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If equipment costs this year have put you in the red I have a suggestion to turn that red to black next year. If you have been in business for at least two years and up to now have had a good profit track record, now may be the time to switch from owning your own pressure washing equipment and rigs to leasing them or at least any new ones.
If you are wanting or needing to expand your business and need another rig but just can not find the financing due to banking changes or you need the benefit of cash liquidity in your current business dealings look into leasing. There are numerous companies that will lease complete pressure washing rigs; to find one is as easy as doing a computer search engine query for "name of your town or state, along with the words "pressure washer leasing" or "leasing for pressure washing equipment".
A leasing contract is also usually easier to get approved then a bank loan since the company you are leasing from deals in this type of equipment daily, and can reclaim the equipment more easily than a bank can if you are unable to met your monthly payment obligations. I hope this has given you some thing to think about if you are needing to improve your equipment next year while lowering your overall cost of that equipment.
If you are happy to keep a car for a long period, say 6 years and longer, buying a car is properly more suited to you than leasing a car would be. Car leasing is great if you want to change vehicles regularly.  It allows you to drive a car you perhaps would not be able to afford otherwise and keeps upfront payments to a minimum. Anyone who has endured the process of finding their next vehicle has likely weighed the benefits of leasing and buying.

Take a moment to set aside the opinions you’ve likely received from other people on the matter and consider which option better suits your financial situation and personal preferences. Lower monthly payments, a lower down payment and reduced repair costs are just a few of the significant benefits that come with leasing a new car.
When you purchase a vehicle instead of leasing, you own the vehicle once the auto loan has been paid off.
Then again, you are also responsible for covering maintenance and repairs with a purchased pre-owned vehicle. Many of the best deals can be found with local family owned companies but there are a few National franchise chains as well that lease, such as Hotsy and Hydro Tek. Less of a large up front cash out lay, as needed if you are buying outright or making a down payment for a loan.
Tax benefit in being able to write off most if not all of the lease payment expense every year instead of having to amortize the equipment cost over 5-10 years of tax returns. Selling older equipment or rigs that may be getting close to the end of there working life span now and using that money to get industry cutting edge equipment that may be out of your price range if you had to purchase it out right your self. Also leases are easier to get out of if the equipment is not performing to your needs and might even be able to be changed or adjusted while only having to modify the lease slightly as your business needs change.

Too often, leasing is dismissed as the lesser of the two options, without first considering whether leasing might be better for your personal situation.
Leasing is particularly appealing to people who are less than thrilled with the idea of driving the same vehicle for more than a few years. There are advantages and drawbacks to each, and careful consideration of both options is recommended.
This practice also allows you to drive a brand new car for less, rather than having to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. There also no mileage restrictions, whereas with leasing there is a limit in your contract.

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