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BPI Family Savings Bank, the leading consumer bank in the country, makes it easy for every Filipino family to acquire their own home with their own choice of payment terms. Clients may also avail of the Bank’s unique loan variant, the BPI Family Housing Loan PayBreak, which gives them the option to skip one monthly payment every year without having to incur penalties.
For those who are not acquiring homes, BPI Family Housing Loan is also available for home construction, home improvement and renovation.
Owning your dream home can now become a reality through the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Build Your Dream Housing Loan. Decorating your condo to look like a million bucks doesn’t mean you have to spend that much. Expensive, high-end condos designed to the nines are sure to pique the interest of individuals who value style, but an astronomical price tag may not seem as appealing to creative but budget-conscious condo dwellers. To maximize your budget, time your furniture and accessory shopping to mall and supply store sales. Whether one is planning to get a house, townhouse, residential condominium or a vacant lot, BPI Family has the right loan package for the specific need.

This means that you may avail of a housing with a downpayment as low as 10%* and up to 25 years to pay – options available to you depending on your cash flow. If you are a Filipino of legal age but not older than 65 years, you can use this housing loan to acquire a lot, house and lot, condo unit, townhouse, for house construction, and for home improvements. Print your photos in black and white, frame them and perch them on shelves to achieve a minimalist look. Place one in the living room above a console if you have one and a full-length one in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom right on the closet door.
Don’t forget to check out second-hand online stores to score some major finds, but be sure to look closely at the quality of any pre-loved item that you want to buy.
Making your dream house real has never been this fast, easy, and affordable,” shares BPI Family Savings Bank SVP and Retail Mortgage Head, Celyn Sta. The loan you will receive is a minumum of Php 400,000 and a maximum of 70%of the appraised value of the lot or unit as long as it doesn’t exceed Php 5M.
Here are some condo interior decorating ideas (and space savers!) that might please even the most fashion-forward tenant.

I would suggest using one color for all the frames, such as black, so they’ll look more together, especially when you group them in one area.
Make sure to visit thrift stores as well; most of them have decorating treasures just waiting to be found, and you can pick up a lot of inspiration from what you can purchase. Loan term lasts for a maximum of 25 years for house and lot or townhouse and 10 years for condo unit or vacant lot.
3 bedrooms to 4bedrooms with this Price Range P1,000,000 – P1,800,000 then kung meron po, ano po yong kailangan kung mga requirements to avail that property… thanks po!!!

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