth.
10) Buying privately you are treated as a normal person, with ALL car types, models, engine sizes available to you if you are prepared to pay, rather than the increasingly draconian restrictions placed on disabled drivers by Motability. The Mercedes CLA is a four-door coupe and 5 door estate (shooting brake) version of the A-Class hatchback. MG Motor Australia’s director, Mr Li, says Longwell is a large group that has worked with European brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and Peugeot in China, where it had more than 15 years’ experience, and the company conducted a long study of this market starting in late 2009. MG Motor Australia, which is headquartered at its Sydney dealership, has confirmed plans for MG include are to rapidly increase the number of MG outlets around Australia to between 8 and 10 franchised dealerships by the end of this year.
Mr Li said there will be more than 20 Australian MG dealerships by the end of next year, in partnership with local businesses, while MG Motor Australia plans to start opening distributor-owned outlets in 2015.
A Simple Guide Choosing the Right Car For Your Retirement Whether you are looking to grow old gracefully or go out in a blaze of glory… here is how to choose the best car for your twilight years.
The dieselgate scandal is hotting up again after VicRoads, the Victorian licensing and registration body, has announced it will consider forcing VW cars with falsified emissions tests off the roads unless they are recalled and repaired by Volkswagen.
Despite only being 3 months into 2016, online scammers targeting classified ads have already cost Australian sellers $260,000.
Lighter in weight, roomier inside and more compact than ever, the Vauxhall New Astra brings together clever engineering with premium design, and is powered by a new range of ultra-efficient engines. Images and colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.
Offer available on orders or registrations between 1 July and 30 September 2016, subject to availability and is available to private individuals and small businesses 1-24 (purchase only, excluding B2B). Choose your term, from 24 to 60 months – and own your Zafira Tourer at the end of the term. You can also spread the cost of servicing by choosing a service plan for around ?19.99† per month. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the offer details are accurate and up to date, Vauxhall reserves the right to change offers at any time. Fuel consumption information is official government environmental data, tested in accordance with the relevant EU directive. In order to gain parity with the Scheme you will need to finance a car purchase or personal lease, arrange insurance and factor in the cost of servicing (best value is buying fixed servicing when buying the car). This method, called a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) is broken into three segments, deposit, monthly payments, usually 36 ie 3 years and a GFV (Guaranteed Future Value). Cars depreciate at an alarming rate, usually 30% of the value has gone in the first year and if you do 10,000 miles a year, the average car will have lost around 60% of its value by the end of its third year.
The best offers are found on cars that depreciate the slowest, namely BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Land Rover, the payments are for a set period and you will have to pay a few months upfront, examples are 23+3 or 35+6 at ?200, this being the number of months the lease runs for and the initial payment, in the 23+3 lease the first payment will be ?600 followed by 23 monthly payments of ?200. As there is no box on the price comparison site for this information we would recommend getting a quote and then calling the insurer to see if they will accept it.

We will be returning our Volvo XC70 which has been a fantastic car which we couldn’t afford to buy off motability even though it was ?2500 cheaper than any online. In addition to the ?2800 finance discount I negotiated a further ?2500 dealer discount, giving ?5500 off a brand new ?32k car (around 17% discount).
Any extra value in the car can be used as a deposit for the next one (that’s how they encourage repeat custom). Usually, roadside animals hear the roar of an engine and understand that cars are not to be messed with. This comes from 544 people who have reported being scammed online – but with many such scams going unreported the number could be much higher.
All other sales categories are excluded; cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Vauxhall Deposit Contribution only available when vehicle financed through Vauxhall Finance. Official EU-regulated test data is provided for comparison purposes and actual performance will depend on driving style, road conditions and other non-technical factors. The GFV is around 35-40% of the cost price and can be settled at the end of the monthly payment period to buy the car outright or you can negotiate a new PCP and use any value left in the car against a deposit on a new car. The option exists to lease a car, which is basically a long term hire arrangement, you never own the car.
The personal lease is an extension of the Business lease and make sure the prices you are quoted include VAT.
Companies that have been compliant include Churchill, LV and More Than. It is illegal for a car insurance company to charge you extra because of a disability unless they can prove it’s justified as stated in the Equality Act 2010, there is a Disabled specialist insurance company called Fish Insurance, they can be contacted on 0800 088 3050. The car will have suffered the bulk of its depreciation hit yet will still be almost as new. This is a sizeable amount of money towards the cost of running a car privately and may even be significantly more than doing so. Prices shown are list price at the time of publication, for details refer to Vauxhalla€™s current price guide.
The growth of personal leases and low cost repayment schemes can look very appealing so let’s look deeper into the options. PCP’s have been attributed as the main reason car sales are so buoyant presently, around three quarters of cars sold are through PCP, the advantage being low monthly repayments, but the reality is you are only paying off the depreciation.
Peace of mind (which you udoubtebky get with a Motabilty car) comes at a significant price! I’m just about to return a Quashqai+2 which has an electric hoist and is only less than half way through the lease and I paid ?1299 deposit, so will receive a refund of around ?800 or so. Most importantly, you will end up with a SIGNIFICANTLY better car for the same, or even far less, money. Offer will apply to private individuals, Vauxhall Partners and small businesses 1-24 units (purchase only, excluding B2B supported units).

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