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This is a free service to find a new car with absolutely no obligation, subject to our terms and conditions. Yes, I'd like to receive new vehicle announcements, promotions and incentive offers from auto manufacturers. News about the latest Volkswagen inventory, services, and parts at Chapman Volkswagen of Tucson. Today buying a car can lead to many questions and confusion, especially with how different the buying and leasing experience can be. We reserve the right to make changes without notice and are not responsible for typographical errors. We're now booking whitetail hunts for the 2016-2017 Whitetail season and we still have plenty of availability!
A fully working ranch, Brushy Hill has an abundance of water sources, including the Sabinal River, numerous tanks and troughs, and a number of wet & semi-wet creeks.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. View all our exterior pictures of the 2007 Toyota Matrix as well as interior photos, interactive virtual tours and colors. By having access to any vehicle nationwide we can deliver any color and option combination on every brand in the US.
Typically, if you were to purchase a new car than you would make a down payment and finance the remaining cost.

Even if the car was to be bought at the end of the contract, it would cost more than if it had just been bought outright in the first place. The monthly payments on a leased car are usually a lot smaller than that of a loan, even if opting for a luxury model. Monthly payments are usually much higher than that of a leased car and once your warranty expires, maintenance costs can be sizeable as well.
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The ranch is covered with typical South Texas high-protein shrubs and food sources that encourage horn-growth and ultimately produce the kind of trophy whitetail bucks for which this area is famous. Trading or selling is much more of a process and as an overall investment new cars depreciate in value, essentially costing the buyer money. Rather than having infinite payments, there is a finish line, and eventually the car will be paid off. Whitetail hunts are available for $180 per day with a 2 day minimum, including lodging and NO TROPHY FEES! This is the first time, in 20 years, that we've recommended a particular broadhead; but they are simply amazing and we are permitting their use on the ranch for ALL species of game. All hunts include unlimited hog hunting and lodging in one of our cabins- at no additional charge! Brushy Hill bow hunters have harvested numerous 150 and 160-class Pope & Young bucks over the past 15 years.

Leasing on the other hand is much like renting, with your payment going towards the car’s depreciation value. Also it is difficult to get out of a lease early if driving needs or financial circumstances change. If chosen to, the car can be sold at any time and there is no contract tying the consumer to the car. Owned and operated by Pete Denney since 1995, Brushy Hill Ranch is one of Texas' largest bow hunt ONLY ranches. These services include live music in our barn and newly-built "Blue Room," an open bar, use of our pool table and more!
If the lease includes a purchase option, you have the ability to buy the car at the end of the defined lease period. Approximately 50 miles of ranch roads are grained daily, all year long, and there are over 50 deer feeders (running year-round) on the ranch. There is also the benefit of being able to drive a new car every few years, and the benefit of never having to hassle with selling it. Hunters can choose heavily wooded (pecan, oak, etc.) creek and river bottoms, including 2 miles of the Sabinal River and Ranchero Creek, mesquite and pear cactus flats as well as high Guajillo hills, and everything in between!

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