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Bosch Aerotwin wiper blade is the contemporary OE bracketless design offering an excellent wipe for max visibility and protection. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. To help you avoid such a situation, we’ve put together a basic guide to tracking down potential charging system issues. Solution #3: Check the alternator cables for abnormal wear, including cracking and fraying. Solution: This is usually caused by an overcharged battery, which is typically the result of high alternator voltage. Solution #1: Since the alternator is responsible for supplying the auxiliary power to your lights and electrical components, start with the alternator and associated items.
Solution #3: If the alternator is supplying proper voltage, chances are the problem lies with your battery. Solution #2: Check for bent pulley flanges that may cause the belt to run out of alignment. Solution: At the very least, you likely have a loose alternator belt or bad wiring connection.
The solenoid will make a clicking sound if the battery is weak or terminals or cables are not perfectly grounded and connected. Clinton, it sounds like whomever wired the fans may have mistakenly tapped into the alternator wiring, possibly when looking for a power wire.
My 1993 kadett is having alternator problems its not charging the batery when runing and the dash light dousnt work but if I give the dash light a bridge to negetive it works is it possible that the problem is with the bosch alternators regulator? Hay im having problems with my astra mk4 my battery light is on the dials and my battery keeps going flat any solutions ? I have a 97 ford ranger,2.3, and the timing belt was replace and now it starts but will not accelerates. 97 CRV–battery 4 months old-had a no start condition-put charger on and started fine. Hiya, great tips ?? I just had my battery changed on my mitsubishi FTO as id started to have problems starting it. I have Put in a new battery, battery connections, and alternator and belt tensionser and still have a needle that dips low in my 94 f150.
Your electrical system relies on the alternator to supply power but, in the event that it (alt.) would go bad the battery would continue to supply power until it were drained!
I have the solution to fix it i have an 04 Focus and I replaced everything and still same thing runs and then dies its the wire that comes from alternator the thick wire that bolts on the back and goes to front of the fans and then to starter solenoid that wire right in front of fans has a plastic rectangle coverd in electrical tape so you may not see it so feel for its a special fuse that corrodes break it open and jump it with a thick copper wire like an amp power wire solder the piece of wire to the both sides to eliminate that crap and all your problems are over trust me not even ford could tell any thing its easy and cheap repair.From Tony The Monster!!!!
I put new terminals on my battery I charged it with a trickle charger for about 2 hrs no problem starting and restarting it but if I leave the car off for a few days and not drive it I retry starting it and there is not power in my car? Sounds like a belt issue if your power steering is going stiff the same belt should run your altenator. My Lexus Jeep was working until recently when I had battery problem, it seems the battery was not charging because when I tried to start it with another battery it will start and when I remoive the battery head from the battery when the engine is working, the engine will stop working and we tried to check the fuse, no fault, besides it does not show any warning light on the dash board except the battery light and the radio will not work again. Your charging system is responsible for restoring the charge to your car battery after use and is tasked with providing power to your lights, audio system, and other electronics while your vehicle is running. If your vehicle has stopped running, jumpstart the engine, remove the jumper cables as quickly as possible, and wait. Although your battery may have enough energy to get the engine fired up initially, it will eventually lose power if it is not being recharged by the alternator.

If they start bright and then slowly fade, your alternator might not be delivering the proper charge to operate your vehicle accessories. If the alternator is bad, your car or truck will eventually die out again as the battery is not re-charged. The voltmeter should read around 12.6 volts with the engine off and 14-15 volts when the engine is running. This can be caused by a short or ground in the rotor field winding within the alternator or a defective regulator.
First, examine the wiring for damage or wear and replace as necessary. If everything looks good, move on to solution #2. Once you’ve gone through solutions 1-3, you may need to consider replacing the entire unit if the noise persists. The two most likely causes are a defective field-circuit ground or a bad light circuit wire or connector. During his 17-year career in the automotive industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. Our advice is to trace and remove that wiring and obtain an underhood diagram for that vehicle so that a proper power supply can be located! Fans consume a fairly high current so use adequate wiring and I strongly recommend that you include a relay to carry the load. When i jump start the car it will stay running but it runs very high and when i shut it off it won’t turn. Similar to leaving your lights on overnight, this circuit draws a small amount of current over a long period of time.
I had a friend of a friend mention that the other day too and he is gonna check it out next week.
It jump started immediately and didn’t cut out at all afterwards, even at idle but would hold a charge. The fact that other parts of the system failed at different times is telling of a potential wiring issue on the truck, possibly a bad ground wire.
The battery light stays on but the altenator is new the batt is new the belt is new the computer is new and wiring from the alt to batt and computer is all in good working order.
A cadmium sulphide layer causes a decrease in resistance in the light and increase in the dark.
If the vehicle keeps running after a period of time, there’s likely a problem with your battery.
He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. Make sure the alternator mounting brackets are clean where they meet the alternator case as well as where they meet the engine block. When the draw goes away you’ve at least narrowed it down to the circuit containing the device causing the draw. I replaced the battery and the alternator, the truck is running fine but the battery light is still on and the battery gauge is running low, flickering somewhat and going from bright to dim sporadically, it seems to have nothing to do with higher rpms or anything like that, its very random. Bare wires grounding out or something (coin) lodged in the lighter socket are the most common reasons for a small amp draw.
My worry now is that my internal voltmeter is still only reading 12 or less, instead of 14 and I’m worried this means there’s something else going on, ie my alternators not producing enough current? Firstly I noticed my voltmeter reading practically zero, then the speedo stopped working, then I stopped in traffic and it died completely.

Take into account the outward appearance and age of the battery when deciding whether to replace it.
If one of these areas isn’t the culprit, you likely have a faulty alternator or regulator, which will need replaced.
In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing. Make sure your battery cables are newer and free from any corrosion down deep in the wire under the insulation.
Removed the negative cable and tested voltage between the cable end and negative battery terminal and got the same 12.60 volts.
If the reading at the battery is higher, you may have a bad connection at the dash gauge or a bad gauge.
While hooked at the battery, start loading the alternator by turning on accessories such as headlamps and heater blower motor. I’m a bit peeved as I took it to a local garage to have the systems checked and it was they who changed the battery. Note that immobilizers often cause dead battery problems if a vehicle is not used for long periods. Consider adding some dielectric grease to these connections to prevent future corrosion and connection problems.
I made it clear at the time my voltmeter was reading under 12 and that I wanted it checked for battery, drainage and the alternator.
Isit possible water ingress could cause intermittent fault… it was wet when the fault appeared. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
Is there a chance that the guys at the shop could be installing this thing incorrectly somehow?
When I got it back it started fine but my voltmeter was still reading 11 or 12 and j mentioned this but was fobbed off. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. Personally I don’t think they tested my alternator, I think they just went for the easiest solution. That was exactly 2 weeks ago and now I’m having to replace the alternator after spending ?70 on a new battery which I feel may have been unnecessary as I think it was the alternator all along?
Use of relays enables a very small voltage in the relay circuit to control a much larger one in a separate circuit. Logic gatesLogic gates are a family of digital devices which compare two or more inputs and give a specific output. Each logic gate (NOT, AND, NAND, OR, NOR etc) acts in a different way, and will always act so. The action of any logic gate is shown by a Truth Table, eg the AND gate will only give a high output, when all the inputs are high. Some more common symbols are shown in the diagram below, including output components and logic gates.

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