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Payment Breakdown: BMW is offering a lease of a 2014 i3 with Range Extender available to customers who qualify.
End of Lease: Once your lease is up you will have the option to purchase the car at a predetermined price or you can simply return the car to the dealer and lease your next vehicle. The BMW i3 is an electric vehicle with five doors and four seats measuring 3.99 meters in length.
The extended-range BMW i3 combustion engine uses a two-cylinder 650 cc, with which the battery is recharged. The interior of the i3 has a modern and practical look, how easy it is to control all the functions available and the number of holes that you can put anything. Standard equipment includes the i3 climate control, rear parking aid sensors, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, navigator, USB input devices and alloy wheels. Like many electric vehicles, BMW has developed applications to control the condition of the car from the phone or tablet. The steering wheel, size and thickness, and position of the controls located around seem very achieved.
A lot of the materials used are recycled, as the entire top of the dashboard and doors, as well as seat covers, made with recycled polyester-or produced by techniques of environmentally friendly manufacturing environment-as some of the wood trim that are used as ornamental. The rear seat headrests are adjustable in height and can also be folded to increase the visibility of the driver to to back.
On the front of the car where the hood is usually found on cars with combustion engine, there is a small gap where puncture repair kit, the i3 does not have and can not have spare wheel is stored, a pair of triangles signaling, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and charger.
In the said satellite control, a lever with three positions (D, N and R), must be moved forward, the D, to move forward, or backward to the R, to rewind.
In the first meters I walked with the i3 were two things that surprised me: the silence of movement-something common in electric cars, the feeling I have experienced several times, but today I still find it surprising and very nice- and, particularly, the operation of the accelerator pedal.
The accelerator pedal is one of the peculiarities of the i3, perhaps the most remarkable, because I’ve never tested a car that retained both lift your foot of the pedal. The truth is that, after that brief adaptation period, driving becomes very simple and the task of metering the pressure on the accelerator for a smooth ride and not without hitches requires extra concentration.
I’ve driven the i3 dry and wet and has not seemed to me that these tires so narrow condition the i3 in city driving. This stability can not be disconnected, although leaving it in a less restrictive intermediate position whose purpose is to improve traction on slushy areas or when driving with chains.
Just as I could not measure the benefits in the usual test track, I could not do the same with braking.
Something that would further increase the ease of driving citizen would be a slightly narrower body. Even though BMW says there is a gain of 20 km of autonomy between the way COMFORT and ECO PRO and many others among the ECO PRO and ECO PRO +, with the maximum difference I have observed between the two most extreme ways to start the car was 19 miles as the onboard computer.
When the remaining range is about 10 kilometers when the status bar of the battery charge goes from blue to yellow, the maximum acceleration decreases, though not enough to compromise because the car is accelerating hard.
The charging process of the battery is identical to that followed for loading, for example, a mobile phone. I’ve done two battery recharges with 0 miles of autonomy, always in a household outlet. 2014 BMW i3Enlarge PhotoWe've got used to seeing electric cars with temptingly low lease prices, in a generally successful effort to draw in buyers otherwise deterred by high purchase costs. For two of the newest kids on the block, the 2014 BMW i3 and 2014 Cadillac ELR, those price-gouging tactics haven't arrived just yet. Lease prices for each have surfaced in the last few days, and neither is what you'd call cheap.
Potential i3 buyer George Betak revealed his own lease quote on the BMW i3 Facebook page at the weekend. As more than a few have pointed out, that's enough to get you a Tesla Model S--and good though the i3 is, it's hard not to see those with that kind of money to burn sending it Tesla's way. Things are only a little more affordable over at Cadillac, whose ELR lease pricing has just gone live on the Cadillac website. For a 39-month, low-mileage lease--32,500 miles--the ELR costs from $699 a month with $5,999 due at signing. There are benefits, such as a $1,000 customer loyalty program and GM Card earnings can also be applied.
But like the car's purchase price, it's a healthy sum to pay over the mechanically-similar Chevy Volt, which can cost just a third of that.
Other electric vehicles can be had even cheaper--Nissan Leafs and Ford Focus Electrics are both available for $199 a month on lease deals, while Smart's electric drive dropped to $139 and this time last year, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV could be had at just $69 a month with nothing down. The i3 and ELR are more desirable than any of those vehicles, but competitive pricing from Tesla could make things difficult for each car.
And that's if buyers aren't swayed by other wares on their local dealers' forecourts--$700-$1000 a month can get you some very desirable vehicles, even if they aren't powered by electricity. Or at those prices, would you prefer to buy--and at least have an asset on your driveway once the payments finish? As for BMW i3 lease deals, it’s residual values are slightly lower than those of the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, although not drastically. These figures are based on 15,000 miles annually, and surplus mileage gets charged at 20 cents per mile. InsideEVs claim that both the pure electric BMW i3 (RRP $41,350) and the BMW i3 with range extender (RRP $45,200) will be subject to the same residual values, and that only $4,875 of the $7,500 federal tax credit that the cars are eligible for will be applied.
With these number, it’s also reasonable to assume that a three-year lease with a deposit of $5,000 would set you back around $550 per month.
Deliveries of the BMW i3 are expected to commence until May, although buyers who participated in the BMW ActiveE trials may get their cars as early as February. This raised a lot of questions, especially since Nissan and Chevrolet had long been offering the full amount of the tax credit ($7,500) to those who leased the LEAF or Volt. We never did fully figure out why BMW offered the reduced rate, but now that $4,875 lease credit has somehow miraculously changed to the full $7,500 for 2015 BMW i3s. On the plus side, for new buyers looking to lease a BMW i3, this development is certainly welcome news. Just for fun, we thought why not revisit what BMW told us in the past regarding the lease credit.
Please see my response below regarding the Lease and OwnerChoice products you had asked about, as well as how each product relates to the Federal EV Tax Credit when purchasing a BMW i3.
Traditional Lease – Our tax team has advised us that each leased BMW i3 qualifies us for a Federal EV Tax Credit of $4,875 – all of which is passed on to the consumer.
But for customers who want to claim the maximum tax credits, we have made attractive alternatives to leasing available: OwnersChoice and OwnersChoice with Flex. In general, due to the uncertainty and complexity of tax credit rules, we encourage anyone considering an EV to consult with a tax professional. Based on how BMW stated the Fed Tax Credit works (which is not 100% incorrect) in th above BMW letter, it’s likely that BMW is adjusting to correct the wrong explanation in their letter. If you lease the vehicle, technically BMW (or whoever is the company leasing to you) is the one who purchased it, so it is 100% business use for IRS purposes.
If you purchased the vehicle (even with financing through the OwnersChoice with Flex option), then it’s 100% personal use. I was curious, so I double-confirmed by pulling up my tax software for my company, and threw it into my next quarterly statement. Either BMW faces some other sort of taxation complication that other businesses don’t, or they plain got it wrong, and put it on the wrong side of their ledgers. Spin it any way you want, but BMW seems to have been standing alone in not granting the full 7.5k as a cap cost reduction on leases to customers. Combine that financial sleight of hand with their decision to neuter the REx on the i3, and you can see where BMW’s priorities are. If I put $10k down on a lease, should only $6500 go toward the cap cost reduction because my payment is taxable revenue? All the drama mamas in the EV community can talk about spin or slight of hand all they want.
Be frank, and just say that you think they should’ve put 7500 in cash to support the car. Phil, what information do you have that the private company BMW Financial Services NA, LLC owes no taxes, so wouldn’t be eligible for tax credits? But if you are implying that BMW Financial Services NA, LLC (a subsidiary of BMW of North America, LLC) is incapable of adjusting their cash flow between BMWFS and BMWNA to intentionally generate tax liability for BMWFS, you know nothing about business taxes.

There is no conceivable situation where BMW Financial Services NA, LLC would ever let these tax credits go unclaimed.
That $7500 tax credit savings then is passed on to the Lessee as a Capitalized Cost reduction for factoring the lease payments…or alternatively (and better yet for the Lessee because then some of the credit is not retained in the end-of-lease residual) as a Lessee starting credit against lease payments. The next time you lease or finance a car, you should tell them to only reduce the cap cost by 65% of your down payment to the cap cost, because according to your logic the other 35% is taxed.
1) You have a firm expectation about the depreciation rate for the vehicle matching or beating the balloon loan amortization schedule. With a balloon payment, let’s say the car depreciated to be $10K in value below the balloon payment amount. If you can’t pay off the balloon payment in cash in total, or refinance the remainder of the balloon loan balance, they repo it. Personally, I wouldn’t take the depreciation risk on any EV or PHEV when the stakes are that high. If the car depreciates badly, the consumers simply hands the keys back and the lease company takes the depreciation loss. 3 Sell your BMW i vehicle back to BMW Financial Services for the pre-determined resale price and pay any remaining contract balance. 4 Make the balloon payment and use your BMW i vehicle in trade or as a down payment on your next BMW or BMW i vehicle. And just to be clear, it’s option 3 where you can sell your car back after term end at the predetermined price. I retract my previous comments because they were too general, and applied to generic balloon loans. My posts still hold true for anybody considering a balloon loan that does not have this clause.
To me this appears to be a completely naked ploy to push customers into Sales instead of Leases purely to reduce their lease risk exposure.
I am 99% certain that BMW did this to avoid large lease return numbers and the risk of the downward value pressure to lease returns they will have to sell on the secondary market. That may be true however, the breaking news story did not cite the specific Arizona dealer. In time, the monthly lease payments have come down in price considerably, in some cases as much as a few hundred dollars. Apparently the dealership has over 40 BMW i3s in stock but this particular deal applies to five i3 units and may not apply to other i3 models with different options and REx.
With more cars being produces and sold to the customers, seeing lower lease payments is normal. The i3 sales reported in August were 1,025 units, while the months before that, the sales numbers were consistent at around 350 a month. Nearly 2,000 people in Germany have applied for the government’s electric car discount scheme, introduced on July 1.
According to the report, BMW is preparing a new version of the i8 plug-in hybrid which will deliver 750 horsepower.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? You will pay $549 a month for 36 months for total lease payments of $19,764 plus a $3500 cash down payment, a $925 destination and handling fee and a $500 security deposit for a total of $24,464 (plus fees, taxes, dealer charges, etc.) for the lease term. Keep in mind that you will be charged for any unusual wear and tear and for all additional mileage driven over the allotted amount. It is more than just an electric car, although 100 miles of gas and emission free operation is the main selling point.
There are two versions, one with 170 hp electric motor and one with the same engine plus another combustion, two-cylinder, to increase autonomy (this engine can not drive the wheels).
The engine produces no vibration, is very quiet and deliver hardly force delay from the instant the accelerator is depressed. Its mass 1270 kg, is much lower than the Nissan Leaf , Renault Zoe and Renault Fluence ZE This lightness is achieved partly through the use of carbon fiber (more information in the section Technical Information ). With this additional tank engine and nine liters of petrol that goes on the front axle, autonomy is approximately 350 kilometers, with the advantage that you can refuel at any gas station every few miles if necessary for the long haul.
In other electric cars available today, the battery is brand ownership and you must rent it. There is no comparable model in the market for body size and characteristics of the propulsion system.
As an option there are elements such as heated seats, the alert involuntary change lanes, rear view camera, metallic paint and keyless access and starting.
The rear are much smaller, can only be opened once the front are open and in them the belts are installed front passengers. The absence of post when the doors open leaves more room to get inside, but the doorway is 50 cm high-to-ground and you have to overcome that hurdle before entering. The seats in the front seats are comfortable, although during the first few miles I missed a little wider or softer sidewalls (circumstance to which I soon got used) bench. Behind the wheel is a command used to start the car and select the direction of travel (forward or backward, image ). It all information relating to navigation, audio system, vehicle configuration and other data that give a wealth of information in the section shown multimedia system . First, because all controls are easily accessible from the cockpit and handle the main functions demand little attention and, second, because there are plenty of holes, large and useful. The hollow leg is the same as a Subaru Trezia , slightly higher than a Citroen C3 Picasso and slightly smaller than a Honda Jazz .
If, for any reason, you want to release the throttle and not have withholding, you can place the change in neutral (N) and the car moves with inertia you have. In roundabouts and turns streets give a good grip and when the tire is near its limit of adhesion, the stability control intervenes quickly.
It measures 1.78 meters wide, more than all the vehicles compared with the i3 in the previous paragraph. The feeling is similar to going on a running car with a combustion engine, but with the engine off, and with a quiet strength that makes the car move. When the accelerator with a faint, distant decision whistling, by his tone (not volume), can remember when a train is heard. The real difference I have not been able to calculate because I have not had time to do the same run with each of the modes.
One was at 230 V and 5.8 A-took this amperage because the car had a feature that enabled limited to that value, designed to avoid overloading certain electrical installations. While the price was quoted on an individual basis, the $930 monthly lease cost for 12,000 miles per year has caused consternation among potential lessees. For the cost of the car, it's also relatively good value--the 39 months will cost just over $27,000, against a $76,000 car.
It’s also worth noting that 2 percent can be added to these values for leases with a 12,000-mile annual limit, while 3 percent can be added for leases with a 10,000-mile annual limit. This $4,875 Lease Credit can be directly applied as a Capitalized Cost Reduction, or to other costs, at the time of lease-signing. Increasing the final balloon payment due further reduces your monthly payments, and in this way provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the $7,500 immediately.
Like both of the OwnersChoice products above, a BMW FS loan provides you the eligibility to claim the maximum $7,500 Federal EV Income Tax Credit. Perhaps the BMW Tax Department, Finance Department, & Marketing Department were not on same page at the time that letter went out ( that can happen even in large well run companies like BMW).
Looking at the scorecard for the last two months it appears sales have dropped by nearly 50%.
The reality is that when a business takes this federal tax credit, it is seen as a taxable benefit by the IRS. The $7500 is a straight tax credit (not a tax deduction triggering counter party benefit) that can be fully taken by the car title holder (the Lessor) provided the Lessor has a large enough end of year tax liability for which to take the full $7500 credit.
So the well inform can validate the claim and the journalists can maintain their journalistic integrity. We’ve also recently learned that BMW has introduced a sales support program for the i3 which will help the sales tremendously. So even if you drove 1000 miles over the 30,000 you would only be charged an additional $250 for the extra miles driven.
The body is made from reinforced carbon fiber that is both lightweight and strong, the rear doors open “suicide” style, and there is an option motorcycle engine option that works as a range extending generator.

The i3 can gain speed very quickly, but always at the cost of several kilometers of autonomy. These additional mileages are achieved only when the program operation is used from the start of the tour and the battery pack. The four persons accommodated in the i3 have more space available than in most small hatchback cars, but its trunk is smaller (260 liters more information on impressions of the interior ). Ledes headlights are also an option; Series comes with a halogen (H7 bulbs) and can not have xenon. They differ in color schemes, decorative moldings, upholstered seats and door trims and roof. You can access to the rear seats without occupants of the front off the vehicle, but they must remove the seat belt to give free passage.
The height between the bottom and top of the door frame is 95 inches, just as there are in a Volkswagen Golf-6th generation model with which we made the long-term test -. You can adjust the angle of the backrest and the seat height, but you can not adjust the lumbar support.
All instrumentation is a 6.5-inch screen, the information is always visible regardless of the position of the sun ( picture ). For example, let the doors comfortably carry more bottles of one liter, under the front armrest leave a deep hole where many objects (keys, wallets, mobile phones) and the space below the screen Central also accepted things, but not having an adherent can fly away if a curve is taken with some speed. Furthermore, it appears that all parts are well fitted together because cracks are seen on solid when driving in poor condition. The head height available permits persons to 1.90 meters tall can travel well if you do not feel completely upright.
In this position, a surface is completely horizontal load and can carry objects up to 1.63 meters if the front passenger seat as far forward as possible moves. During these phases of retention, the electric motor acts as a generator to charge the battery. In fact, there are times that the i3 feels unnecessarily fast for the environment to which is limited by the autonomy of its battery.
His body sways slightly on the brakes and strong acceleration, and sudden changes in support, where it feels nimble and quick to follow the driver’s instructions. If the asphalt is dry, it is rare power loss occur, unless the intentionally provoke, for example, turning direction and stop stepping on, as it gets with most cars.
Is the typical noise of electric cars, which produce the same Nissan Leaf , Toyota Prius, even in the BMW i3 is even lower.
At low speed, city, street noise and traffic are more audible than a car with conventional engine because there is no engine sound that mask.
ECO PRO mode and ECO PRO + are designed to make driving more efficient and, therefore, increase autonomy.
With this consumption, and considering that the useful capacity of the battery is 18.8 kWh, can travel about 128 kilometers. When the doors are locked, the cable end attached to the car is also locked to prevent theft. Having fallen for cars because of the virtues of a particular German flat-six, it's what we'll all be driving next that now interests Richard most. Regardless of your tax situation, by choosing a BMW FS lease with the $4,875 Lease Credit, you’ll know exactly how much you will benefit, it’s applied at the time of purchase and there is no subsequent filing, administration or personal tax implications.
OwnersChoice with Flex bridges the time-gap between the vehicle’s purchase date and your tax filing date. It will be interesting to see if BMW also adjusts legacy leases accordingly; which they should to take the High Road.
Therefore, it was being reduced by 35% (corp tax rate) as they would only be able to claim on 65%.
If not, then why should we believe your assertion is in any way authoritative, or even informed? It can vary from almost 200 miles and less than 70, depending on the type of driving that is practiced and comfort devices are activated. For the Nissan Leaf, the customer can choose from the above formula (in this case the price of the car is 24 000 euros) or acquire property battery (total price is 29 900 euros).
Both models are clearly larger than the i3 (measuring 4.49 meters in length), but are also limited to four people and their luggage were much larger (310 liters). Another option is an air conditioning system based on the principle of the heat pump (only the 100% electric version), whose energy consumption is 30% less than a conventional system.
Thus, while the i3 has minivan aspect, access to the rear seats is more awkward than in any of the carriers of similar size.
Although the headrest does not have any regulation, to me, I measure 1.85 meters tall, I was well located.
The glove box is just the right size to carry documentation car, manual, high visibility vest and a box of spare lights. On a Come KIA and Hyundai ix20 has 440 liters, while the Citroen C3 Picasso there are 385 liters ( comparative listing ). The brake system is completely disconnected from the charging of the battery, depress the brake pedal does not imply increased energy recovery.
The engine produces no vibration and almost instantaneous responds to the accelerator pedal.
Certainly, the direction-neither hard nor soft, very nice touch and very precisely reinforces the feeling of driving a sporty driving quickly to the vehicle. In wet can give slight loss of traction when accelerating hard and the white lines signaling or steps are depressed zebra-although, again, same thing happens in a car combustion engine with a similar power -. This result indicates that the car has a proper deceleration capability.The i3 has qualities that make it very suitable for city traffic.
In ECO PRO mode the power conditioning system is reduced, and the duration of heating of the exterior mirrors, the rear window and seats. The display of the instrumentation an estimate of the time you will be fully loaded appears. The second charge was also made at 230 V, 11.6 A-but thank the aparthotel g3 galleon that would allow us to use their facilities. We are proud to say that BMW FS is the first in the industry to develop an enhanced balloon finance solution like this for EVs. In any case, insulting the community as a whole isn’t likely to increase your ability to persuade your readers. Calculations based on $500 Security Deposit (maybe required), $925 Destination & Handling Fee, $3,000 Cash Down Payment, $4,808 Total due at signing (excludes fees, taxes and dealer charges).
It has an accelerator that produces much restraint as to be dropping (a circumstance that is used to charge the battery) and to be adapted to drive smoothly without sharp deceleration. In this comparative record , rates i3 alternatives include government discount 5500 euros, which is no longer in effect.
It is also more uncomfortable than a conventional five-door tourism, but more comfortable than one with three.
There is also a graph showing how much energy is being used and how much is recovering at every moment. Next to this is the command that activates and deactivates the parking brake and another button to switch between different driving modes ( image , more information about them on driving impressions ). Compared to passenger cars of about 4.0 meters long and five doors, the i3 goes well saved legroom and head, not width, and also most of these cars has five seats ( comparison chart ). Regarding equivalent passenger length, a MINI Countryman has more trunk (350 l) and a Renault Zoe (338 liters) ( comparative listing ). In any case, the traction control intervenes to correct properly the possible path deviation.
There are no published rates and the rumor mill is quoting astronomical prices, we ran the numbers her at AutoDealio and this lease price is what we have calculated. The suspension is firm, makes the body has little sway on curves and properly isolate the uneven surface, although not as well as a Renault Zoe ( more information on driving impressions ). For about 700 euros (700 euros plus another installation) BMW sells the wall box, faster than the previous system to recharge the batteries.

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